Looking to add some warmth and texture to your home decor? Wall Art Felt Decoration is an easy, budget-friendly way to makeover your walls with handmade style.

In this comprehensive guide from Nousdecor, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about felt wall hangings and share tips for incorporating them into any room.

Key Takeaways of Wall Art Felt Decoration

  • Felt offers a cozy, handmade look and feel for wall decor. It’s an affordable, crafty medium.
  • Ideas: Christmas trees as artistic tree wall decor ideas, wreaths, animals, DIY word wall art decor, maps, geometric shapes, and Florida-themed wall art ideas. Match the style to the room.
  • Display tips: avoid sunlight, group pieces, frame if needed, and use command strips to hang.
  • Source felt art on Etsy, at craft fairs, custom from artists, or DIY it yourself on a budget.

What is Felt Wall Art Exactly?

Felt wall art refers to any wall decorations made using wool or synthetic felt material. It encompasses everything from simple geometric shapes to intricate nature scenes and patterns.

Felt is an appealing medium for DIY wall art because it comes in a rainbow theme of colors, is easy to cut and shape, and has a soft texture that adds a cozy style to your space.

Felt Wall Art Decoration landscape

History of Felt as a Decorative Craft

The use of felt as a decorative craft dates back thousands of years. Felt-making originated as a technique for creating warm clothing, tents, rugs, and blankets. Decorative felt art and wall hangings grew in popularity in the 19th century.

Bucilla felt kits emerged in the 1920s, making it easy for crafters to stitch their own felt flowers, holiday decorations, and more. The handmade, retro appeal of felt continues today.

Benefits of Felt Wall Art

There are many reasons to add mat wall decor to your home:

  • Affordable – Felt is an inexpensive crafting material, making it possible to deck your walls out in handmade style on a budget. Pre-made felt flowers might range from $5-$20 dollars or less.
  • Easy to DIY – With some basic supplies like sharp scissors, felt shapes are simple to cut out and assemble yourself. No painting skills are required!
  • Soft Texture – The fluffy, fuzzy texture of felt adds approachable warmth to any space. It creates a welcoming vibe in kids’ rooms or nurseries.
  • Variety – Felt comes in every color imaginable, allowing you to match your decor. Choose bold colors or pastels, geometric patterns, or nature motifs. The options are endless.
  • Customizable sizing – Felt wall hangings can be made large or small to suit any wall space. Scale them up for a headboard or focal point, or down for an accent.
  • Handmade appeal – Felt art adds retro, artsy, homemade personality wherever it’s displayed. The imperfections and hand-done charm are part of its aesthetic.

Ideas and Tips for Incorporating Felt Wall Art

Ready to bring some felt flair to your home? Here are some top-rated wall art options to inspire you:

Christmas Tree Wall Art

Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like a bright, festive felt Christmas tree displayed on your living room or entryway wall. This vintage-inspired decor ranges from mini trees made using basic felt triangle shapes to sculptures with pop-out details and ornaments.

Here’s a tip: Hang them above your real tree for extra Christmas cheer.

Felt Flower Wreaths & Wall Hangings

Explore your inner florist and create a felt flower wall piece. Stitch together wool felt blooms such as daisies, roses, poppies, or peonies for a romantic, feminine focal point over your bed, sofa, or mantel. Tip: Frame in a round wreath shape or create an abstract floral design.

Felt Animal Heads & Wall Mounts

Bring playful personality to kids’ rooms or nurseries with felt animal heads, like deer, moose, or foxes. They work nicely as nursery wall art and can be colorful or neutral. For a modern take, frame real or mythical taxidermy-style animals using bold felt shapes.

Felt Applique Wall Hangings

If you’re handy with a needle, try your hand at felt applique wall art. This technique involves stitching wool felt shapes like houses, trees, animals, or words onto a felt background to build up a scene. Tip: Focus on a specific motif that fits your decor.

Felt Word Art Wall Decorations

Speaking of words, felt lends itself perfectly to DIY word art. Spelling out meaningful phrases with cut felt letters adds a personalized, artistic touch to any room. Try inspirational quotes for your office or sentimental sayings for a family space.

Geometric & Abstract Felt Wall Panels

Felt isn’t just for real-world subjects – it’s great for modern, graphic statements too. Experiment with bold geometric designs, angled triangles, 3D cubes, and abstract color block panels. They deliver plenty of texture and impact.

Map Wall Art

For a playful twist, use white or colored felt to cut out conceptual maps to frame and hang – think constellations, airline routes, or your hometown. They add personality and a sense of place wherever displayed.

Where to Buy Felt Wall Art

You have a few options when it comes to getting your hands on mat wall decor like unique glass art for walls:

  • DIY it – As mentioned, many felt wall hangings are easy enough to make at home with some basic craft supplies and your imagination. This allows you to customize sizes, colors, and designs to suit your space.
  • Buy it on Etsy – Tons of talented felt artisans sell their creations in their Etsy shops. Etsy is a great place to find one-of-a-kind pieces and support independent artists. Search for subjects like “felt flowers” or “felt animals”.
  • Commission a Custom Piece – If you have a specific vision, connect with a felt artist on Etsy to commission a custom creation just for you. Many are happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life.
  • Check Craft Fairs – Local craft fairs and artisan markets are wonderful spots to discover handmade felt art for your wall. You can often meet and support local artists as well.

Felt Wall Art Ideas for Different Rooms

Not sure where to start decorating with felt? Here are some clever ways to incorporate it into various spaces:

Felt Wall Art Decoration Round shape

Living Room Accent Wall

A felt mural, geometric design, or word art piece makes a chic living room focal point. Try a conceptual map above the sofa or something colorful and modern.

Nursery or Kids’ Room Decor

Felt is perfectly suited for kids’ spaces. Try felt animal heads, an alphabet, inspirational phrases, or wall decals. Mix and match colors and subjects.

Office Wall Art

Inspirational quotes, creative maps, or geometric designs add personality to home offices. Felt is also great for office murals – think mountain ranges, beach scenes, or cityscapes.

Kitchen Art

Kitchens are great spaces for felt art too. Frame retro-inspired fruit, veggie, or spice designs for whimsical charm. Felt also works nicely for custom signs.

Dorm Room Walls

Felt flowers, shapes, and banners infuse creativity into dorm decor. They allow students to customize bleak walls without damaging paint. Hang with push pins!

Display Considerations for Felt Wall Decorations

Follow these tips for successfully decorating with felt:

  • Lighting – Avoid direct sunlight which could cause fading over time. Position out of UV rays.
  • Groupings – Collections of small felt art have more impact hung or displayed together. Vary sizes, colors, and subjects for interest.
  • Frames – Consider framing special felt pieces to protect and enhance their visual appeal. Pick simple frames that don’t distract.
  • Command strips – Use Velcro command strips to hang felt art neatly and safely, without putting holes in your walls.
  • Shadow boxes – For dimensional projects like wreaths or mobiles, display them in a shadow box so they don’t sag against the wall over time.
Felt Wall Art Decoration Round shape

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! With some basic craft supplies like felt sheets, sharp scissors, hot glue or fabric glue, sewing needles, and thread, you can easily DIY mat wall decor. Simple geometric shapes only require some careful cutting. More complex nature scenes may involve hand-stitching for best results. There are also plenty of DIY felt art kits available to make it even easier.

Lightweight felt art can be hung with standard picture hanging hooks, nails, or command strips without visible damage. For larger or heavier pieces, use sawtooth picture hangers attached to the backside for easy hanging. Some professional pieces come equipped with built-in hanging hardware too.

Felt art offers diverse possibilities for any room – it brings color, texture, and creativity wherever it’s displayed. Some of the most popular uses are in living rooms, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, nurseries, and dorm rooms. Felt wall art also works nicely for kitchens and offices. Play around with subjects and styles to match the purpose of each space.

It’s not required, but framing does help preserve, protect, and enhance the look of special felt art pieces. Frames also allow you to mount and display projects with more depth and dimension, like 3D flowers and sculptures. Simple poster frames work nicely without detracting from the art.

A general light dusting is fine for most pieces. For deeper cleaning, gently hand wash using mild soap and cold water, then reshape and air dry. Avoid submerging projects in water when possible. Also steer clear of heat, harsh chemicals, and rough scrubbing that could damage the fibers.


If you’re seeking affordable, DIY-friendly ways to inject more personality, texture, and visual interest into your wall decor – felt art is a fabulous option. With endless colors, designs, and subjects to explore, it allows you to easily add handmade flair that reflects your personal style.

So cozy up those bare walls and delight your eyes with the warmth and retro appeal of felt. Your homemade haven awaits!

Looking for beautiful, original mat wall decor and decorations from a small home decor business? Browse my curated collection of flowers, animals, geometric art, and more – or contact me to discuss a custom creation. I also offer free shipping and returns on all orders within the United States.

Customize your space and experience the creativity and quality of felt art made by hand with heart.

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