Looking to make a dramatic statement in your home? Big Wall Art Decor allows you to transform any room with eye-catching designs and vibrant colors. As an interior design enthusiast, I’ve experimented with various large-scale artworks over the years.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my tips for incorporating impactful abstract art, modern wood wall panels, and other DIY large wall decor ideas to enhance your space.

Key Takeaways of Big Wall Art Decor

  • Large wall art like abstract paintings or metal wall panels can energize a room and become a focal point.
  • Options like canvas prints, framed art prints, and DIY wall panels make statement decor achievable at various budget levels.
  • Measure your wall size and research art dimensions to ensure the proper scale.
  • Wall decor can establish a theme like modern, rustic, minimalist, or complementary to your existing furnishings.
  • The strategic placement of eye-catching art draws attention to specific spots like over the couch, beside the bed, or highlighting architectural details.

Decorating your home with big, bold wall art establishes the overall aesthetic and brings vibrancy to your space. With the right large statement artwork or gallery wall, you can enhance your bedroom with wall art decor, enhance your dining room, or adorn your living room walls with style. Keep reading for my best tips!

Big Wall Art Decor
Big Wall Art Decor

Calculated Planning for Maximum Visual Impact

The secret to pulling off statement-making oversized art is thoughtful planning and editing. Measure the wall space and research art sizing so your artworks use the real estate wisely. In general, artwork should be 2⁄3 to 3⁄4 the width of your wall. This creates balance without overwhelming the area.

Next, curate your wall decor with intention. For eclectic gallery walls, limit your framed prints to 9-12 coordinated artworks so it doesn’t become cluttered. Opt for big abstract art as a standout focal point against more subtle prints.

Strategic placement also boosts the visual appeal. Use large artwork to anchor awkward empty walls or draw attention to your best architectural elements. Imaginative art above the couch or bed makes those spots focal points.

With mindful planning and editing, your big wall art will garner reactions like “Wow – that wall is incredible!”

Big Abstract Art Sets a Striking Tone

My personal favorite big wall art is bold, expressive abstract painting. Massive colorful brushstrokes and thick impasto textures create energy. Abstract styles range from Jackson Pollock-esque splattered paint drips to Mark Rothko’s contemplative color field blocks.

Oversized abstract art sets a modern tone while sparking conversation. It conveys passion and creativity for a distinctive designer look. From fierce swaths of paint to refined blended hues, abstractions inspire awe.

Large abstract paintings allow you to enhance your bedroom or elevate your living space with stunning wall art. For maximum vibrancy, choose colors that complement your existing palette. Strategically hung above the couch or bed draws focus to that area.

Commision custom abstract art or find an affordable print from an emerging artist. When you want to make a vivid stylistic statement, big bold abstractions are a stellar option.

Modern Wood Wall Panels Offer a Natural Look

In contrast to colorful abstractions, wooden wall panels bring warmth and texture. Interlocking wood-grained tiles or planks introduce natural elements. Modern variations like charred wood or multi-toned weaver wood add visual intrigue through varied burning techniques.

Wood wall decor ranges from faux boards to solid wood panels made of oak, teak, or bamboo. Reclaimed wood with naturally weathered grain and knots enhances the rustic charm. Dark-stained Asian hardwoods or whitewashed pine offer lighter natural hues.

With dimensional depth and natural graining, modern wood walls impart organic beauty. Use wood panels to elevate a dining room or complement farmhouse, modern, or Transitional spaces. A wooden focal wall can even spruce up-to-date cute bathroom wall art decor.

Woodwall art remains popular for good reason. The soothing natural patterns and colors effortlessly enhance any room.

Modern Wood Wall Panels Offer a Natural Look
Modern Wood Wall Panels Offer a Natural Look

Now let’s explore a favorite big wall decor option for displaying your cherished art prints – the gallery wall! Tastefully framed prints and photos clustered creatively together make a personalized statement.

Start by mapping out your gallery arrangement, using templates if needed. Group prints by color scheme, frame style, or shared motifs. Mix in some DIY wall art by displaying prized photos, kids’ artwork, or travel mementos.

Build your gallery wall in layers. Choose one or two standout large artworks as anchors, then surround them with 6-8 coordinating smaller prints. Finally, pepper in minis like postcards to fill gaps.

When curating your framed prints, adhesive ledges allow easy rearranging. Once you have the polished layout, secure it permanently with nails or hooks. Lean some artwork for added depth.

Your gallery wall expresses your passions while showcasing beloved art and photography. Display a thematic collection or eclectic mix of cherished artworks for bold impact!

Oversized Metal Wall Panels Offer Industrial Appeal

For contemporary loft, modern, or industrial spaces, oversized metal wall art brings edgy appeal. From reclaimed corrugated sheets to sleek stainless panels, metal’s rigidity and sheen set a bold tone.

Salvaged tin ceiling tiles in geometric Art Deco patterns or abstract metal cutouts work for washroom or kitchen backsplashes. Patinated copper sheets resonate with an antiqued warehouse vibe.

Giant rusted bespoke steel wall decor options or brushed aluminum grids make artsy focal points for living rooms. Or design a custom metal word sculpture signifying an inspirational mantra.

If your aesthetic is metro urban or modern industrial, large metal wall art creates an alluring focal point. With limitless ways to utilize metal’s texture, patina, and sheen, this material makes a statement.

Incorporate Large-Scale Paintings for a Fine Art Feel

Another route for impactful wall décor is an oversized painting in oil, acrylic, or mixed media. Large original canvas art brings energy and prestige to spaces like classic artwork to adorn your walls.

I love emerging contemporary artists that use bold color palettes, thick textures, and expressive brushwork. Their large paintings add a fine art gallery feel. Commissioning a custom artwork designed for your space makes it meaningful.

For the bedroom, a tranquil abstract landscape painting promotes relaxation. Dramatic florals over the couch enliven your living room. Displaying outsider art supports visionary creators.

An investment artwork painted specifically for your home brings personal significance. With an abundance of muralists and contemporary painters to choose from, commission a phenomenal focal point canvas.

Incorporate Large-Scale Paintings for a Fine Art Feel
Incorporate Large-Scale Paintings for a Fine Art Feel

Premade Wall Panels Offer Quick DIY Solutions

For fast DIY statement walls, premade wall panels expedite the process. Self-adhesive wood plank kits, 3D geometric tiles, or textured brick panels easily upgrade dull spaces.

Priced panels from retailers like Wayfair and Amazon have user-friendly applications. Peel and stick wood or faux brick onto the wall in your desired pattern. Cut panels to fit corners and edges.

Some home improvement stores like Home Depot also stock sticker wood panels or textured wall tiles. For cheap and quick installation, browse their self-adhesive options.

With on-trend looks like herringbone wood and modern shiplap, affordable DIY wall panels check all the boxes. Enjoy a stylish decorative focal wall in about an hour!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my go-to online retailers for big wall art include Wayfair, Overstock, Etsy, and Art.com. They offer tons of sizable wall décor like abstract paintings, panel prints, and canvas art at various price points.

Yes, hanging a painting, large print, or photo over the bed draws attention to that area and makes it feel like a focal point. Just be sure to measure first so the art size is suited to your wall dimensions.

As a general rule of thumb, artwork should be hung about 57-60 inches from the floor to the center of the piece. But feel free to shift pieces slightly higher or lower until you find the ideal placement.

For small areas like hallways, floating wall shelves are great for displaying rows of framed photos or artful objects. Narrow spaces also suit gallery walls packed with mini prints, skinny mirrors/art, or sconces.

It’s fine to center small-medium pieces on a wall, but very large artwork can be visually overwhelming if perfectly centered. Try shifting big art slightly off-center for a more dynamic look.


Now that we’ve covered various impactful big wall art options, how will you decorate your space?

The key is first measuring your wall dimensions, and then selecting pieces that enhance your aesthetic. Curate gallery walls or commission custom art for personalization. Mark your territory with an oversized architectural panel as a dramatic accent.

With the proper large statement art or multi-piece collection thoughtfully displayed, your rooms will make unforgettable impressions. Visitors will be wowed by your designer-caliber walls and inspired to incorporate big art in their own homes.

So embrace innovative décor solutions that transform your living space. Find an abstract painting, reclaimed wood accent, or metal artwork that energizes your room. Introduce captivating colors, textures, shapes, and subjects. Big bold wall art sets the tone for any space while showcasing your unique style.

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