Looking to revamp your home decor and add some character to your walls? Plaster wall plaques are the perfect solution. These cement wall art pieces allow you to make a statement and express your style through beautiful reliefs, sculptures, and designs.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I, Mark Cutler, will walk you through everything you need to know about decorating with Plaster Wall Plaques Decor and help you find the best options to transform the look of your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Plaster decor like decorative plaques and bas reliefs add visual interest and dimension to home decor.
  • Plaster wall hangings come in a diverse range of styles, from antique to modern, to suit any decor theme.
  • Get creative with placement – cluster symmetrically over beds or sofas, align in rows or columns, or arrange in an eclectic gallery wall.
  • Choose the right scale and subject matter for your wall space for cohesive decor impact.
  • Display cement wall decor alongside paintings, prints, tapestries, and other collections for captivating arrangements.
  • Dust gently and avoid moisture to care for delicate antique and vintage plaster wall pieces.
  • Search eBay, Etsy, thrift stores, and specialty retailers to find quality cement wall art.
  • With imaginative DIY cement projects, you can make abstract molded walls or imprint designs.

Into Plaster Wall Plaques Decor

Plaster art has been used for centuries to adorn homes and buildings. From ancient Roman villas to Victorian manor houses, cement plaques, and bas reliefs have graced walls across the ages. Today, these decorative cement wall plaques are making a major comeback in interior design.

Plaster decor ranges from classical motifs and reproductions of antique pieces to quirky modern designs. The subtle texture and depth of the cement create visual interest and dimension. Plaques come in myriad shapes, sizes, and subjects – from floral medallions and fruit garlands to biblical scenes and mythological characters.

The distressed, mottled finish of vintage cement walls gives them an authentic, aged quality. For a more polished look, choose glossy cement wall art pieces finished with paint or gilt. Designs can be symmetrical or free-flowing. Go for uniform sculptures spaced evenly across a wall, or cluster plaques in an asymmetrical arrangement for an eclectic gallery wall.

Plaster decor allows you to add a touch of history and old-world charm to modern spaces. Scour antique stores and flea markets to discover genuine antique cement plaques. Or find quality reproductions from specialist retailers to get the look for less.

Benefits of Vintage Plaster Wall Decor

There are many great reasons to decorate your home with cement wall art:

  • Visual Interest – Intricately molded cement reliefs add delightful details and create captivating focal points.
  • Texture – The tactile, uneven surface of the cement adds depth and dimension.
  • Versatility – Choose from a huge array of motifs, sizes, and finishes to suit any decor style.
  • Durability – Quality cement wall decor is designed to last for many years.
  • Affordability – Well-made reproductions offer a budget-friendly way to get a high-end look.
  • Easy Installation – Lightweight cement wall plaques simply hang on the wall with a nail or hook.
  • Bold Impact – Make a dramatic statement by grouping multiple sculptural walls.

With so many options for creative expression, it’s easy to see why cement wall art is having such a popular revival. Keep reading for more tips on how to use this elegant decor trend in your home.

Benefits of Vintage Plaster Wall Decor

Getting Creative With Plaster Decoration Placement

One of the fun aspects of decorating with cement wall art is playing around with inventive placement of eco-friendly plaster wall art ideas. Here are some tips for showcasing your cement plaques and wall hangings to best effect:

  • Cluster a trio of plaques above a sofa or sideboard in a symmetrical or asymmetrical formation. The repetition creates a cohesive look.
  • Line up three or five identical pieces in a row over a bed headboard for major visual impact.
  • Arrange sculptural walls in vertical columns up a staircase wall or hallway.
  • For bohemian charm, dot reliefs sporadically across your wall in an intentional but haphazard layout.
  • Frame doorways or arches with a bold bas-relief or circular medallion.
  • Suspend oval or oblong plaques vertically rather than horizontally for a modern vibe.
  • Mix cement wall decor pieces with paintings and prints to create an artful gallery arrangement.
  • Set small, delicate molds inside wall recesses or niches to highlight their form.
  • Incorporate antique cement alongside contemporary 3D wall panels for an eclectic contrast.

Follow your creative inspiration when playing with layouts. Both orderly and random compositions can create captivating cement wall decor displays.

Styling Your Plaster Sculptural Wall Decoration

Now that you have plenty of ideas on how to arrange your cement wall hangings, it’s time to think about integrating them into specific decor schemes. Plaques work beautifully in many interior design styles:

Classic Traditional

Elegant reproduction cement medallions, corbels, and relief panels based on Greek, Roman, and Rococo motifs will elevate a traditional living room or dining room. Place symmetrically for a smart, ordered look.

Vintage Farmhouse

Add character to rustic farmhouse spaces with distressed antique-style cement wall plaques showing pastoral scenes of sheep, dancing maidens, or agricultural harvest motifs.


Make an industrial feature wall with rows of simple white cement reliefs or recycled wooden wall panels imprinted with bold cement wall art. Exposed brick, piping, and metal finishes will complement this raw, tactile look.

Cement wall art

Boho Chic

Flowing botanical shapes, free-form cement sculptures, and global-inspired designs embody the boho vibe. Group casually with textiles, woven wall hangings, and found objects.

Mid-Century Modern

Graphic, mod molded cement wall decor circles or abstract reliefs will enhance sleek mid-century interiors like wall mounted plaster of Paris. Use sparingly and opt for clean-lined, contemporary-looking pieces.


When it comes to eclectic decor, anything goes! Have fun pairing antique French plaster panels with quirky pop culture cement motifs for a playful mismatched scheme.

Plaster art ties together interior design styles both old and new. Discover pieces that reflect your preferred aesthetic.

Choosing the Right Plaster Wall Sculpture Art Piece for Your Space

With so many designs to pick from, it can be tricky to select the perfect cement wall decor for your home. Keep these tips in mind when making your choice:

  • Consider the size of your wall space and choose an appropriately scaled piece so it doesn’t get lost or overpower the area.
  • Look for themes or imagery that complement your decor. For example, opt for ocean-themed unique plaster relief wall decor in a beach house or grapevine medallions in a wine bar.
  • Choose pieces in similar plaster wall art color palettes to create a cohesive collection for a gallery wall rather than a chaotic jumble.
  • In small rooms opt for simple, delicate motifs so the cement doesn’t dominate. Save ornate Baroque reproductions for larger living spaces better suited to their grandiosity.
  • Distressed antique-style cement wall plaques will suit shabby-chic farmhouse decor, while super sleek contemporary 3D molded panels pair better with modernist schemes.
  • For kids’ rooms, pick fun cement wall art designs featuring animals, storybook characters or shapes they’ll enjoy.

The right cement wall decor can enliven any room. Decide what look you want to achieve and choose your pieces accordingly for a harmonious finished display.

Choosing the Right Plaster Wall Sculpture Art Piece for Your Space

Plaster Relief Styles, Shapes and Sizes

To spark more ideas, here’s an overview of some of the many cement relief options available:

  • Medallions – Circular molded motifs like flowers, wreaths, and cherubs. Select oversized designs to make a statement over a bed or sofa.
  • Rectangles – Slim vertical panels sporting figures, nature scenes, or architectural designs offer a traditional look. Cluster in groupings.
  • Ovals – Pretty oval frames with delicate floral carvings or Madonna portraits provide subtle adornment.
  • Whimsical Shapes – Seek out fun freeform wall sculptures like starbursts, seashells, or abstract shapes. Group randomly for a playful style.
  • Garlands and Swags – Flowing foliate cement strips gracefully adorn wall edges and emphasize the architecture.
  • Corbels – Scroll-shaped shelf brackets classically support niches and wall edges.
  • Friezes – Horizontal band moldings can display continuous scenic narratives across a wall.
  • Architectural Salvage – Reclaimed antique building ornamentation like columns, mantels, and pediments.

With this diverse cement relief selection, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pieces to create your ideal feature wall or gallery display. Get inspired and start designing!

Quick Plaster Wall Décor How-To for Home Décor Plaques

Installing cement wall decor is a relatively easy DIY project for any homeowner. Here are some quick tips:

  • Prepare the wall surface so it is clean, dry, and even. Fill any cracks or holes with spackle and sand smooth.
  • Most cement plaques have hanging holes, loops, or brackets on the reverse side. Check the hardware is secure.
  • Determine placement and mark where to insert mounting screws. Use a level to ensure the decor is straight.
  • For heavier reliefs, use plastic wall anchors inserted into your marked drill holes before screwing in.
  • Lightly dust pieces before hanging to remove loose cement. Carefully hand wipe the grime off antique cement decor – avoid wetting.
  • Hang your cement wall art using the affixed hardware or sturdy picture hanging hooks. Ensure any framed pieces are securely wired.
  • Take care of delicate vintage cement by hanging it away from high-traffic zones where it may get knocked or damaged.

With the right preparation, installing your fabulous cement wall plaques is quick and uncomplicated. Soon you’ll have an elegant accent wall to enjoy.

Caring for Plaster Art Wall Home Decor

Plaster is quite a delicate material and cement wall ornaments can be prone to chipping, cracking, or peeling paint. Follow these care tips:

  • Dust gently with a soft dry cloth to prevent buildup in crevices causing deterioration.
  • Never use water or liquid cleaners on unpainted, antique, or porous cement as this causes stains.
  • Wipe painted pieces with a barely damp cloth to remove surface dirt if needed. Dry immediately.
  • Use museum wax applied with a soft cloth to protect porous cement and buff-patinated antique finishes.
  • Avoid hanging cement decor in damp areas like bathrooms as moisture damage can occur.
  • Test cleaning solutions on inconspicuous areas to check for adverse reactions with old cement.
  • Repaint chipped areas and re-seal peeling modern pieces to maintain their appearance.

With some basic care and maintenance, your cement wall art and reliefs will stay beautiful for years to come.

Caring for Plaster Art Wall Home Decor

Displaying Other Collections Alongside Plaster Decor

Plaster plaques look fabulous alone but also complement many other types of wall art and collections:

  • Paintings – Group framed artworks around cement pieces to make a visually captivating arrangement. The texture contrast works nicely.
  • Prints – Vintage botanical and travel prints combined with floral or scenic cement motifs make a pleasing display.
  • Tapestry – A silk tapestry backdrop sets off an elaborate cement relief beautifully. Add interest with varied textures.
  • Sculpture – Spotlight elegant figurines, busts, or modern sculptures on ornamental cement wall shelves.
  • Mirrors – Frame out Baroque-style gilt mirrors with matching ornate cement to create drama.
  • Collections – Fill customized shelving niches with treasures like shells, glassware, or books alongside suitable cement decor.

With a little creativity, you can design truly stunning mixed-media wall displays featuring cement elements. Curate pieces that complement each other for visually pleasing interplay.

Where to Find Quality Antique Plaster Decor

Now that you’re fired up to bring some gorgeous cement wall plaques into your home, here are some places to purchase with free shipping:

  • eBay – Search a huge listing range of antique, vintage, and retro cement wall decor at affordable prices. Sort geographically to find local pickup deals.
  • Etsy – Plenty of independent artists and small businesses sell amazing hand-sculpted cement wall art via this online marketplace.
  • Home Decor Stores – Major national retailers like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Anthropologie stock a nice selection of cement relief panels and medallions.
  • Interior Design Stores – High-end interior design stores offer exclusive ornate cement pieces along with other luxe decor. Wonderful if you have the budget.
  • Salvage Yards – Check architectural salvage companies for rescued antique ornamentation like friezes ripped from old demolished buildings.
  • Thrift & Antique Shops – Search thrift stores and flea markets for genuine vintage cement treasures and bargains waiting to be discovered.
  • Specialist Dealers – Companies dedicated to cement wall art or architectural artifacts are the best choice for serious collectors.

Searching locally and online will uncover a bounty of quality cement wall decor options to create your perfect accent wall.

Innovative Plaster Wall Art Ideas to Try

If you want to get really creative, there are lots of innovative DIY ways to use cement in your wall designs:

  • Make a textured feature wall using tinted cement in bold swirling patterns.
  • Press objects like leaves, lace, or toys into wet DIY cement to leave imprints when dry.
  • Carve simple shapes and patterns into creating DIY plaster art on canvas for an artsy abstract look.
  • Trowel different colored cement in patches to make a funky mosaic wall.
  • Use cement-dipped fabric strips to form freeform sculptural shapes.
  • Create geometric indented wall panels by pressing cement into cardboard cut-out mold shapes.
  • Cut cement reliefs into sections and arrange them in witty new ways, like a scattered jigsaw.

With some imagination and cement or molding paste, you can fashion all kinds of inventive wall art designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use special cementboard anchors and screws designed to support substantial weight. Two people help lift pieces into position.

Yes, apply a primer first then use acrylic craft paints. Avoid oil-based paints which prevent cement from breathing.

Avoid very steamy areas. If unavoidable, seal the cement and maintain good ventilation to prevent deterioration.

Repair small chips using spackle or cement filler then repaint. Badly broken pieces may require professional restoration.

Art cement or porous modeling cement is ideal. Premixed casting cement is very smooth for taking impressions.


Installing gorgeous cement wall plaques provides an easy yet dramatic way to transform any room. With so many shapes, sizes, and designs available the decor possibilities are endless. Bring character into your home and express your style by using these elegant sculptural pieces in your wall displays.

With the home decor with wall art ideas and inspiration within this guide, you’re now fully equipped to reinvigorate your interiors with cement art. It’s time to browse the many plaque options and picture how you’ll creatively incorporate these striking decor elements into your home.

Your artistic eye and creative vision will shine with these mesmerizing focal points adorning your walls. So why wait? Start shopping and decorating to take your walls from bland to beautiful!

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