I am Mark Cutler, and I’ve been decorating homes for over 10 years. During that time, I’ve found that White Plaster Wall Art Large scale can be an easy yet dramatic way to elevate any room. The crisp, clean look of white plaster against your walls creates a gallery-like feel and provides the perfect backdrop for your existing decor.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll discuss different styles of large white plaster wall art and provide tips on how to incorporate them into your home. Whether you’re seeking an elegant focal point, want to highlight architectural details, or just need something bold to liven up a blank wall, there’s a white plaster wall art option for you.

Key Takeaways

  • White plaster medallions add instant polish above dining tables or entryways. Their sculpted detail creates visual interest against flat walls.
  • Geometric white wall plaques bring a modern style to living rooms and bedrooms. Bold shapes like circles and curves make dynamic statements.
  • White wall planters organically enhance kitchens or bathrooms. Self-watering designs are low maintenance but high impact.
  • Sconces and shelves provide functional white wall art for hallways and reading nooks. Built-in lighting illuminates displays.
  • Properly installing anchors and brackets provides sturdy support for heavier wall hangings. Proper placement enhances room proportions.
White Plaster Wall Art

Into Elegant White Plaster Wall Art Large Scale Medallions

White plaster medallions offer an easy way to add polish to formal spaces. A medallion is a decorative carved or molded ornament, usually circular or oval-shaped. Mounted on the ceiling or above doorways and windows, medallions attract the eye upwards and emphasize architectural details.

For dining rooms, a white medallion makes a refined statement above the table. Opt for an open lattice design or floral carvings for ornate appeal. In entryways, medallions help define the space while providing guests with an eye-catching welcome. Lean towards Baroque or Rococo styles with deep scrollwork and trailing vines.

Medallions work well in bedrooms too. Choose simple geometric patterns for a clean, contemporary style. Or frame the bed with an oval medallion, selecting romantic flourishes like angels or cameo shapes like plaster flower wall art DIY (see affordable plaster flower wall art guide).

With sizes ranging from just 12 inches across to several feet in diameter, white plaster medallions offer versatility no matter your room’s proportions. Let them take center stage against darker accent walls. Their sculpted white relief pops beautifully against bold backgrounds.

Modern Geometric White Wall Plaques

For contemporary styling, geometric white plaster wall plaques make exciting statements. Bold shapes like circles, curves, and lines provide motion and dimension. Distinctly modern, this wall art abandons ornate carving in favor of sleek simplicity.

In living spaces, plaques add sculptural interest to plain walls. Cluster various sizes together for compelling arrangements, letting curves and angles play off each other. A standalone circle plaque could also define a reading nook or office area within a larger open-concept room.

Bedrooms benefit from geometric plaques too. Hang a curved half-moon design centered over the headboard for an eye-catching detail. Or place circular plaques in a diagonal line trailing down the wall. Their asymmetric rhythm energizes the space.

Modern Geometric White Wall Plaques

To reinforce modern decor, choose white wall plaques with just hints of other colors. A stray blue line or green arc against the white plaster draws the eye while maintaining a clean look. Sizes from just 8 inches to several feet in diameter ensure you can find geometric art that fits your room’s proportions.

Natural White Wall Planters

For organic style, add living greenery to your walls with self-watering planters. Available in various shapes and sizes, these products build the planter box right into the wall plaque itself. Fill them with orchids, succulents, ferns, or even herbs for a fresh decorative touch.

In kitchens, self-watering wall planters lend instant life. Mount small round or oval planters near the windows over your sink. Or hang a long rectangular planter along one wall filled with herbs and lettuce you can snip while cooking. The greenery softens hard surfaces and adds natural zen.

Bathrooms also benefit from wall planters. Place them near mirrors and fill them with trailing ivy or bamboo. The soothing plants help create a spa-like vibe while you get ready for the day. Or mount rectangular planters along one wall and grow small ferns or orchids. Just be sure to place them away from hot humid showers.

Proper positioning is key for planters to thrive. Most designs have a reservoir to self-water the plants via a wicking system. But they still rely on you to provide the right lighting conditions. With a little TLC though, planters bring an easy living style to kitchen and bath walls.

Functional White Wall Art

Beyond decorative statements, white plaster art can also serve practical needs in your home. Take advantage of blank hallways and awkward gaps by installing functional pieces that enhance organization and lighting.

In dark, narrow hallways, sconces provide both lighting and wall interest. Charming decorative arms extend out from the walls, holding candlestick-style bulbs to illuminate the path. For small nooks, shelving offers display space and a reading light. Tuck in photos, art pieces, and objects to round out the vignette.

Reading nooks, office corners, and entry tables all benefit from wall-mounted shelves. A set of floating shelves showcases decor while keeping surfaces clutter-free. For offices, longer shelves can store books, supplies, and devices. Pick open-framed designs to maintain an airy, uncluttered look.

By selecting white plaster fixtures and decor, these functional additions still maintain a clean, fresh style. Use spare walls to not only meet needs but also elevate your space.

Installation Tips for Big White Plaster Art

To properly install white plaster plaques for wall art, follow these tips:

  • Carefully measure the wall area and art piece to find the ideal placement. Balance proportions and negative space.
  • For heavy pieces, use special anchors and screws designed for plaster walls. This provides sturdy support.
  • Follow all instructions provided for brackets and hardware. Don’t cut corners during assembly.
  • Ask for help lifting and hanging large or awkward pieces. Having an extra set of hands prevents accidents.
  • Use a level to ensure pieces hang straight. Adjust until aligned properly on the wall.

With large statement pieces, small inaccuracies get magnified. Take time to measure, anchor, and align the art for the best visual impact. It’s worth the effort for beautiful outcomes!

Installation Tips for Big White Plaster Art

Now that we’ve covered different white plaster wall art styles and installation tips, let’s recap the benefits of this fresh decor choice. For more plaster guides, check out our step-by-step DIY 3D plaster wall art now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Creates an elegant, gallery-like feel in rooms
  • Provides a versatile neutral backdrop for decor
  • Comes in varied styles from traditional to modern
  • Adds architectural detail and visual interest
  • The focal point can define spaces or seating areas
  • Self-watering planters add an organic ambiance
  • Functional options like sconces and shelves increase storage and lighting
  • Placement depends on the size and style of the piece and the proportions of your wall.
  • Hanging art too high can feel disconnected and awkward. Too low can make rooms feel cramped.
  • For large statement pieces, center higher on the wall, about 60 inches up.
  • Smaller plaques and medallions can be hung lower, around eye level, or 48 inches from the floor.
  • Be sure to step back and view the art from far away to ensure the placement feels balanced in the room.
  • Smooth drywall works well for most standard plaster pieces using conventional hardware.
  • Textured walls make hanging more difficult. The surface needs to fully support the plaque.
  • On lath and plaster walls, use toggle bolts or hollow wall anchors. Never just screw into plaster.
  • Brick, concrete, or tile call for masonry anchors tailored for those heavy materials.
  • Ensure the hardware used is rated for the weight of the art and backing material.
  • It depends on the look you want to achieve. Leaving the wall white creates the popular gallery look.
  • For more contrast, paint the wall behind a darker accent color like navy blue, charcoal, or sage green. This makes the white art pop.
  • Limit colored backdrops to one wall as a focal point. Too many bold walls compete with the artwork.
  • Neutral tan or grey walls offer a subtler backdrop that still lets the white plaster stand out.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth dampened slightly with warm water. Wring out excess moisture before wiping the plaque gently.
  • On delicate surfaces, brush very lightly with a soft paintbrush to dislodge dust instead of wiping.
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners which may damage the plaster over time.
  • For scuffs or scrapes, use a white enamel paint pen to touch up spots lightly.
  • Prevent future dust buildup by using a dryer sheet or Swiffer to dust shelves and frames weekly.


Whether you seek traditional elegance, modern dynamism, or organic warmth, white plaster wall art decor offers an easy way to elevate your home. From ornate medallions to sleek geometric plaques and living planters, options abound to enhance any space.

Just take care to properly install these statement pieces. With their distinctive shapes and crisp white style, large wall hangings create focal points that breathe life into once-blank walls.

Let white plaster art frame seating areas, highlight architecture, and show off your decor in any room.

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