Welcome to my guide on the captivating world of wall ArtDeco! Drawing inspiration from the iconic ArtDeco movement of the 1920s, wall ArtDeco invigorates any space with geometrical shapes, bold patterns, and luxe materials.

As a home decor enthusiast with over 10 years of experience designing gallery walls at Nousdecor, I’m thrilled to share everything you need to know about “What Is Wall Art Deco” to incorporate this trending style into your home. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Opt for symmetrical, geometrical designs like chevrons, sunbursts, and concentric circles. These instantly evoke ArtDeco.
  • Black and white palettes with pops of gold, chrome, or glossy colors keep things feeling luxe.
  • Incorporate glass, marble, chrome, and mirror elements to reference the movement’s origins.
  • Try a gallery wall with a mix of prints, paintings, and 3D pieces for major ArtDeco inspiration.
  • Go for an immersive look by coordinating wall art with furniture, pillows, rugs, and other decor details.
Wall Art Deco
What Is Wall Art Deco?

What Is Wall Art Deco?

Wall ArtDeco emerged from the glamorous ArtDeco era of the early 20th century. Art Deco style flourished particularly in the 1920s and emphasized decadent motifs like sunbursts, zigzags, chevrons, and luxurious materials such as chrome, glass, and marble.

Fast forward to today, and ArtDeco has made a huge comeback in home decor, especially in wall art. Wall ArtDeco retains those iconic geometrics and ArtDeco elegance, but often with a modern twist.

This style brings serious visual impact to any living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or other space. Its striking patterns and shapes add bold flair. Wall ArtDeco makes a statement and immerses you in a glitzy, vintage vibe like vintage railroad wall art.

It’s a fantastic way to express your personal style through home decor.

Types of Wall Art Deco

There are so many ways to bring ArtDeco motifs into your space through wall decor. Here are some of my favorite mediums and styles to try:


From geometrical patterns to graphic palm prints, deco wallpaper offers a bold way to deck out your walls. Use it to wallpaper an entire accent wall or decorative nook. There are so many stunning options, like B&W chevron or marble and gold damask.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints allow you to customize ArtDeco motifs to your exact wall dimensions. They come in any size and many feature striking abstract geometrics, sun rays, or jazz-era scenes. Gallery wrap the canvas for a modern vibe.

Wall Panels

Wall panels provide affordable ArtDeco inspiration. Look for molded contemporary wall decor in 3D or flat MDF boards with chevron, crystal, or sunburst cutouts. Paint them in glossy black, gold, or white for an extra ArtDeco edge.

Wall Panels
Wall Panels


A sunburst mirror conjures instant 1930s glamour. Or opt for a rounded mirror with metal deco trim. Lean into the chrome and glass elements that defined the era. Place mirrors strategically to bounce light around.

Metal Wall Art

Sleek metal wall art makes a serious ArtDeco statement. Materials like iron, steel, and aluminum mimic the machine aesthetic of the period. Geometric shapes, sunbursts, and concentric circles shine in metal medium.

How to Create an Art Deco Accent Wall

Accent walls spotlight a specific wall with color, wallpaper, unique paint techniques, or – in this case – loads of dazzling ArtDeco flair. Here’s how to create a showstopping ArtDeco accent wall:

  • Pick the wall. A taller, more spacious wall (versus a small one) provides the perfect ArtDeco canvas. Focus on the living room, bedroom, entryway, or dining space.
  • Prep the wall. Remove artwork and ensure the wall is smooth and clean. Fill any holes and sand bumps for decorating with art.
  • Add color or wallpaper. For bonus deco vibes, paint the wall a glossy color like black, navy, or gold. Or apply ArtDeco wallpaper.
  • Hang the focal piece. Determine the central, focal art piece and hang it first at your desired height.
  • Fill in with coordinating pieces. Surround the focal point with complementary ArtDeco prints, panels, and contemporary 3D decor for walls. Create visual interest by varying sizes and textures.
  • Step back. Make adjustments so the arrangement feels balanced and cohesive. Your dazzling ArtDeco accent wall is complete!

Gallery walls artfully arrange a collection of wall art for major design impact. This approach is perfect for infusing space with ArtDeco characters.

  • Pick a wall in a public area like above a sofa, in the dining room, or kitchen. Longer, open walls are ideal.
  • Gather ArtDeco pieces in a mix of mediums like prints, paintings, photographs, 3D panels, and mirrors. Variety creates interest.
  • Map out arrangement. Lay pieces on the floor and play with groupings. Ensure adequate negative space around and between pieces.
  • Hang artwork. Use gallery rail hooks and hang each piece with levels for a cohesive look. Step back frequently to assess.
  • Adjust and perfect. Make slight adjustments in spacing and placement until you’re satisfied. Your on-theme ArtDeco gallery wall is ready to enjoy!

Best Spaces for Wall Art Deco

While ArtDeco inspiration can enliven any room, some spaces are especially well suited to embrace this bold, geometrical style:

Living Room

Make a strong ArtDeco statement in your living room. A gallery wall, accent wall or standalone sunburst mirror creates an inviting backdrop for lounging and entertaining.

Living Room
Living Room

Dining Room

Dress up your dining space with striking dining wall art decor wallpaper or a collection of graphic ArtDeco prints. They’ll uplift mealtimes with style.


Inject ArtDeco flair into the culinary hub of your home. Backsplashes and walls offer perfect canvases for chevron tile, wallpaper, or charming prints.


Help ArtDeco dreams come true by decking out your bedroom walls. Opt for an immersive accent wall or scattered complementary prints.


The sleek ArtDeco vibe feels right at home in modern bathrooms. Waterproof wallpaper and deco tile backsplashes add spa-worthy style.

Art Deco Style Decor Beyond Walls

While this guide focuses on wall ArtDeco, you can incorporate this aesthetic throughout the entire home:

  • Furniture: Look for armchairs, nightstands, and consoles with glossy black or gold metal framing.
  • Rugs and pillows: Choose graphic B&W patterns or pops of shiny color.
  • Accessories: Display geometrical sculptures, table lamps, vases, and trays.
  • Fabrics: Opt for silky, luxe fabrics often in striking ArtDeco patterns.

Layering ArtDeco elements throughout your home create a glamorous, curated look. Wall ArtDeco becomes part of a holistic design vision.

Art Deco Style
Art Deco Style Decor Beyond Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

Some quintessential art Deco motifs include sunbursts, chevrons, zigzags, geometric patterns, and luxurious materials like marble, gold, chrome, and glass.

Classic B&W ArtDeco palette works beautifully. Also consider pops of shiny gold, silver, jewel tones, or glossy colors like navy, emerald green, and rich yellows.

Many home goods stores carry ArtDeco wall art, prints, panels, and mirrors. Or browse online retailers like Wayfair and Etsy for endless options. Visit antique and vintage shops for original pieces.

Opt for ArtDeco wallpaper or removable wall panels to achieve the look temporarily. Frame graphic black and white prints for inexpensive art. Repurpose glass, metal, and plastic accessories as budget wall decor.

Art Deco absolutely remains a hot interior design trend today. Its bold geometrical motifs and luxurious aesthetic feel fresh, modern, and totally Instagrammable. Art Deco endures as a timeless, glamorous style.


I hope this guide gets you excited to deck out your walls with dazzling ArtDeco flair. This iconic style brings striking visual impact to any space. With graphic prints, glossy wallpaper, dimensional panels, and mirrored accents, your home will feel plucked from the glamorous 1920s.

Wall ArtDeco allows you to fully express your bold personal style. Use the tips in this article to craft an accent wall, gallery wall, or standalone statement piece. Soon you’ll be living in ArtDeco paradise. For more inspiration and unique finds, browse my ArtDeco collection in my online shop.

Reach out anytime with questions – I’m happy to help bring ArtDeco visions to life in your home! Let us start expressing your style through personalized wall decor!

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