Decorating your home with oversized wall art is an easy way to add visual interest and character to any space. With the right oversized piece, you can transform a blank wall from boring to beautiful.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I’ll share my tips for choosing a jaw-dropping Large Wall Art Decor and provide inspirational ideas to create a gallery wall that wows.

Key Takeaways

  • Oversized wall art adds visual interest and personality to bare walls
  • Choose artworks that match your decor style – abstract, modern, vintage, etc.
  • Every room can benefit from big statement art – living room, kitchen, bedroom, home office, bathroom

Stylish Oversized Wall Art Ideas for Every Room

From modern abstract paintings to vintage movie posters, the options for big wall art are endless. Here are some of my favorite large-scale wall decorating ideas for making a statement in any room:

Stylish Oversized Wall Art

Living Room

The living room is a great place to hang a large metal wall art piece as the focal point. Opt for something with bright, bold colors that complement your decor. Abstract designs and eye-catching canvases work well. Or make an oversized DIY metal wall art piece for a unique personalized touch.


Bring pops of color into the kitchen with oversized canvas prints or paintings. Still-life images of fruits and vegetables or floral designs add a whimsical vibe. For modern kitchens, choose graphic black and white abstract art prints for dramatic contrast.


Wake up to beautiful artwork every morning. Romantic scenes like flower fields or seascapes create a soothing ambiance perfect for restful sleep. Showcase your fashion style with vintage magazine covers or prints of famous paintings.

Home Office

Stimulate your creativity with inspirational quotes or prints of intellectual thinkers like Einstein. For a gallery wall, hang a mix of antique maps, nature photography, and quirky prints.


Bring the outdoors inside with innovative bathroom decor ideas including big pictures of landscapes. Photos of beaches, forests, and mountains add a peaceful spa-like feel. Nautical themes with seashells and starfish are fun for coastal cottages.

Materials for Large Wall Art Decor

From classic paintings to 3D art sculptures, big statement art comes in a variety of mediums. Consider the pros and cons of each material to choose what fits your home best:

  • Canvas – Versatile and affordable option for reproductions of famous artworks or custom designs. Stretches over frames for a clean modern look.
  • Wood – Rustic chic. Excellent for DIY wall art, carved signs, and 3D art. Real wood adds natural beauty.
  • Metal – Industrial vibe. Works for abstract contemporary art and prints. Lightweight for easy hanging. Prone to scratches.
  • Photographs/ Prints – Wide selection of images and styles. Gallery walls provide lots of creativity. Use high-quality paper and ink.
  • Paintings – Unique handmade art. Higher cost but one-of-a-kind. Oil or acrylic on canvas provides texture.
  • Glass – Sleek and modern. Translucent or colorful glass wall decor art makes a statement. Risk of breakage.

I recommend Canvas for its affordability and wide selection. It’s easy to find canvas prints to match your existing decor. For natural rustic charm, choose real wood art. Metal and glass make bold contemporary statements.

Materials for Large Wall Art

Tips for Hanging Oversized Wall Decor

Once you’ve chosen your large statement art, proper installation is key. Follow these tips for effortlessly hanging oversized wall decor:

  • Measure – Confirm the wall space can accommodate the entire frame/canvas. Map out the design arrangement of grouping art.
  • Pick the Right Hardware – Select heavy-duty hanging hardware designed for oversized art. Opt for d-rings and sturdy picture wire.
  • Find the Studs – Use a stud finder to locate studs. Anchor into studs for weight support.
  • Get Help for Big Art – Recruit an extra set of hands for big or heavy wall art. Make it easier to lift and hang.
  • Hang at Proper Height – Follow the 60-inch gallery height rule. The center artwork is approximately 60 inches above the floor.
  • Use Spacers for Gallery Walls – Plastic spacers allow even spacing when grouping multiple frames. Remove after all art is hung.
  • Step Back to Check Alignment – After hanging the artwork, step back and make sure the artwork is straight and aligned. Adjust as needed.

Proper hanging height and hardware ensure your big artwork stays secured on the wall for years of enjoyment. Take time to hang art properly and you’ll love your statement decor.

Shop for Stunning Large Wall Decor by Room

Ready to finally decorate those empty walls? Shop my top picks for new gorgeous oversized wall art by room:

Stunning Large Wall Decor by Room

Living Room

  • Oversized modern abstract metal wall art – Bold and eye-catching for modern spaces
  • Framed black and white cityscape canvas prints – Urban chic with dramatic contrasts
  • Floral oil paintings – Elegant and romantic botanical designs


  • Oversized fruit canvas prints – Vibrant still life images
  • Farmhouse style large wooden wall art – Rustic charm for a stylish decorative kitchen wall decor
  • Coffee wall quotes – Uplifting and inspirational phrases for morning fuel


  • Dreamy beach photography collection – Soothing ocean images ideal for relaxation
  • Botanical canvas prints – Relaxing nature scenes full of greens
  • Framed poster prints – Vintage charm with reproductions of iconic art

Home Office

  • World map wall decor – Inspiring global designs for the imagination
  • Famous paintings – Surround yourself with masterpieces from great artists
  • Typographic wall quotes – Uplifting phrases in stylish fonts

With so many options for large unique wall art for interior design, you can easily create a gallery wall that expresses your personal style. Find beautiful oversized artwork for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, home office, or any room you want to enhance.

Home Office
Home Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Wall art over 50 inches in any direction is generally considered oversized or large-scale. Extra large art can be 6 feet or more on each side.

Follow the 60-inch gallery hanging height rule. Center your large art piece about 60 inches from the floor for optimal alignment.

Leave at least 2-3 inches between the art edges and ceiling/ corners. Oversized art should have breathing room around it.

Vertical-oriented art draws the eyes upwards, making high ceilings feel grand. Try grouping tall narrow artworks or large portraits.

Choose sturdy hanging hardware designed for heavy items. D-rings with braided picture wire provide a strong mount.


Hanging eye-catching large wall art is one of the easiest ways to instantly revamp a blank, boring space. With the right oversized piece as the focal point, you can turn any room from forgettable to fabulous. Use the inspirational ideas in this guide to find wall art you love and properly install it.

Soon you’ll have exceptional art pieces for walls that add a wow factor throughout your home. Let your decor tell a story and reflect who you are with the creative possibilities of big, beautiful wall art. Your new galleries will not only look amazing but also inspire you every day.

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