Looking to give your kitchen a quick and easy makeover? Printable wall art is an affordable way to add personality and visual interest to your cooking space. As a longtime home decor enthusiast, I’ve experimented with all kinds of wall art over the years.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my top tips for using Printable Kitchen Wall Art Decor to create a space that wows.

Key Takeaways of Printable Kitchen Wall Art Decor

  • Printable wall art provides a budget-friendly way to decorate kitchen walls with customized style
  • Choose designs that align with your kitchen’s aesthetic – modern, farmhouse, cottage, etc.
  • Arrange prints creatively in galleries, groupings, or solo statement pieces for maximum visual impact
  • Vary frame styles and sizes for an artful mixed media wall display
  • Swap out seasonal printables to keep your kitchen looking fresh all year long
  • Use vibrant colors and bold prints to make small kitchens feel more spacious
  • Display printable quotes and sayings to bring an inspirational tone to your cooking space
Printable Kitchen Wall Art Decor
Printable Kitchen Wall Art Decor

Why Choose Printable Wall Art For Your Kitchen?

Printable wall art offers many advantages for kitchen decor:

  • Cost-effective – You can find tons of free printables online or purchase high-quality options for just a few dollars. Very budget-friendly compared to original art or large wall decals.
  • Customizable – Many printable designs are offered in multiple color schemes, sizes, and orientations. You can personalized pieces to match your kitchen colors and layout.
  • Diverse options – From inspirational kitchen quotes to chic floral designs, you’ll discover an endless array of printable kitchen wall art online.
  • Easy application – Simply print out your favorite designs at home or a local print shop. Then frame or mount them with adhesive. So much easier than painting a mural or hanging shelving!

Now that you know why printable wall art is perfect for kitchen decorating, let’s explore some captivating design ideas.

Best Printable Wall Art for Farmhouse Kitchens

The farmhouse kitchen style is characterized by a cozy, vintage vibe. Incorporating cute farmhouse kitchen signs and rural motifs like fruits and vegetables is a great way to enhance this look.

Try framing classic farmhouse phrases, such as “Farm Fresh Eggs” or “Homegrown”, in fun frames like vintage crates, galvanized metal, or distressed wood. Black-and-white botanical prints and watercolor fruit illustrations also have a timeless farmhouse vibe.

For a modern country feel, incorporate trendy farmhouse kitchen quotes like “Eat Plants and Nap” or “But First, Coffee”. Display them in sleek modern frames or wood plaques. This creates an updated folksy look.

Floral & Botanical Prints for Cottage Kitchen Decor

Nothing says cozy cottage quite like floral prints! Delicate botanical drawings, rose illustrations, and wildflower designs capture the essence of cottage style like decorating with animal print wall decor.

Try arranging a gallery wall of different floral prints like lavender sprigs, dainty roses, and chrysanthemums. Mixing vintage-inspired frames like carved wood rounds, terra cotta pots, and distressed metal builds on the cottage charm.

For a modern cottage look, opt for abstract watercolor flowers or trendy prints like cacti and succulents. Display them in clean-lined modern frames to keep the look fresh and updated.

Single blooms like peonies, dahlias, or poppies make statement art prints too. Hang one large-scale floral over an open wall or focal point like the range or sink.

Floral & Botanical Prints for Cottage Kitchen Decor
Floral & Botanical Prints for Cottage Kitchen Decor

Uplifting Kitchen Quotes & Sayings

Inspirational kitchen quotes and food-related sayings bring good vibes to your cooking space. They look especially chic displayed over kitchen sinks and prep areas.

Some charming kitchen sayings ideas include:

  • “Let’s Eat!”
  • “Cooking is Love Made Visible”
  • “Happiness is Homemade”
  • “Where Cooking Begins, Love is Served”

For a playful vibe, try funny foodie phrases like “Kitchen Closed – Go Eat Out” or “I Cook with Wine, Sometimes I Even Put It in the Food”.

Pick frame materials like reclaimed wood, black metal, or terra cotta that complement your overall kitchen design. Distressed and vintage-looking frames enhance the folksy charm of many quotes.

Trendy Printable Wall Art for Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens demand art that is fresh, contemporary, and full of visual interest. Geometric patterns, abstract designs, and nature motifs all fit the bill.

For boho flair, try prints with global motifs like ikat patterns, mandalas, paisleys designs, and batik-style florals. Display them in woven rattan or stained wood frames.

Food photography and graphic fruit/veggie prints also have a trendy modern appeal. Go for vibrant colors and high-contrast black & white. Mixing in a few printable kitchen quotes keeps it fun and lighthearted.

Above all, choose pieces with interesting compositions, textures, and palette to elevate your modern kitchen design.

Holiday & Seasonal Printables

As an avid home decorator, I love changing up my wall art to match the season. Printable holiday and seasonal wall art offers an easy way to get festive just like artisan brass wall hangings.

Some top seasonal wall art ideas include:

  • Rustic “Merry Christmas” signs – Perfect for cozy holiday kitchen decor (see Christmas printable wall art decor)
  • Vibrant spring flower prints – Brighten up dreary spring days
  • Summerly fruit designs – Think watermelon, lemon, and pineapple prints
  • Fall leaf garlands – Capture autumn’s rustic spirit
  • “Happy Thanksgiving” banners – Get in the mood for turkey day

Swapping out a few pieces between seasons keeps your kitchen feeling fresh year-round. I like displaying seasonal prints in inexpensive poster frames so they can be easily switched out.

Bright And Vibrant Art for Small Kitchens

Using vibrant colors and bold prints is a smart strategy for small kitchen spaces. Visually busy designs draw the eye and make walls appear farther away.

For contemporary pop, try graphic cactus prints, watercolor pineapple art, or abstract palm designs. Display them in sleek modern frames to enhance the colorful look.

Another small kitchen idea is opting for one oversized art print as a focal point. For example, a big bright citrus illustration above the stove or a floral canvas over the sink. Keep the surrounding walls neutral to prevent sensory overload.

No matter which small kitchen wall art you choose, vibrant colors and eye-catching designs are key for opening up the space.

Stylish Wall Art Groupings and Galleries

Once you’ve selected your favorite printable kitchen wall art designs, it’s time for the fun part – arranging!

There are endless possibilities when grouping wall art. Here are some of my tried-and-true tips:

  • Display 3-5 pieces over kitchen cabinets for an artful gallery effect. Vary sizes and frames for interest.
  • Cluster prints around kitchen sinks and prep zones to inspire you as you cook and clean.
  • Line up a row of three identical frames over a sideboard or countertop to create a unified look.
  • Arrange one large statement piece surrounded by 2-3 smaller accent prints. This helps the bold art stand out.
  • Above ranges or stoves, do a rectangular configuration with one wider print between two tall narrow pieces.

Take risks with creative arrangements – there are no rules! Layering in charming printable kitchen wall art is an easy way to amplify your design.

Printable Wall Art Ideas By Color Scheme

Unsure which printable designs will look cohesive in your kitchen? Choosing pieces that align with your color scheme is a foolproof trick. Here are some of my favorite on-trend color pairings:

Black & White Kitchen Wall Art

From architectural prints to graphic fruits/veggies, black-and-white art looks oh-so-chic in modern and farmhouse kitchens. I especially love a crisp black frame on white walls.

Black & White Kitchen Wall Art
Black & White Kitchen Wall Art

Vintage Blue Kitchen Wall Art

Soft blues, teals, and turquoise have a timeless vintage appeal. Pastel floral prints, china patterns, and muted food photography complement this palette beautifully.

Neutral Tone Kitchen Wall Art

Stick with beige, cream, or tan prints to blend seamlessly into neutral kitchens. Try abstract textures, botanical drawings, or simple modern phrases.

Bright & Colorful Kitchen Wall Art

Make a bold statement by mixing and matching vibrant prints. Try fruit illustrations, watercolor flowers, or graphic cacti in every color of the rainbow!

Displaying Your Printable Kitchen Wall Art

Printable wall art offers flexibility for display. Once you’ve selected your favorite designs, here are some easy DIY framing ideas:

  • For a temporary option, use removable mounting putty to hang prints. Easily reposition pieces until you find an arrangement you love.
  • Affordable poster frames are wonderful for showcasing prints. Choose basic black frames for an upscale gallery effect.
  • Print and frame designs in charming repurposed objects like antique trays, old window panes, and reused wood boxes. This adds character.
  • Show off printable art behind glass cabinet doors. Arrange pieces on inside cabinet walls for a unique display.
  • For peel-and-stick wall decals, order weatherproof printable vinyl. These stick directly on walls for fast application.

No matter which display route you choose, printable kitchen wall art is sure to elevate your space. Let your personal taste shine through in how you frame and arrange your chosen designs.

Top Places to Find Printable Kitchen Wall Art Online

Looking for amazing printable wall art for your kitchen makeover? Here are my favorite online sources for perfect wall art selections:


Etsy is an online handmade marketplace that offers tons of printable art from independent artists. You’ll find wall art and templates for every style. Many sellers also do custom work.

Esty brand


Redbubble features printable wall art designs uploaded by a global community of independent artists. You can order their pieces printed on posters, framed, or as stickers.


At Minted, artists submit designs that you can customize by color, size, and frame style. They print pieces on premium archival paper for stunning quality.

The House That Lars Built

This site offers tons of charming free printables for various rooms. Their style leans vintage and farmhouse-inspired.

Boxwood Avenue

A go-to for chic boho wall art for home decor, Boxwood Avenue has an extensive shop of premium art prints starting at just $4.

With endless printable finds online, you’re sure to locate the perfect pieces to personalize your kitchen walls.

Boxwood Avenue
Boxwood Avenue

Frequently Asked Questions

Great spots include above cabinets, flanking the range or sink, and over counters or open wall space. Arrange coordinated pieces in groupings for maximum visual appeal.

Affordable options include removable mounting putty, basic poster frames, and peel-and-stick wall decals. For a higher-end look, opt for custom matting and framing.

Pick pieces that align with your kitchen’s existing style – modern, traditional, cottage, etc. Also, coordinate prints with your kitchen’s color scheme for a cohesive look.

Opt for bold, graphic prints in vibrant colors. Busy patterns and large-scale art draw the eye to make walls recede. Avoid wall art with too much fine detail.

Mix up your display using a combination of small and large pieces. Vary frame sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Don’t overcrowd – negative space is important for a balanced gallery wall.


If you’re seeking an easy and affordable kitchen refresh, printable wall art opens up endless possibilities. With the right combination of stylish prints, creative display, and strategic placement you can take your kitchen decor from boring to beautiful.

So tap into your inner interior decorator, find prints that make your heart sing, and get ready to elevate your cooking space. Printable wall art lets you change up your look anytime for just the price of a frame. I hope my decorating tips have inspired you to give this versatile, budget-friendly decor solution a try.

Happy printing!

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