Are you looking to add some beautiful and unique Custom Wood Wall Art Decor to your home? With so many options available, from rustic wood signs to unique custom-made metal wall hangings, it can be overwhelming to find pieces that perfectly match your style and space.

As a mom decorating my baby’s nursery, I learned first-hand the art of selecting wall décor to create a cohesive look.

Whether you’re choosing wooden words for your living room, cursive signs as one of the adorable bathroom wall art ideas, or distressed reclaimed wood pieces when selecting the perfect bedroom wall art, this Nousdecor guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find custom wooden decor that wows.

Key Takeaways of Custom Wood Wall Art Decor

  • Consider the style, color scheme, and size of your space when choosing wood wall art. Rustic, modern, minimalist, and other styles have different décor needs.
  • Shop on Etsy and other online retailers for thousands of handmade, customizable wood signs, metal hangings, and 3D wall sculptures.
  • Look for specialty décor like pallet wood signs or Aztec-inspired mirror frames to make a statement.
  • Personalized and custom wooden decor with names, dates, and quotes add a special touch.
  • Carefully measure your wall and artwork size to ensure the proper scale and visual balance.

When beginning your wooden decor search, the first step is to survey your space. Is your decor modern and minimalist? Rustic farmhouse? Classic and elegant? The style of your room should guide the type of materials, textures, colors, and designs you choose.

custom wood art
Custom Wood Wall Art Decor

Matching Wall Décor to Your Room Style

Rustic Wood Wall Art

The rustic farmhouse style is all about natural materials like wood, visible distressing, and craftsman details.

Some top options for rustic wooden decor include:

  • Reclaimed wood signs made from old barn boards or salvaged pallet wood
  • Rough-hewn wooden signs with visible cracks, knots, and imperfections
  • Framed word signs or family name boards in vintage-inspired fonts
  • Rustic metal hangings like galvanized botanical prints or antique window frames
  • Distressed wood mountain wall sculptures and 3D woodland silhouettes

Stick to a warm, earthy color palette of browns, creams, and navy. Add interest with wood-burning details or touches of red and green.

Modern and Minimalist Décor

The modern aesthetic is all about clean lines, negative space, and understated elegance.

Some best bets for modern wooden decor include:

  • Abstract wood or metal geometric wall hangings
  • Framed prints and photography
  • Oversized word boards in sans serif fonts
  • Wood wall sculptures with smooth, fluid shapes
  • Large wooden alphabet letters or numbers
  • Patterned textile or woven wall hangings

Focus on light and natural wood tones paired with hits of black and white. Incorporate sleek metallics like gold, rose gold, or brass for interest.

Classic and Formal Decorating

For traditional home decor, elegant materials and finishes take center stage.

Ideal classic wooden decor picks include:

  • Botanical prints, butterflies, and nature scenes
  • Framed mirrors or oval wreaths
  • Cursive, calligraphy, or formal word signs in shiplap frames
  • Antique-inspired wooden signs and family plaques
  • Faux taxidermy, like a carved wood deer head
  • Gilded mirrors or picture frames

A neutral color palette of cream, gray, and taupe allows ornate frames and elegant designs to shine. Add soft metallics like champagne gold or silver leaf accents.

No matter your room style, focus on choosing wooden decor pieces that enhance (rather than compete with) your existing furniture, floors, textiles, and color scheme. The artwork should unite and elevate the overall look rather than clash.

Shop Unique Materials and Specialty Pieces

Beyond classic wooden farmhouse signs and framed prints, there are so many unique wood and metal wall décor options available today. Here are some of my favorite materials and specialty pieces to make a statement:

Rustic Pallet Wood

One of the hottest wooden decor trends is creating signs, boards, and plaques out of recycled pallet wood. Pallet wood offers natural beauty, imperfections, and eco-friendly appeal.

Look for reclaimed pallet pieces with exposed bolts, metal fasteners, original paint or lettering, and varying wood grains and textures. They make perfect word wall art, especially for last names, family establishments, and meaningful quotes.

Cursive and Calligraphy

Scripted, cursive, and calligraphy styles are having a major moment. Display your favorite quote, poem, or meaningful words in flowing cursive or hand-lettered text.

From sweet nursery art to boho chic living rooms, cursive wood wall hangings add softness and whimsy. Define spaces like dining rooms or bathrooms with themed reclaimed wood signs in scripts like “Eat” and “Wash”.

Cursive and Calligraphy
Cursive and Calligraphy

Aztec and Tribal Accents

Add a dash of pattern and vibrance by incorporating Aztec, Native American, African, or other global tribal designs.

Display colorful tribal masks, arrowheads, or pottery. Use Aztec-inspired frames and borders to surround existing wall art and mirrors.

Wood wall sculptures carved with global patterns and textures effortlessly create an internationally-inspired focal point.

Rustic Metal Hangings

Along with wood, rugged metal makes a fantastic wall art material. Aging, distressing, and imperfections in metal pieces add character and charm.

Some of my favorite rustic metal wall décor ideas include:

  • Framed botanical prints on tin
  • Big wall art like oversized letters or numbers
  • Galvanized tin stars, botanicals, and wall pockets
  • Salvaged shop letters and signage
  • Antique window frames
  • Wrought iron medallions and sconces

The natural aging and patina of the metal add rich texture and dimension. Grouping metal and wood elements together, like framing a tin print with reclaimed wood, makes the textures shine.

Personalize Your Décor with Custom Wood Signs

One of my favorite things about wooden decor is the ability to customize and personalize pieces. Adding names, dates, quotes, and photos makes the artwork completely unique to your home and family story.

Some top ways to personalize wooden decor include:

  • Family name signs made with reclaimed boards, pallet wood, or carved/engraved planks
  • Nursery signs with kids’ names and birth stats, pictures, or quotes
  • Wedding signs with couples’ names and wedding dates
  • Quotes that inspire you and reflect your values
  • Monograms of your last name initial
  • Meaningful dates like when your home was built or family members’ birth years
  • Photos of loved ones printed directly onto wood slices or planks

When brainstorming your personalized wall art, reflect on your family’s story, relationships, memories, passions, and interests. Identifying unique details to feature makes for truly heartfelt, custom wood signs.

Pro Tip: Order extra duplicates of personalized signs to give as wedding, birthday, or Christmas gifts for the family!

Scale and Balance Are Key

With an endless array of wooden decor options available in every size, choosing the right scale artwork for your space is key.

When deciding on size, first consider the wall size. A piece should never be so tiny that it gets lost on a large wall or so gigantic that it overpowers a small wall.

As a general rule of thumb for proper scale:

  • Big wall art decor like oversized letters can stand alone on a wall as a focal point
  • Medium and small pieces look best grouped into a cohesive gallery wall collage

To strike a balance, also consider the room’s existing elements like furniture, architectural details, and other décor. Artwork should complement your existing features, not compete. For example, a massive pallet wood sign might clash with intricate wallpaper or compete with a dramatic fireplace.

Get the measuring tape out! Carefully measure your wall dimensions along with any furniture, windows, or existing art. This ensures you choose wood wall hangings and arrangements sized in pleasing proportion.

Don’t forget to account for negative space. Leaving breathing room around and between pieces creates a calming, balanced composition.

Display Tips for a Pulled Together Look

After selecting stunning wooden decor pieces for your home, proper display and installation are key to creating a pulled-together look.

Here are my best tips for hanging wood wall décor:

  • Choose cohesive frames. Even if the art is unframed, choose matching colors and styles if grouping multiple pieces. Black, brown, silver, or white metal frames with clean lines work well with most styles.
  • Hang at eye level. Mount artwork so the center sits 58-60 inches above the floor. This puts pieces at eye level for comfortable viewing.
  • Use anchors. Heavier materials like wood and metal require anchor screws or wall anchors to support the weight and keep pieces secure.
  • Add hot spots. Position lights like sconces or track lighting to create “artsy” highlights. Illuminating your fabulous finds draws the eye.
  • Layer with plants. Adding REAL plants like trailing ivy or small potted trees frames artwork in an organic, living way.
  • Incorporate 3D. For extra depth, lean a large wood ladder against the wall or mount wall planters. Multi-dimensional décor makes flat art pop.
  • Shop wall décor now to snag one-of-a-kind wood and metal pieces that make your heart sing! With some planning and design savvy, you can create a custom gallery wall that expresses your unique style.
Wood Art Wall Decor
A Pulled Together Look

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top places to shop for wooden decor online include Etsy, Wayfair, Overstock, and specialty boutiques on Shopify and other platforms. Etsy is a great option for finding handmade, custom wood signs from independent artists.

Costs can range dramatically based on the materials, size, and level of customization. Simple DIY wood signs start under $10. Premium reclaimed wood signage from $50-200 is common. Oversized customized pieces run $200 on up.

Top sign quotes highlight values like faith, family, hope, and purpose. “Choose Joy”, “Home is Where the Heart Is”, and “In This Home” are perennial bestsellers. Trendy options nod to coffee, wine, and animals.

Use wall anchors rated for the weight of any large or heavy material like wood. Always locate and mark studs for the most secure hold. Hang artwork using braided or beaded picture wire, D-rings, and screw eyes.

Polyurethane is the best sealant for wood signs and décor. It protects from moisture damage and yellowing while allowing the natural wood grain to show through. Apply 1-3 coats, sanding lightly between each.


The art of selecting wall decor for your space comes down to choosing pieces that make your heart sing! When thoughtfully combined, you can hang beautiful wood and metal artwork that reflects your unique story and brings you joy.

Now that you’re armed with design insider tips and ideas for wood wall art, it’s time to start your search! Browse thousands of handmade listings on Etsy to discover incredible one-of-a-kind finds.

Bring your decor vision to life by selecting custom designs that match your family and style. Proper scale, personalization, specialized materials, and creative display ideas make the possibilities for your custom wooden decor endless. Happy hunting!

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