If you’re looking to transform any room in your home, one of the best ways is with Mirrored Art Wall Decor. As someone who has decorated my own home for years, I’ve learned the power of mirrors to open up a space, reflect light, and add visual interest.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my tips for selecting mirrored wall art and showcase some beautiful mirrored decor ideas to inspire your home.

Key Takeaways of Mirrored Art Wall Decor

  • Mirrored wall art comes in endless shapes, sizes, and frames to match any existing decor.
  • It reflects light to make spaces feel open while adding lovely dimension and visual interest.
  • Place large statement reflectors in living rooms, collage-style mirrors in dining rooms, and sleek frosted reflectors in bathrooms.
  • Get creative hanging mirrors in kitchens, bedrooms, entryways, and home offices for added shine and style.
Mirrored art wall decor
Mirrored Art Wall Decor

Why add Mirrored Wall in Home Decor?

Mirrored decor wall serves many purposes beyond just looking pretty. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reflects light and makes rooms feel more spacious
  • Adds depth, dimension, and visual interest to blank walls
  • Comes in endless shapes, sizes, and frame styles to match any decor
  • Provides a stylish focal point in entryways, above mantels, and more
  • An affordable way to give a room an instant makeover

Whether you opt for a large round mirror in your dining room, a set of new small geometric wall reflectors in your bathroom, or a glittering gold sunburst mirror over your sofa, mirrored wall art offers stylish versatility. Keep reading for mirrored wall decor ideas to enhance every space!

Beautiful Mirrored Wall Art for Living Rooms

The living room is a prime spot to add mirrored wall art. Hung above a sofa or flanking a fireplace, mirrors magnify light and make the whole room feel more spacious and airy. Here are some mirrored decor ideas perfect for living rooms:

  • Oversized round mirror – Make a dramatic statement with a 3-4 foot round mirror over your sofa or chair. Opt for a plain modern frame or go for something ornate.
  • Geometric mirror wall – Alternating sizes of rectangular, square, and diamond-shaped mirrors create intriguing geometry. Go bold or neutral.
  • Sunburst mirror – Radiating rays of a gold sunburst mirror instantly jazz up a blank wall. It’s eye-catching but still versatile enough for both traditional and modern decors.
  • Framed beveled mirror – For a touch of elegance, try a rectangular mirror with classic beveled edges inside a wide ornate frame. Position horizontally above a sofa or vertically on either side of a fireplace.

The living room is also a great place to get creative with angled mirrors or fun mirror shapes like stars, diamonds, and crescents. Whatever your decor style, there’s a beautiful mirrored wall art piece that can enhance your space.

Fantastic Mirrors for Dining Room Walls

In the dining room, reflectors serve the dual purpose of opening up the space as well as reflecting candlelight, art, flowers, and other decor for an inviting ambiance. Here are some of my favorite dining room mirror ideas:

  • Multiple square mirrors – Arrange a grouping of various-sized square reflectors for lots of shapes and reflections. Mix up the frame designs for added interest.
  • Mirror panes – For a quirky geometric look, break up a large mirror into tinier panes separated by metal or wood (see exploring the beauty of wooden wall art decor).
  • Framed mirror wall – Cover a whole wall with framed reflectors of different sizes and shapes to make your dining space shine.
  • Half-moon mirror – An eye-catching half-moon mirror makes a stunning centerpiece on any dining room wall, combined with sconces or artwork.

The dining room often has less wall space, so make the most impact by placing one dramatic mirror wall art decor piece or an eclectic mirror collage. Add sheen and glamour to your dinner parties!

Fantastic Mirrors for Dining Room Walls
Fantastic Mirrors for Dining Room Walls

Stylish Mirrors to Brighten Up Bedroom Walls

In bedrooms, mirrored decor adds a touch of luxury while also making the space feel larger and brighter. Consider these chic mirror ideas for bedrooms:

  • Lean a full-length mirror against the wall or hang it on the back of a door for both form and function when getting dressed.
  • Flanking nightstand mirrors – Hang vertical rectangular reflectors on either side of the bed for symmetry and added dimension in a master suite.
  • Mirrored closet doors – Replace plain doors with mirrored ones to practically double the light in your closet space.
  • Mini mirrors – Create a dazzling mosaic mirror wall with mini reflectors arranged in fun patterns above a dresser or bed.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with round, oval, diamond or abstract-shaped reflectors for a modern vibe. Mirrored wall decor contributes beautiful form as well as ample function in bedrooms.

Stylish Ways to Use Mirrors in Small Bathrooms

Even the smallest bathrooms can benefit from the lighting and spatial effects of well-placed mirrors. Here are some mirrored wall decor ideas for modest bathrooms:

  • Bathroom mirror collage – Cover a wall with a cluster of diverse small rectangular, oval, round, and square reflectors for lots of shine and reflection in a tiny space.
  • Frameless rectangular mirror – A simple frameless mirror mounted horizontally over the sink opens up the whole space and removes visual barriers.
  • Backlit reflectors – For a sleek modern look, install reflectors with LED lighting around the edges to illuminate and enhance a small dim bathroom.
  • Frosted mirror – Etched or frosted reflectors that still reflect light help keep bathrooms bright without being overly clinical and hospital-like.

With the right mirrored wall art, you can make even the most compact bathroom feel more expansive and inviting.

Unique Mirrors for Kitchens, Hallways, and More

Beyond main living spaces, don’t overlook the power of abstract modern mirrors to liven up hallways, kitchens, home offices, and more. Here are some unexpected places to hang mirrors:

  • Wrought iron wall art decor mirror – A round iron-framed mirror adds an artistic focal point at the end of a hallway.
  • Wall art mirror – As wall art decor kitchen, mount a rectangular mirror inside a painted wooden frame for a decorative look.
  • Mosaic mirror – Arrange shards of mirrored glass tile in mosaic patterns on a wall behind a desk to amplify light in a home office.
  • Medallion mirror – Above an entryway console, a circular mirror framed in antique gold feels both classic and fresh.

With the right creative mirror ideas, you can stylishly reflect light and enhance mood in any room of the home.

Unique Mirrors for Kitchens, Hallways, and More
Unique Mirrors for Kitchens, Hallways, and More

Frequently Asked Questions

Use special mirrored mounting tape or install secure cleat hangers rather than just nails so heavy reflectors don’t fall off walls.

Bathroom reflectors fog up from steam less when positioned with some space between the mirror and vanity lights or windows. Keeping bathrooms properly ventilated also helps.

It depends on the purpose. Mirrors intended for checking appearance or getting dressed are best set at eye level. Mirrors meant as decorative focal points can be placed higher on walls.

Aim to select a mirror no more than 2/3 the width of your fireplace opening so it doesn’t seem overly imposing or precariously off-balance.

Consider flanking reflectors with framed artwork, wall sconces, or decorative shelves. You can also paint, wallpaper, or add trim molding to the wall area surrounding the mirror’s frame.


Whether you choose an imposing golden sunburst mirror for your living room, a salon-style mirror collage set for your bedroom, or a sleek frameless mirror for your bathroom, mirrors wall decor has unlimited potential to amplify light, enlarge spaces, and add eye-catching style to your home.

As you explore the many mirrored modern wall art items out there, think about the light and proportions of your room as well as your overall decor style. With creativity and strategic placement, mirrored decor can stylishly enhance any space.

I hope these tips and ideas inspire you to add some reflective shine to your home’s design! Let’s start enhancing your space with wall art now!

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