Decorating your home or office with football art is a fun way to show your team pride and passion for the sport. As an avid football fan myself, I love having wall art and decor that celebrates my favorite teams and players.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll explore some of the best types of Football Wall Art Decor to consider, along with design tips to make it work in your space. Whether you bleed team colors or just want to liven up a room with sporty flair, football art can be a creative way to express your fandom.

Key Takeaways

  • Football wall art instantly energizes a room with team spirit and passion for the sport.
  • Options like murals, canvas prints, framed jerseys, stadium prints, and wall decals make decorating easy.
  • Arrange focal points, meaningful memorabilia, and supporting pieces using strong team colors and varied scales.
  • Leave negative space between items and use lighting for an appealing, curated look.
  • Football wall art adds lively personality to game rooms, home bars, bedrooms, and offices.
Football Wall Art Decor
Football Wall Art Decor

Why Choose Football Wall Art Decor?

Football wall art instantly adds energy and personality to any room. It’s an easy way to show your team allegiance and love of the game without going overboard.

Wall murals featuring stadiums, players, or team logos make a bold statement. More subtle canvas prints, metal signs, or framed photos let you represent your team’s colors and appreciation for the sport.

Football wall art works great for dedicated sporty rooms like a man cave. It also lends fun flair to multipurpose family rooms, basements, bedrooms, and offices. Beyond showing team spirit, sporty wall art just feels lively, youthful, and energetic.

The nostalgia and Americana vibe of vintage football ads or iconic NFL posters appeals to all generations.

So if you want to liven up your walls with color, passion, and personality, football art delivers. Next, let’s look at some excellent options to consider.

Stylish Football Wall Art and Decor Ideas

Large Wall Murals

For high visual impact, choose a wall mural or wallpaper featuring your favorite team’s helmet, logo, or stadium. Large-scale graphics make a statement with high-quality wall art and immerse you in the energy of the sport.

From classic NFL team logos to colorful pop art renditions, murals capture attention. They work great as the focal point of a party room or man cave.

Framed Jersey Prints

For a more refined look, choose framed and matted jersey prints. Close-up jersey graphics with player names and numbers add style. Uniforms from current or old-school teams work well. You can frame real jerseys or reproductions in any size.

Group multiple jersey frames together for impact. This football wall art idea suits rustic, modern, or eclectic room styles.

Vintage Football Prints

Vintage football art is full of retro charm and nostalgia. Black and white or sepia-toned prints of old leather football helmets, team photos, and sporty magazine covers add classic style.

You can start exploring wall art deco styles like New York Yankees posters. Or browse old ads featuring legendary players like Bronko Nagurski or Red Grange for a dose of sports history.

Stadium and Field Panoramas

Large panoramic prints of iconic football stadiums make you feel like you’re right there on game day. You can find panoramic prints for college and pro stadiums in a range of sizes.

For a unique look, choose an aerial view of a memorable field. Seeing the gridiron from above gives a new perspective perfect for a rec room or man cave.

Stadium and Field Panoramas
Stadium and Field Panoramas

Framed Football Prints and Posters

Framed prints and posters lend color, energy, and team spirit to any room. From vintage-look posters to unique graphic art prints, you’ll find tons of stylish options. Search for pieces in your team’s colors featuring bold graphics, logos, and icons as artful dining area wall decorations.

Football poster sets and three-piece framed collections provide impact. This traditional wall art never goes out of style.

Floating Shelves to Display Memorabilia

Use floating shelves, ledge displays, or shadowboxes to show off your football souvenirs. Display signed footballs, jerseys, mini helmets, and other keepsakes you’ve collected like steam locomotive wall art.

Arrange them creatively to keep the focus on your treasures. This makes your prized memorabilia part of the decor instead of stashing it all away in a closet.

Canvas Prints of Iconic Moments

Relive legendary plays and performances with canvas print wall art. From Lynn Swann’s acrobatic Super Bowl catch to the “Immaculate Reception”, you’ll find dozens of iconic NFL images available as canvas prints.

College football art can highlight a big bowl win or rivalry game. Seeing amazing plays memorialized as wall art is inspiring.

Wall Decals and Removable Wall Stickers

For football flair that’s easy to apply, try removable vinyl wall stickers and decals. Find everything from helmet graphics to player numbers. Team logo decals work nicely grouped together.

Player name, number, and position decals let you pay tribute to your favorite stars. Because they’re removable, you can switch them up when players change teams or retire.

With so many options for football wall art, you can show off your fandom at home or the office stylistically. Next, let’s go over some tips for arranging football art and memorabilia displays.

Design Tips for Football Wall Decor

When planning football-themed wall designs, keep these tips in mind:

Choose a Focal Point

Every football wall art display needs a focal point as the main attraction. This could be a large mural, jersey frame collection, or memorabilia arrangement. Building your design around one eye-catching anchor piece creates impact.

Choose a Focal Point
Choose a Focal Point

Incorporate Your Team Colors

Use your favorite team’s colors in frames, mats, wall paint, or accent decor. This unified color scheme makes the football theme cohesive. If you support multiple teams, repeat colors from all their logos throughout the room.

Vary Scale and Shape

Mix in art and decor in different scales and shapes for interest. Try square and rectangular framed prints along with pennants, circular metal signs, or a large panoramic image. The variety of scale and form makes the display more dynamic.

Leave Negative Space

Don’t clutter every inch of wall space. Leave some empty areas between pieces to let each item stand out. Negative space makes the room feel open and designed.

Use Meaningful Memorabilia

If you want shelves of keepsakes, choose items that are special like signed balls or pucks from favorite players. Display only your most meaningful souvenirs to give them prominence. Quality over quantity gives a curated look.

Light It Up

Use accent lighting to draw attention to key wall features. Backlight wall displays or illuminate floating shelves. Try picture lights on important jersey frames or prints. Lighting adds depth and drama.

With some creativity and these tips, you can design a football-inspired wall that’s lively and fun without looking haphazard. Accent your bold wall art with simple furniture and neutral paint colors to let it steal the show.

Light It Up
Light It Up

Frequently Asked Questions

As for what is home decor wall art, it refers to decorative pieces like prints, photos, signs, and canvas art designed to adorn interior walls. Football wall art falls into the theme or passion decor category. Sports themes are popular for game rooms, home bars, man caves, and multipurpose family spaces.

Themes include favorite NFL or college teams, legendary players, vintage sporty photos and ads, iconic stadiums, great plays, and moments in football history. Styles range from pop art prints to antique sporty magazine covers to modern canvases of famous catches or hits.

  • Living Room, Family Room: Subtle canvas prints, black & white photos, framed jerseys
  • Man Cave, Game Room, Basement: Murals, memorabilia displays, posters
  • Office: Framed prints and posters, team pennants, player wall decals
  • Dining Room: Framed prints, stadium and field panoramas, wall art featuring old sports equipment like leather helmets
  • Bar: Vintage metal and enamel signs, nostalgic advertising posters in frames
  • Bedroom: Jersey frame collages, canvas prints of favorite players or alma mater teams

For quick and affordable football flair, try:

  • Framed poster prints
  • Wall decals of team logos and player numbers
  • Printable vintage football art
  • Small metal and enamel signs
  • Old-fashioned Pennants
  • Shadowboxes to display mini helmets or keepsakes

For bolder impact:

  • Giant super-scale wall murals
  • Panoramic wall graphics of stadiums
  • Multi-piece canvas collections of iconic football moments
  • Display shelves to showcase signed memorabilia
  • Bwspace: Huge selection of football murals, 3-piece collections, and individual canvas prints
  • Sports memorabilia sites like Fanatics
  • Etsy – unique vintage prints and artwork from independent artists
  • Big box stores like Target and Walmart for affordable posters and prints
  • Team sites and NFL Shop for officially licensed gear and decor
  • Specialty sites like SportsPrints, Mill Creek Sports, and Iconic Wall Art which focus on sporty decor


As a huge football enthusiast, I love having wall art, canvas prints, metal signs, and memorabilia in my home to celebrate the sport. Football decor showcases the energy, emotion, and history of the game we fans cherish. With so many ways to represent your team fandom or passion for football, you can easily create an interior game day atmosphere.

Use bold murals, locker room-style frames, or vintage flair to design a space that motivates and inspires. Let your football art and decor stir up memories of epic plays, rivalries, and championships. Build amazing displays to enjoy year-round, and impress fellow fans who stop by on big game days.

With endless options for DIY projects and pro décor, you can craft awesome football-themed spaces on any budget. So tap into your inner fan and liven up those walls with the spirit of football.

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