Adding metallic wall art is one of the easiest ways to inject personality and visual interest into any room. Unlike paintings or prints, metal wall sculptures make a unique wall art home decor decorative statement with their multidimensional qualities and intricate textures.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Decorative Metal Art For Walls, from the many mesmerizing design styles available to proper installation and care.

Read on with Nousdecor to discover how to find the perfect metal wall-decorations to complement your personal taste and transform your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Metallic wall art comes in a diverse array of designs like abstract, animal, floral, geometric, landscape, nature, religious, rust, and textured looks.
  • You can buy metal wall decorations from online retailers, brick-and-mortar stores, or craft shows.
  • When choosing pieces, consider your decor style, the size and placement, and the quality of construction.
  • Installing metallic wall art involves marking the spot, attaching hangers, and hanging the décor.
  • Care for sculptural metallic art by dusting regularly and cleaning gently with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals.
Metallic wall art
Decorative Metal Art For Walls To Liven Up Your Decor

Types of Decorative Metal Art For Walls

From richly detailed sculptures to minimalist shapes, metal makes an ideal artistic medium. Here are some of the most popular categories of metallic wall art to enhance any space:

Abstract Metal Wall Art

Abstract metallic art uses non-objective shapes and lines to create visually intriguing compositions. The abstract style includes sculptural wall hangings with flowing organic shapes or geometric angles and negative space. These modern metal wall art decor sculptures infuse a contemporary vibe.

Animal Metal Wall Art

Metal artists craft animals like birds, horses, elephants, butterflies, and more into iron, steel, and copper wall-decorations. Some mimic realistic portraits while others use the animal form more loosely. Animal themes make natural additions to rustic, farmhouse, or eclectic rooms.

Floral Metal Wall Art

Pretty metal flower wall decor and leaf decor are perennially popular for home decor. Metallic floral wall art ranges from intricate botanical wall art sculptures to more graphic, contemporary blooms. Flowing steel flowers look lovely as adorable nursery wall art designs or decorate with printable kitchen wall art, bedrooms, and entryways.

Geometric Metal Wall Art

From 3D hexagons to perforated waves, geometric shapes create eye-catching visual effects in metal wall-decorations. The mathematical precision balances the organic nature of hand-worked metal. Geometric pieces pair well with modern and contemporary spaces.

Geometric Metal Wall Art
Geometric Metal Wall Art

Landscape Metal Wall Art

Evocative landscape themes like trees, mountains, and skies translate beautifully into metal media. Hammered copper sunrises, rusted iron forests, and textured steel rivers convey natural serenity. Landscape sculptural metallic art enhance living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Nature Metal Wall Art

Nature-inspired metallic wall art celebrates motifs from the outdoors like leaves, acorns, pinecones, feathers, antlers, and more. Meticulously shaped iron, steel, and aluminum create lightweight sculptural renditions of found organic objects. They work in farmhouses, rustic, or earthy rooms as DIY Christmas decor printables.

Religious Metal Wall Art

From crosses to verses, religious metal wall-decorations express faith. Copper, iron, and steel are used to shape meaningful spiritual symbols and scripture passages. Display religious wall art in entryways, living spaces, or meditation corners.

Rust Metal Wall Art

Allowing steel or iron to oxidize outdoors creates rust, which provides a rich, earthy patina. Rust wall art has an organically weathered, vintage look. Botanical themes like flowers and vines work well. Rusty metal brings a charming character to farmhouse decor.

Textured Metal Wall Art

Hammering, embossing, and patinating the surface adds visual depth and dimension to metallic wall art. Textured finishes like hammered copper, pitted steel, and verdigris patinas amplify the handcrafted appeal. They add tactile interest to walls.

Tree Metal Wall Art

Tree forms work remarkably well in metal mediums. Graceful branches, detailed leaves, and textured bark effects come to life in iron, steel, and copper. Tree sculptures can range from whimsical to majestically realistic. They’re perfect for nature-inspired rooms.

Tree Metal Wall Art
Tree Metal Wall Art

Where to Find Metal Wall Decor

From nationally-known retailers to local artisan shops, numerous sources exist for finding the ideal metallic wall art for your space:

Online Retailers

Many online stores sell metallic wall art, from large marketplaces like Wayfair and Etsy to specialty boutiques. Browse the selection from home, read reviews, and enjoy convenient shipping. Watch for sales around holidays.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Big box stores like Hobby Lobby and At Home carry some metal wall-decorations along with wall art prints and paintings. For more variety, visit independently owned home furnishing boutiques which often stock handcrafted artisan pieces.

Craft Shows

Outdoor art and craft shows provide the opportunity to view and purchase one-of-a-kind sculptural metallic art directly from the artists. Talk to creators about their creative process and get pieces made just for you.

Choosing the Perfect Metal Wall Art for Home Decor

With so many mesmerizing metallic wall art options, deciding which to buy for your home can feel overwhelming initially. Keep these tips in mind while shopping to select décor you’ll enjoy for years:

Consider Your Decor Style

Match the metal sculpture style to your interior design taste. For example, abstract and geometric pieces suit contemporary rooms, while floral and landscape themes complement cottage-style decors. Let your wall art reinforce your decor goals.

Think About the Size and Placement

Scale the metal wall hanging size to fit the wall space and the room’s proportions. Measure the area and visualize the art in the spot before purchasing. Also, consider the room’s purpose and traffic flow. Focal living room walls or above the bed work well.

Choose a Quality Piece

Inspect sculptural metallic art closely for fine craftsmanship. Look for clean welds, smooth edges, and no major dents, bends, or defects. Higher-priced art is often more durable and substantial. For longevity, avoid thin or flimsy pieces.

Choose a Quality Piece
Choose a Quality Piece

Hanging Wall Rustic Metal Art Decor Like a Pro

Once you’ve found the perfect modern metallic wall art, it’s time to install it for maximum impact. Follow these steps for expert-level hanging on how to mount wall art:

Mark the Spot

Hold the metal wall-decorations against the wall and mark the desired height with a pencil. Use a level to ensure it’s straight. For focal art over sofas or beds, center it approximately 60-66 inches from the floor.

Attach the Hanger

Most metallic wall art includes pre-attached hanging hardware. If not, use strong hooks, chains, or wires specifically made for heavy art. Secure multiple screws into wall studs for stability.

Hang the Wall Art

Carefully lift and position the metal sculpture on the wall hooks to check placement. Adjust as needed before hammering hooks flush into the wall. Ensure the art hangs straight and is properly supported.

Caring for Sculptural Metal Wall Décor

Preserve your investment in metallic wall art by practicing consistent care and maintenance:

Dust Regularly

Use a soft dry microfiber cloth to dust metal wall-decorations weekly. This removes airborne dust and dirt before it builds up and dulls the surface. Gently lift hanging sculptures away from the wall to dust all sides.

Clean with Mild Soap and Water

Every few months, thoroughly clean metallic wall art with a mild soap and warm water solution applied to a soft cloth. Avoid scouring pads or anything abrasive. Immediately dry with a towel to prevent water spots.

Clean with Mild Soap and Water
Clean with Mild Soap and Water

Avoid Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives

Never use harsh cleaners, solvents, or abrasive scrubs on metal wall-decorations as they could damage the surface. Rust removers and polishing compounds also strip off patinas and coatings. Use only mild dish soap and water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top metallic wall art themes include abstract shapes, animal forms like birds or butterflies, floral and leaf wall art designs, landscapes like trees and mountains, motivational words and phrases, geometric patterns, and natural objects like feathers and antlers.

Metallic wall art weight depends on the size and type of metal used. Smaller iron or steel sculptures usually range from 2-15 pounds. Larger statement pieces can weigh 30 pounds or more. Wall anchors rated for the weight are essential for safety.

Many metal wall sculptures are suitable for outdoor display. However, raw steel or iron will eventually rust outside. For longevity outdoors, choose art made from rust-resistant metals like aluminum, brass, or powder-coated steel. Galvanized and stainless steels also resist corrosion.

Use strong picture-hanging hardware designed for heavy objects. This includes braided metal wire, chain loops, or steel French cleats. Anchor multiple screw hooks into wall studs or use hollow drywall anchors. Attach hangers to the art at multiple points for stability.

Metallic wall art costs range wildly based on the size, design intricacy, materials, and artist’s reputation. Smaller simple pieces may run $25 to $60. Mid-range art costs $150 to $600+ on average. For large statement sculptures from top artisans, prices run from $1,500 to $5,000.


Adding metallic wall art allows you to infuse unique personality into your living spaces, unlike typical framed prints.

With an incredible diversity of mesmerizing modern metallic wall art available, you can find the ultimate wall embellishments to complement your existing decor style or completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Use these tips to select quality metal décor tailored to your space and install it properly for years of enjoyment. Let metallic art become the focal point that draws the eye and sparks conversations.

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