Decorating the walls of your dining room can completely change the feel and look of the space. As someone who loves experimenting with home decor, I’ve tried all kinds of wall art in my dining room over the years.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my favorite Wall Art Design For Dining Room ideas to create a stunning dining room that wows your guests. From modern art prints to rustic wood plaques, read on for gorgeous ways to decorate your dining room wall!

Key Takeaways of Wall Art Design For Dining Room

  • Gallery walls with a mix of frames create an eclectic look perfect for formal dining rooms.
  • Extra large canvas prints make a bold visual impact in small and modern dining spaces.
  • Black and white prints and photography add an elegant touch to any dining room’s walls.
  • Rustic wood or metal wall plaques with inspirational quotes give farmhouse dining rooms character.
  • Maps, botanical prints, and other vintage-style pieces provide a classic dining room wall decor style.

Similar to the living room and bedroom, one of my favorite wall decor options for making a design statement in a formal dining space is to create a gallery wall. I love how you can mix and match frames, art prints, and photography to design a gorgeous eclectic wall that shows off your personality.

Here are some of my tips for designing a flawless gallery wall that enhances your dining room:

  • Hang a combination of canvases, framed prints, paintings, and photos for lots of visual interest. I love including black and white abstract art along with colorful prints.
  • Choose some pieces with inspirational words like “family, ”love,“ or “bless this home“ to reinforce the significance of your dining space.
  • Incorporate different frame sizes and styles like ornate vintage frames mixed with simple black frames for an eclectic look.
  • Print some free art, take your own photos, or create your own felt wall art ideas for home decor to include personal touches without breaking the bank.
  • Consider symmetrical and asymmetrical layouts—both create fascinating gallery walls.
  • Hang your artwork close together but with slightly different spacing between pieces to seem intentionally designed.
  • Arrange the biggest pieces first, then fill in gaps with small and medium artworks.

Gallery walls may sound tricky to design, but they provide endless possibilities for displaying meaningful pieces altogether.

For my last formal dining room wall, I followed the tips above to highlight photos from our worldwide travels, abstract art we love, and a “bless this home” print framed in vintage wood—the result was a showstopping wall that reflects our household!

dinning room wall

Extra Large Wall Art Makes a Statement

For a bold, modern dining room, I highly recommend investing in one or more oversized canvas wall art pieces. Hanging large-scale artwork creates an eye-catching focal point and anchors the furnishings in open floor-plan dining rooms.

Here’s how to decorate with extra-large statement art:

  • Look for simple, colorful designs like giant abstract prints or stunning nature-themed wall art with trees and photography scenes to make the biggest visual impact.
  • Black and white canvases with large graphic prints also look incredibly striking on blank walls.
  • Wall tapestries featuring global or geometric designs add massive texture and style.
  • For small dining rooms, limit yourself to one extra large piece so the room doesn’t feel crowded.
  • In modern dining rooms, pair contemporary oversized art with sleek furnishings for a cohesive look.
  • Allow substantial breathing room around massive artworks so they stand out.

I still remember the awe when my husband surprised me with a 6-foot tall canvas print of cherry blossoms for my kitchen wall—it became the statement piece I love centering our open dining space around.

When choosing huge art, take scale into account to pick the perfect sizes for your walls. Large statement pieces instantly energize any dining room design!

Rustic Wood & Metal Adds Farmhouse Character

For a cozy, charming farmhouse dining area, you can’t go wrong with rustic-inspired wood and metal wall decor. Weathered signs, plaques, and panels add homey character that pairs perfectly with checkered tablecloths and mason jar centerpieces.

Some of my favorite farmhouse dining room wall art ideas include:

  • Framed vintage botanical prints with ornate detail for a traditional country look. I found beautiful antique butterfly and flower specimens to accent my walls.
  • Wooden “Bless this Home” signs with inspirational quotes painted in cursive for a welcoming message.
  • Rustic family name signs crafted from reclaimed barn wood planks. Display your family name prominently as a meaningful accent.
  • Wrought iron wall sculptures or sconces with natural vine, bird, or farm animal themes work beautifully.
  • Framed botanical prints instantly add old-world charm with their delicate details.

The aged, textured look of wood and metal art gives new life to dining room walls and embraces the cozy farmhouse aesthetic. For my current kitchen decor, we hung a charming “Live Life to the Fullest” milestone plank handmade by a local artisan—it adds the perfect rustic touch we like!

Rustic Wood & FarmHouse

Vintage Maps & Botanical Prints for Classic Style

Complementing the traditional dining set I inherited from my grandmother, I leaned into classic wall decor with vintage world maps, botanical sketches, and still-life paintings. This timeless artwork suits formal settings and family homes alike with subtle elegance.

For a touch of nostalgia and tradition, here’s how I incorporated antique-inspired accents:

  • Hanging a large world map in an ornate black frame anchors the space with an old-world explorer’s club aesthetic. I found fantastic antique-looking reproductions on Etsy.
  • Filling a display wall with framed botanical prints surrounded by classic black frames feels fresh and sophisticated. Ferns and wildflowers suit most color schemes.
  • Bird illustrations and Audubon Society sketches provide gorgeous natural details from an older era. Search for “vintage prints” to find great options.
  • Still-life oil paintings featuring fruit and flowers mimic museum-quality pieces for far less. These graceful images add European flair.
  • For a personal twist, display family photos in vintage frames —black and white pictures work nicely.

By honoring traditional decorative arts like cartography, flora/ fauna sketches, and ornate frames, I infused my dining room walls with historic charm and timeworn beauty. These classic details enrich the setting for generations to come.

Step-by-Step Instructions for DIY Word Art

In addition to wall prints and paintings, do-it-yourself artwork allows you to customize discount wall art decor accent pieces for your home’s special spaces. One easy DIY project I like is creating DIY word decor for your walls to display — it only requires a few supplies and creativity!

Here is an easy tutorial for DIY word decor you can hang in your dining room or any space needing a personalized touch:

Gather Supplies

  • Pre-stretched canvas or wood plaque for painting on
  • Acrylic paint in a variety of colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Pencil and ruler
Gather Supplies
Gather Supplies

Plan Your Design

  • Choose an inspiring word or phrase like “Gratitude,” “Gather, ” or “Grateful” to focus the piece around.
  • Pick 2-4 coordinating paint colors that align with your room’s color palette for cohesion.
  • Determine composition like font style, size, and placement on your surface. Draft possibilities with a pencil first.

Paint Your Word Art

  • Use painter’s tape to block off sections for straight lines in different colors.
  • Paint the background first, then let dry before adding words.
  • Sketch your words lightly in pencil, then trace the letters with paint in your chosen style. Consider block font, cursive, etc.
  • Allow the paint to dry fully before displaying it with nails or mounting hardware.

With a few basic steps, you can design inexpensive, heartfelt, and unique wall decor choices with personal meaning for your space. DIY-painted canvases make thoughtful housewarming or holiday gifts too!

I hope these ideas spark inspiration for decorating your own dining room walls with beautiful, expressive art. Whether you love elegant galleries, bold canvases, rustic accents, or personalized touches, art makes such a difference in defining your space.

I can’t wait for you to search through these options and design your dream dining room!

Frequently Asked Questions

For dining rooms, choose wall art and accents that encourage conversation and connection like inspiring quotes, family photos, travel mementos, or cultural pieces. Extra large statement art also helps design a focal point.

In most dining rooms, hanging wall art on the feature wall behind the table anchors the furnishings. You can also decorate side walls and open walls seen from the table.

Classic black and white dining rooms give an elegant, timeless look. Earth tones like tans, greens, and blues make a soothing palette. For a vibrant style, choose bold colors like red, turquoise, or golden yellow.

Purchasing premade wall art from stores, Etsy, or artists allows you to conveniently select high-quality pieces. But for one-of-a-kind personalization, making your own with canvases, wood, framed photos, or prints lets you customize affordably.

Keep scale in mind – a massive displaying wall suits grand formal spaces while one oversized canvas print fills a small dining nook. Matching artwork styles to your interior decor provides cohesion. Consider lighting when choosing pieces too.


Decorating your dining room walls with beautiful, meaningful artwork completely transforms the feel of your space. Whether you love the eclectic style of exhibit walls showcasing collections of frames, or making a bold statement with huge vivid canvas prints, art helps design an inviting dining room your family and guests will enjoy.

Look for wall décor that reflects your personal style too – from elegant botanical drawings to rustic “Bless this Home” wood signs. Don’t be afraid to mix classic and contemporary pieces for interest. Most importantly, choose artwork full of memories, meaning, and visual interest to liven your walls and bring people together around your table.

With some creativity and inspiration, your ideal dining room display is waiting to be designed! Which style resonates most with your home aesthetic? I hope these dining room wall art ideas helped spark some creativity for showcasing your meaningful life memories all around the table.

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