Decorating your home with wall decor can completely transform any space. Whether you’re looking to spice up a boring blank wall or want to make a design statement, wall decor offers endless possibilities.

So What Is Home Decor Wall Art?

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about home decor wall art. From DIY projects to purchasing prints, mirrors, and 3D pieces, you’ll find fresh decor ideas to stylishly integrate art into your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Wall art like large prints, gallery walls, and 3D sculptures enliven blank walls and express your style.
  • Tailor screen decor to each room like botanical prints for dining rooms or beach photos for bathrooms.
  • DIY solutions like painted murals, framed temporary wallpaper, or photo collages make great weekend projects.
  • Strategically place screen decor at eye level and in groups for visually pleasing displays.
  • Find quality affordable screen decor at online print shops, big box stores, Etsy, and consignment shops.
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What Is Home Decor Wall Art?

What Is Home Decor Wall Art and How Does It Impact Design?

Wall art refers to any decorative pieces hung on interior walls to serve aesthetic purposes. This includes framed prints, paintings, photographs, tapestries, mirrors, metal signs, 3D wall sculptures, and more. Wall art ranges vastly in style, from abstract modern designs to traditional landscape paintings.

Properly choosing and arranging screen decor can completely transform the look and feel of a room. It draws the eye, adds visual interest, expresses your personality, and ties your decor together. Wall art solutions bring life and color to otherwise dull, blank walls.

For example, a large canvas print above your sofa or rustic metal signs in a farmhouse kitchen make strong style statements. Wall art decor solutions like gallery walls or grouping similarly framed prints create captivating focal points.

Wall Art Ideas for Every Room

From the living room to the bathroom, here are stylish screen decor solutions for every room when you’re integrating art seamlessly into your home design:

Living Room Wall Art

Make the living room walls pop with:

  • Large canvas prints – Black and white photography or abstract art prints make dramatic statements.
  • Gallery walls – Groupings of similarly framed prints and photographs.
  • Framed mirrors – Especially leaning floor mirrors that reflect light.
  • 3D wall decor – Modern metal or wooden wall sculptures.

Bedroom Wall Art

Personalize your sleep space with:

  • Framed prints – Botanical prints, landscapes, or inspirational quotes.
  • Woven wall hangings – Macrame, tapestries, or textile art.
  • DIY ideas – Create an accent wall with painted patterns or removable wallpaper.

Dining Room Wall Art

Enliven dining room walls with these stylish decor for dining walls:

dinning room wall art
Dining Room Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Art

Make the kitchen more stylish with:

  • Framed prints – Botanical art, coffee signs, wine prints.
  • Wooden signs – Funny or inspirational quotes carved into wood.
  • Modern 3D wall art ideas – Wood, metal, or ceramic wall sculptures.

Bathroom Wall Art

Add privacy and personality to bathrooms with:

  • Framed botanical prints – Ferns, leaves, trees, or flowers.
  • Framed mirrors – Round, arched, or rectangular mirrors.
  • Canvas prints – Black and white beach photography or abstract prints.

Home Office Wall Art

Stay focused and inspired with:

  • Gallery walls – Groupings of inspirational quotes or prints.
  • Woven wall hangings – Art tapestries featuring maps, animals, or nature.
  • Framed prints – Black and white cityscapes or motivational quotes.

DIY Wall Art Ideas

Want to get creative? Try these easy DIY home screen decor tips:

  • Paint geometric designs – Use painter’s tape to create checkered, diamond, or striped accent walls.
  • Make canvas art – Stencil quotes or designs onto blank canvases.
  • Frame temporary wallpaper – Pick removable wallpaper with fun prints to frame.
  • Wooden wall signs – Make signs by hand painting quotes on wood slices.
  • Photo collages – Arrange photos on boards or canvas in an artistic way.
  • Map wall decor – Frame a map of a favorite place.

Tips for Stylishly Displaying Wall Art

Follow these tips for seamlessly integrating wall decor into your home’s design:

  • Choose the right size art for the wall – Oversized art can overwhelm small spaces.
  • Hang art at eye level – Place the center of artwork about 57-60 inches high.
  • Use gallery walls to decorate large empty walls.
  • Pair complementary colors and styles – Match cool-toned art with cool colors.
  • Incorporate lighting – Install sconces or track lighting to illuminate the artwork.
display wall art
Stylishly Displaying Wall Art

Best Places to Buy Wall Art

Here are top places to buy quality wall decor for affordable prices:

  • Online print shops – Offer huge selections of canvas prints, photos, and tapestries. Sites like Blueprint, Minted, and are great options.
  • Home goods stores – Stores like Target, IKEA, and World Market sell trendy, budget-friendly framed art, prints, and mirrors.
  • Etsy – Find thousands of handmade wall decor and prints from independent artists.
  • Consignment shops or art galleries – Discover unique secondhand or locally made art.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of today’s most popular styles include abstract art prints, black and white photography, gallery walls mixing prints and photos, modern 3D wall sculptures, and farmhouse-inspired signs and rural paintings.

Wall art looks best when hung at eye level – about 57-60 inches from the ground to the center of the piece. Make sure it’s not too high or low on the wall.

Turn a large blank wall into a stunning focal point by creating an artful gallery screen. Arrange a collection of frames prints, photos, mirrors, and paintings of varying sizes. Hang them at slightly different heights in an aesthetically pleasing formation.

Canvas and framed prints both make excellent wall art. Canvas has a more casual, contemporary vibe, while framed prints appear more polished. Choose based on your decor style, room function, and budget.

Bathrooms need screen decor that provides privacy while also withstanding humidity. Great options include framed prints or photos with glass rather than canvas, framed mirrors, metal bathroom signs, and decals or temporary wallpaper on a backsplash. Avoid canvas which can warp.


Decorating with wall decor instantly livens up lackluster walls. Carefully chosen pieces like large statement prints or gallery walls of framed photographs can completely transform a room’s aesthetic.

Make bare walls pop with beautiful botanical prints, inspirational quotes, eye-catching abstract art, or dramatic black-and-white photography. And don’t be afraid to get creative with fun DIY projects like painted murals.

With this guide’s tips on stylishly selecting and displaying wall art, you can easily turn any blank wall into a captivating work of art.

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