Decorating your kitchen walls with stylish and unique wall art can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. As someone who loves experimenting with home decor at Nousdecor, I’ve gathered my favorite Decorative Kitchen Wall Art ideas to help you create an eye-catching kitchen that perfectly matches your style.

Key Takeaways of Decorative Kitchen Wall Art

  • Kitchen wall art adds visual interest while reflecting personal taste
  • Rustic farmhouse, modern, and family photos are popular kitchen art themes
  • Wall decals provide easy, mess-free art for renters and homeowners
  • Collections, themed art, and mixed media create a designer gallery
  • Place eye-catching art around sinks, stoves, counters and dining areas
  • Shop Etsy to Amazon for stylish kitchen wall decor at any budget

Why Add Art to Your Kitchen Walls

Unlike wall art bathroom wall decor ideas, the kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where your family gathers for meals and memories. But often, we overlook the blank kitchen walls that surround our busy lives.

Filling your kitchen walls with beautiful, rustic, modern, or rustic kitchen art adds visual interest while reflecting your personal taste.

Wall art, such as colorful prints, framed photos, rustic signs, and wall decals quickly transform the space. Don’t settle for boring, empty walls when a stunning gallery of art design can make your kitchen shine!

Reasons Why Add Art to Your Kitchen Walls
Reasons Why Add Art to Your Kitchen Walls

Rustic Farmhouse Style

For a cozy, rustic farmhouse-style kitchen room, I love displaying a collection of rustic sign items. Look for distressed wood signs with short inspiring quotes like “Gather,” “Grateful,” and “Blessed.” Or pick longer phrases related to cooking and family.

Hang the signs together in an artful arrangement for a big visual impact. For more texture, mix in a cutting board or two. Etch the family name or a phrase on the board and hang it with rope or baker’s twine.

Rustic farmhouse style options:

  • Distressed wood signs with inspiring quotes or phrases
  • Cutting boards with etched names or sayings
  • B&W printings of farm animals or botanicals

Modern and Sophisticated

For a sleek, modern kitchen, choose wall art with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Large canvas prints in B&W look especially striking. Focus on form and shape with abstract prints of circles, lines, or geometric shapes.

Keep the color scheme monochromatic for a soothing vibe. Or make a bold statement by hanging a giant framed map on the wall. Opt for a black frame and white mat for a contemporary contrast.

Modern and sophisticated ideas include:

  • Canvas printings in black & white
  • Abstract paintings with geometric shapes
  • Oversized framed maps

Family Photos

Family photos are a must for any kitchen gallery wall as affordable family wall art options. Display candid shots in black frames for a cohesive look. Or pick frame colors that complement your decor. Arrange photos in neat rows or grids for an artistic touch.

For a playful alternative, spell out a word like “eat” or “yummy” using printed photos. This memorable wall art shows off your family while spelling out your love of food!

Creative ways to display family photos:

  • Coordinate black frames
  • Arrange in uniform rows or grids
  • Spell out words with printed photos

Uplifting Quotes and Phrases

Words can be just as impactful as images when adorning your kitchen walls. Choose inspiring quotes, funny food puns, or meaningful phrases to keep your mood lifted as you cook and dine.

For a personalized element, feature your family name, hometown, wedding date, or other special details in the quote. From “Live, Laugh, Love Y’all” to “The Smiths Est. 2022”, customized wall art with heartfelt words will brighten your time in the kitchen.

Meaningful quotes and phrases to try:

  • Uplifting inspirational quotes
  • Custom details like family name & wedding date
  • Funny food puns and drink quotes

Easy-to-Install Wall Decals

For fast kitchen updates, choose self-adhesive wall decals. These vinyl stickers stick on easily and are removed later without damaging walls. Decals come in every style imaginable from modern shapes to boho botanicals.

Arrange colorful decals in an abstract collage for artistic wall decor ideas. Use decals to turn a blank stretch of wall into a charming backsplash. Or highlight a focal area, like behind the stove, using one oversized decal. With a mess-free application and endless options, decals are a fantastic option for temporary or long-term wall art.

Quick ways to use wall decals:

  • Collage abstract shapes & patterns
  • Faux tile backsplash
  • The oversized focal point behind the stove
Easy-to-Install Wall Decals
Easy-to-Install Wall Decals

Set the Table with Art

Dining rooms and breakfast nooks beg for gorgeous dining room wall art to elevate the space. A set of paintings, printings, or photographs above the table draws the eye and sparks conversation.

For a balanced arrangement, choose an art set with an odd number of pieces. Hang the set a few inches above the tabletop with the centerpiece in the middle. For intimate settings, even a single impactful canvas makes a stunning statement. Wall art sets the tone for delightful dinners!

Tips for dining room gallery walls:

  • Cohesive artwork set of 3, 5, 7 pieces
  • The Center largest piece, hangs above the table
  • Allow 2-3 inches between frames

Collections and Galleries

Wall space allows you to display your passions. For avid cooks, frame vintage kitchen prints, stirring spoons, or cupcake liners. Gardeners will love a gallery of botanical printings and decorating with flower wall art.

Display favorite photos from your travels. Or arrange a collection of antique kitchen tools like whisks, measuring cups, and rolling pins. Repetition ties the vignettes together while showing off what makes you unique.

Fun collections to showcase:

  • Vintage kitchen prints & cooking tools
  • Flower art – drawings, prints, wall stickers
  • Travel photos from vacations near and far

Mix Media and Styles

For added interest, blend artwork using a mix of media like canvas, printings, metal, and wood. The combination of textures livens up the look.

You can also mix styles by including some modern abstract pieces with your vintage farmhouse signs. Or pair classic B&W photos with bright and colorful wall decals. The eclectic gallery has a playful, collected-over-time vibe.

How to mix up your kitchen gallery wall:

  • Vary textures: canvas, prints, metal signs, wood
  • Combine color and black & white
  • Blend modern and rustic or vintage styles

Carry a Theme

If you want a kitchen filled with art that truly coordinates, stick with a theme or specific color scheme. Pick something meaningful to you, like:

  • Favorite colors – make it monochromatic with shades of blue or green
  • Favorite places – black and white city printings
  • Favorite foods – citrus fruit illustrations, pizza printings
  • Favorite flowers – vibrant floral canvas printings
  • Favorite hobbies – herbs & gardening sketches

Repeating elements, colors, and styles creates a chic, designer look. The themed kitchen art ties the whole space together.

Best Spaces to Add Art

While art looks fabulous anywhere, some key kitchen spots beg for attention. Right away when entering the kitchen, make a statement above the sink or on a blank section of the wall. Show off photos, printings, or painted canvases along the backsplash.

Decorate blank spaces between countertops and cabinets with colorful tiles or printings. Use vertical wall space to hang a collection of rustic signs. Any empty fridge or pantry door needs fun magnets or printings. And artwork above the table sets the ambiance for mealtime.

Top spots to hang kitchen wall art:

  • Above the sink
  • Behind the stove
  • Between countertops & cabinets
  • On refrigerator & pantry
  • Dining / Breakfast nook
Best Spaces to Add Art in Kitchen
Best Spaces to Add Art in Kitchen

Shop for Stylish Wall Art

Now that you’re inspired to deck out your kitchen walls with art, it’s time to shop! While you can find prints almost anywhere, here are my favorite sources for quality, stylish kitchen wall decor:

  • Etsy – Unique vintage and handmade printings from independent artists
  • Society6 – Trendy and colorful designs, canvas prints, and wall decals
  • Minted – Modern art sets and personalizable family printings
  • Wayfair – Rustic wood signs and affordable art of every variety
  • Amazon – Giant selection of canvas printings, framed art sets, easy-to-install wall stickers
  • Overstock – Great prices on trending wall art styles and large statement pieces
  • – Museum quality fine art printings to elevate your space

Most online stores offer free shipping or free returns to make shopping risk-free. Watch for coupons and sales around major holidays for big savings on wall art that suits your style.

Shop for Stylish Wall Art Now
Shop for Stylish Wall Art Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top kitchen wall art themes include rustic farmhouses with signs and cutting boards, modern with canvas printings and decals, family photos arranged in grids, and inspirational quotes or phrases.

Hang artwork in neat rows or columns for a polished look. Or arrange frames in an asymmetrical pattern following the “rule of three”, with groups of similar-sized pieces. Leave 2-3 inches between frames.

Painting your walls in a fresh color before hanging new artwork can make the art really stand out. But it’s fine to decorate existing walls too. Just clean the walls and spot paint if needed.

Self-adhesive wall decals are perfect for renters. Decals stick on without nails or damage and are removed cleanly. Choose removable vinyl stickers or repositionable decals.

Check thrift stores and garage sales for used frames and artwork at bargain prices. Or browse online stores like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock for very affordable print and canvas sets to brighten your kitchen without blowing your budget.


The heart of your home deserves special attention. With so many inexpensive options for stylish kitchen wall art decor available, there’s no reason to settle for boring blank walls.

Collections of photos, quotes, printings, or plaques bring warmth and personality to your space. Start small by adding an uplifting quote decal or arranging family photos. Then build your wall gallery over time with pieces that make you smile.

Before you know it, your kitchen will go from bland to beautiful and become the envy of all your guests. So grab some prints, signs, frames, and decals to liven up your walls with decorative kitchen art that suits your unique style!

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