Who doesn’t love seeing a smile? Decorating your home with uplifting Wall Art Decor Smile Style is an easy way to boost happiness in your living space. With so many options from silly canvases to motivational quotes, let your blank walls grin wide with joyful decor.

Thus, read on with Nousdecor to discover such a joyful form of art for room decor now!

Key Takeaways of Wall Art Decor Smile

  • Smile wall art ranges from canvas prints to wall decals, framed art, metal signs, and beyond.
  • Smile decor works well in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, entryways, kids’ rooms, and more.
  • Match smiling wall art to your decor style – modern, farmhouse, minimalist, boho, eclectic, and others.
  • Group identical smiley prints together or mix smiling art into uplifting gallery walls.
  • DIY smile wall projects like decals, painted art, and stencils allow customized, budget-friendly decor.
Wall Art Decor Smile Style Ideas To Lighten Up Your Space
Wall Art Decor Smile Style Ideas To Lighten Up Your Space

Spreading Contagious Happiness with Smile Decor

After a long, stressful day, coming home to blank walls can feel draining. An easy room decor way to energize your home and lift your mood is by decorating with smile-centric wall art and prints.

Wall decoration featuring cheerful colors, happy faces, silly designs, or inspiring quotes reminds us to stay positive and embrace happiness. Surrounding yourself with smiles, even in décor, boosts your outlook and brightens your living space. Smiles truly are contagious!

Creative Smile Wall Art and Decor Ideas

The options are endless for infusing walls with joyful vibes through smile-filled art for room decor. Get inspired with these smiley decor ideas:

Big Bold Smiley Canvas Art

Oversized canvas prints showcasing gigantic happy smiles, some with retro vibes, make playful, eye-catching statements. Group colorful smile canvas art together for maximum impact.

Framed Quotes About Smiling

Inspirational quotes and sayings about keeping a positive attitude, embracing happiness, and the power of smiling look great framed on accent walls. Try whimsical fonts and brightly colored backgrounds.

Smile Graffiti and Doodle Prints

Framed artwork featuring collections of silly smiley doodles, smiley face graffiti, or whimsical comic panels centered around smiling add a playful vibe perfect for kids’ rooms.

Smile Graffiti and Doodle Prints
Smile Graffiti and Doodle Prints

Custom Smile Stencil Art

Use store-bought or DIY stencils of smiles and happy faces to create custom stenciled smile art print directly on your blank walls. Try repeating patterns!

Peel and Stick Smile Wall Decals

Removable vinyl wall decals or art prints in a variety of a smiley design allow you to stick uplifting smiles on smooth walls. Arrange decals in fun artistic patterns and combinations.

Vintage Smile Print Ads

Search Etsy for scans of old print ads featuring smiling faces you can get printed and framed. Vintage smile ads have a retro appeal for the decoration set.

Complementary Decor Styles

While smiling wall art fits many aesthetics, choose top pieces that match your home decor style:

  • Modern – Bold graphic smile designs in canvas, metal (contemporary gold wall decor options), or acrylic have a modern flair.
  • Retro – Kitschy, old-fashioned smiley prints and memorabilia create retro charm.
  • Farmhouse – A simple smile phrase stenciled on reclaimed wood makes charming rustic wooden wall art plaques for home decor or wall art ideas with botanical flair.
  • Boho – Smile hanging poster prints featuring flowers, paisleys, and earth tones suit relaxed boho spaces.
  • Minimalist – Clean-lined black-and-white smile art makes an impact with minimal clutter.
  • Whimsical – Playful colored smiley faces and hand-drawn graffiti smile doodles boost whimsy.
  • Eclectic – Combine an eclectic variety of smiling prints, posters, figurines, photos, and handmade art.

Best Spaces for Smile Décor

While smiling wall art works everywhere, these spaces benefits most from cheerful grin-filled décor:

  • Living Room – Big bold canvas smile art grabs attention on living room accent walls.
  • Bedroom – Wake up to a favorite inspirational smile quote print positioned above your bed.
  • Office – Encouraging smiley images help reduce stress and spark creativity in home office decor.
  • Entryway – Greet guests with a witty smiling quote print or wall decal beside the front door.
  • Kids’ Rooms – Surround children with uplifting funny smiley face canvas prints and wall decals. Such is the best gift for your kids!
  • Playroom – Use smiley face wall stickers to decorate blank playroom walls at kids’ eye level.
  • Teen Room – Cool modern graphic smile prints and graffiti smiley posters liven up teen wall spaces.
  • Classroom – Motivational quotes about smiling help engage students’ positive mindset.
  • Locker Room – Custom smiley locker wall decals remind athletes to have fun and stay upbeat.

Styling and Display Tips

Follow these tips when planning your wall smile art display:

  • Group identical canvas smile prints together for maximum visual smile impact.
  • Create a smiley faces photo wall with framed pics of family, friends, pets, and others smiling.
  • Mix in small smile accents like mini prints and smiley face wall decals with other themed wall art.
  • Paint a wall a cheerful hue like yellow or teal to make black and white smile art pop.
  • Add 3D touches like smiley face pillows, plush characters, figurines, and sculptures nearby.
  • Alternate smile quotes and graffiti prints in an asymmetrical pattern for interest.
  • Display short inspiring smile quotes alongside longer morale-boosting passages.

Finding Smile Wall Art on a Budget

Get affordable smiling Wall Art Decor from:

  • Target – Check Target’s wall décor for smiley prints and canvas art, especially in their kids, teen, and college sections.
  • Amazon – Search Amazon wall art decor for smiley canvas prints, wall decals, metal signs, and framed art eligible for Prime shipping. Read reviews.
  • Etsy – Etsy sellers offer original smile paintings, prints, digital art, and photography at varied price points.
  • Encraftindia – This online shop has a huge selection of canvas smile prints in all sizes. Filter by color or style.
  • DIY Art – Create DIY smiling wall decor easily using wall decals, stencils, and free printables. Customizable and budget-friendly!
  • Discounts and Sales – Shop seasonal sales and use coupons from retailers for the best deals on smile décor.

Spread Cheer With Smile Wall Decor

Want an easy, affordable way to boost happiness at home? Decorate empty wall spaces with uplifting smile art and prints! Big bold canvas prints, inspiring quotes, graffiti doodles, wall decals, and beyond fill your home with positive energy.

Surround yourself with smiles to lift your mood each day. Smile wall décor helps create a happy home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular and affordable sources for smiling wall decor include Amazon, Target, Etsy, Society6, Encraftindia, and local craft/art fairs. DIY art is a customizable, budget-friendly option too.

Great kid-friendly smiling wall decor includes silly face prints, smiley face wall decals, hand-drawn graffiti doodles of smiles, and inspirational smile quotes with fun fonts.

Most canvas art comes ready to hang with hooks or wires attached to the wooden frame. Use a level to ensure the print hangs evenly. Group identical canvases together or mix sizes.

For minimalist spaces, select single impactful black and white or brightly colored graphic canvas smile prints in simple modern frames to decorate accent walls.

Print fun casual photos of family, friends, and pets smiling. Frame them identically or mix up frame sizes and styles creatively on the wall for a customized smiley faces photo gallery display.


Incorporating uplifting smiling wall decor and decor like graphic prints, motivational quotes, vinyl decals, and graffiti doodles infuses your living space with joyful energy. Group colorful smiley canvases for impact or sprinkle in smaller smile accents.

Handmade and DIY smile art allows for customization on a budget. Filling your home with smiles provides an easy, attainable mood and ambiance boost. Let your walls grin wide with happy smile decor!

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