As I stroll through my home, admiring my carefully curated wall decor, I’m filled with gratitude. Each piece evokes precious memories and speaks to my soul. After many years of exploring home decor, I’ve learned how to choose art that truly resonates.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share tips to help you find Sense Of Art Wall Decor. Discover how to create a space that reflects your values and story.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose wall decor that evokes joyful memories and inspiring messages to uplift your spirit.
  • Select pieces with natural or repurposed materials that connect you to nature and sustainability.
  • Display art that honors your family, passions, and purpose for a personalized touch.
  • Curate mindfully for each room, considering its atmosphere and inhabitants.
  • Add extra meaning with handmade, customized, or DIY wall art pieces.

Choose Sense Of Art Wall Decor that Sparks Joy

When selecting Sense of Art wall art for your home, opt for pieces that bring you joy. Curate a collection that feels personal, rather than just filling empty wall space. When you see a piece that makes you smile or touches your heart, don’t overthink it. Trust your instincts and give it a special place in your home.

Personally, I love motivational and inspiring wall signs. Phrases like “Home is Where the Heart Is” and “Grateful Thankful Blessed” remind me to appreciate simple joys. I also have a whimsical highland cow wall decor piece that connects me to fond memories of a Scottish holiday. Find images that capture nostalgic moments and positive mantras to display.

Plaster Art Wall Decor that Sparks Joy

Look for Meaningful Materials

Consider the materials used to create each wall decor item. Natural materials like wood often provide a sense of warmth and comfort. I have a set of rustic wood signs above my dining table, etched with words like “Grace” and “Joy.” The wood grain symbolizes nature’s beauty and the uplifting messages inspire gratitude at mealtimes.

You can also find wall art made from recycled or repurposed materials. I love displaying an abstract metal sculpture made from used bike parts in my entryway. Sustainable art reminds me to protect our planet. Let the materials spark deeper meaning.

Select Pieces that Honor Your Loves

When decorating your home, make sure your passions, hobbies, and loved ones shine through. Display art that symbolizes who and what you cherish most. Framed photos of smiling loved ones immediately warm up any space.

For the kitchen, try a personalized piece with your family name or boho plaster wall art, creative wall art with plaster bandages, and explore the beauty of black plaster wall decor.

Music lovers could frame vintage concert posters or instrument prints. A budding chef might opt for a kitchen wall sign with their own recipe on it. Green thumbs may display botanical prints and garden quotes. Showcase what makes your soul sing.

Select Plaster Pieces that Honor Your Loves

Curate by Room

Decorating by room allows you to customize pieces based on purpose. In the bathroom, find tranquil wall art with calm nature images or zen quotes to create a relaxing spa vibe. Hang photos from fun vacations in the bedroom to spark happy thoughts before sweet dreams.

In the master bedroom, display favorite Bible verses about love and family. When decorating your child’s room, incorporate colorful wall art with their name or featuring their latest obsession like unicorns, dinosaurs, or astronauts! Tailor each space to nourish its inhabitants.

Add Meaning with DIY

For an even more personal touch, create your own wall decor items. Make canvas paintings together as a family and display your combined masterpieces proudly as the art of plaster wall painting. Frame your kids’ colorful artwork to watch their skills progress over the years.

Get creative with 3D wall art using plaster bandages. Start with a wire framework, then dip strips of bandages in water. Apply the wet strips over your framework to sculpt shapes. Once dry, paint your creation in any design. Display your handmade abstract plaster wall art for an artistic flair.

Even simpler, use paint or decals to customize affordable wall art pieces with meaningful words or designs. Put your own stamp on each wall decor sign to infuse personality. With a little imagination, you can make ordinary pieces extraordinary.

Add Meaning with DIY Plaster

Frequently Asked Questions

For the living room, look for wall art that encourages bonding and inspiration. Framed family photos, spiritual-quotes, or abstract nature prints are excellent choices. You can also display favorite albums, cultural tapestries, or vintage maps.

In the bedroom, place wall art where it can be admired. On either side of the bed works well so you see it while relaxing. You can also hang pieces on the wall opposite the bed so they greet you when entering the room.

Opt for uplifting and grateful messages in the dining room. Look for wall signs or prints with words like “Bless This Home”, “Give Thanks” or culinary phrases. Hang wall art where diners can appreciate it during meals.

It depends on personal preference, but hanging wall art above the bed can make a lovely focal point. Be sure it is safely secured so it does not risk falling. Choose peaceful or inspiring images and meaningful materials to enhance the ambiance.

For small spaces, consider wall art that adds vertical visual interest to give the illusion of more height. Floating shelves, vertical mirrors, tall murals, or botanical prints extending from floor to ceiling work well. Avoid cluttered wall art with too many components.


Creating a thoughtful art collection with a sense of meaning can make your house feel like home. Choose pieces with emotional impact, handpicked materials, sentimental value, or custom personalization.

Let your supreme wall decor for artistic flair tell your unique story and speak to what you cherish most. Display art that awakens your spirit each day. With mindful curation, your home will become a sanctuary filled with inspiration, gratitude, and joy.

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