Decorating your home with walldecor from Amazon is an easy and affordable way to express your style. With thousands of options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to complement your existing decor.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll discuss the different types of Amazon Wall Art Decor available, provide tips on choosing pieces that are right for your home, recommend where to shop for walldecor on Amazon, explain how to properly hang wall art, and share decorating ideas to help you get creative with wall art.

After reading, you’ll have the knowledge and inspiration you need to give your home a beautiful art makeover.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon offers an extensive selection of walldecor in various mediums, from canvas prints to metal art sculptures.
  • Consider your decor style, wall space, budget, and existing furnishings when selecting pieces. Read reviews to make informed choices.
  • Prime members get free shipping on millions of items and can try before they buy with Prime Wardrobe.
  • Use nails, screws, Command strips, adhesive hooks, or a French cleat to securely hang wall art.
  • Create a gallery wall, use walldecor to add color, or choose pieces that reflect your personality. Get creative!
Amazon Wall Art Decor
Finding the Perfect Amazon Wall Art Decor for Your Home

Types of Best Wall Art on Amazon

Amazon offers seemingly endless wall decor options to beautify your home, from living room and home kitchen to any room. Here are some of the most popular categories:

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract walldecor adds striking pops of color and cool geometric or fluid shapes to modern, contemporary spaces. Paintings and poster prints featuring abstract mountains, landscapes, or splatters liven up any bare wall.

Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall decor brings photographs, paintings, quotes, and more to life in vivid color. Stretched over wooden bars (see wood wall art decor plaques), canvas prints have an artistic style. They come in every size and can be grouped into dazzling gallery walls.

Framed Wall Art

Framed walldecor takes prints and photographs to the next level. Thin or ornate frames add a polished, finished look. Framed pieces include prints, paintings, photos, and mirrors.

Metal Wall Art

From abstract metal walldecor sculptures to galvanized botanical prints, metal makes a dramatic statement like elegant gold wall art accents. Standout metallics include rusted iron, copper, and bronze in modern and farmhouse styles.

Metal decor furniture
Metal Wall Art

Mirror Wall Art

Full-length or circular mirror walldecor visually expands smaller spaces. Lean mirrors against walls or hang beveled, antique, or backed mirrors for stylish reflections.

Photographic Wall Art

Photographic walldecor displays favorite snapshots, cityscapes, or landscapes. Black and white prints make arty accents. Photos printed directly on metal, acrylic, or bamboo make unique wall accents.

Tapestry Wall Art

Tapestry walldecor weaves together old-world charm with bohemian flair. lightweight woven cotton or velvet tapestries layer on color, pattern, and texture.

Wall Decals

Removable wall decals make creative, custom murals. Patterned decals with quotes, flowers, or landscapes easily transform accent walls.They peel off without damaging paint.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings like macrame, wreaths, and textiles infuse free-spirited style like plant-themed wall decorations. Boho wall hangings made from yarn, threads, beads, shells, butterflies, and feathers make hippie-chic statements.

Wall Murals

Wall murals cover large swaths of walls with vibrant full-wall imagery. Self-adhesive vinyl murals depict landscapes, cityscapes, maps, brick or wood textures, and more.

Wall Murals
Wall Murals

How to Choose the Right Amazon Wall Art Decor

With limitless options, choosing the perfect wall art decor can feel overwhelming. Follow these tips for selecting pieces that enhance your space.

Consider Your Style

Choose art that aligns with your interior design style. For contemporary metal wall art for living room spaces, abstract shapes, metallics, and photography make bold statements. In traditional rooms, framed prints, mirrors, and tapestries feel right at home.

Think About the Size and Shape of Your Space

Scale walldecor pieces to fit your wall size and shape. Horizontal art suits wide walls, while vertical pieces fill narrow spaces. Oversized art grounds expansive walls, while small accents fit tight areas.

Choose a Piece That Complements Your Existing Decor

Select art in colors, materials, or styles that coordinate with your furnishings. For example, an abstract blue painting pairs nicely with navy sofa pillows. Distressed mirror frames match farmhouse decor.

Consider Your Budget

Amazon offers affordable walldecor in every price range. Set a budget and stick to it. Measure the wall to calculate exactly how many square feet you need to cover.

Read Reviews

Read customer reviews and check ratings to identify quality pieces that look as good in real life as they do online. Opt for 4+ star ratings from 1,000+ reviews for best results.

Read Reviews
Read Reviews

Where to Buy Amazon Wall Art

Find limitless wall decor options across Amazon’s vast marketplace. Here are the best places to browse:


Search “wall art” on Amazon to uncover millions of posters prints, canvases, photographs, tapestries, metal art, and framed pieces. Filter by size, color, style, price, and prime eligibility.


This home goods store offers one of the largest selections of wall decor on Amazon. Browse categories like abstract art, nature art, minimalist art, and more.


Discover one-of-a-kind walldecor from independent artists on Etsy. Choose from original paintings, prints, photography, and mixed media pieces.


Target’s wall decor selection includes trendy prints, canvases, mirrors, and photo art. Search walldecor by color or style to coordinate with your room.


Walmart stocks popular canvas wall decor brands like Trademark Fine Art and Wall Pops. Find abstract prints, landscapes, and quotes starting under $50.


Home Depot

Shop Home Depot on Amazon for chic modern walldecor like abstract metal sculptures, 3D floral wall panels, and modern photography.


Browse canvas wall prints, framed art, mirrors, clocks, and wall decals on Lowe’s Amazon store. Shop by room or style.


Michaels’ Amazon collection includes rustic wood walldecor like family name signs, inspirational quotes, and farmhouse signs.

Hobby Lobby

Find a wide selection of framed decor wall, canvas wall art prints, metal wall sculptures, and wall quotes on Hobby Lobby’s Amazon storefront.

How to Hang Amazon Wall Decor

Once you’ve selected stunning wall decor pieces, it’s time to properly hang them in spaces like the dining room and living room. Here are some secure methods:

Use Nails or Screws

For a heavyweight canvas wall hanging or a large framed art print, anchor into wall studs with nails or screws. This ensures frames stay straight and flat against the wall.

Use Nails or Screws
Use Nails or Screws

Use Command Strips

Damage-free Command strip velcro pairs and clear picture hanging strips work well for most lightweight walldecor like canvas prints, photos, and metal signs under 5 pounds.

Use Adhesive Hooks

Adhere sturdy hooks with 3M adhesive to the wall, then hang lightweight walldecor and small frames from the removable hooks. They won’t damage walls.

Use a French Cleat

A French cleat hanging system attaches a wall-mounted board to the back of wall art. The angled board hangs securely on the cleat.

Use a D-Ring Hanger

Affix d-ring or sawtooth hangers to the back of framed and canvas wall art, then hang art on nails or hooks attached at each side.

Tips for Decorating with Amazon Wall Decor

When decorating with Amazon wall art, think creatively about how to use it to enhance your space. Here are some inspiring personal care ideas for wall decor and home improvement toys games:

Create a Focal Point

Make a bold canvas wall art print the star of your room by hanging above a sofa, bed, or console table. Contrasting colors and big shapes draw the eye.

Canvas wall art furniture
Create a Focal Point

Grouping 4-6 pieces of various sizes and subjects makes a stunning gallery wall display. Include framed wall art, prints, tapestries, photos, and mirrors.

Use Wall Art to Add Color and Pattern

Inject color into neutral rooms with vibrant abstract walldecor or floral prints. Introduce subtle patterns with botanical prints, textured photography, or abstract shapes.

Use Wall Art to Tell a Story

Choose pieces with significance that share memories and interests like travel photos, family silhouettes, or walldecor with inspirational quotes.

Use Wall Art to Reflect Your Personality

Show off your style with pieces you connect with. Opt for whimsical wall hangings if you love color or minimalist metal sculptures for modern flair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular walldecor themes include abstract art, botanical and floral designs, cityscape and landscape photography, inspirational quotes, and geometric prints. Black and white schemes are also trendy.

It’s recommended to hang walldecor 2-3 inches above furniture for a clean, balanced look. However, it’s a stylistic choice. Leaving more space creates separation while hanging art lower ties it into a tight furniture grouping.

For heavyweight wall art, anchor screws or nails directly into studs for the most secure hold. Use a stud finder to locate studs, and mark their positions with painter’s tape. For added strength, also use drywall anchors rated for the art’s weight.

Most experts recommend centering walldecor 60-66 inches above the floor, which is average eye level. But rules can be broken! Grouping art at different heights adds visual interest. Just don’t hang pieces too high or low.

Wall sconces or picture lights focused on walldecor illuminate details and colors. For galleries, use overhead lighting on dimmers to avoid glare. Lighting emphasizes walldecor details and works well for black-and-white schemes.


Decorating your home with walldecor from Amazon opens up endless possibilities to show off your style.

Take time to find special pieces that speak to you by browsing the many categories of walldecor available. Consider your space, style, and budget when selecting pieces with good reviews that inspire you. Use the hanging and decorating tips provided to give any room an artful makeover.

With the right wall art, you can express your personality and elevate your home’s style.

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