The heart of every home, the kitchen deserves decor just as inspired as the meals cooked there. Beyond just nourishment, artful Kitchen Wall Art Decor adds character to this essential space, reflecting the creativity within. Rather than leaving your kitchen walls bare, liven up the area with meaningful artwork, prints, and creative displays that showcase your personal taste.

As a home decor interior designer at Nousdecor, I’ve helped many clients transform lackluster kitchens from purely functional to fabulous focal points by decorating the walls with style. Read on for my favorite techniques to dress up your kitchen walls with artistic flair.

Key Takeaways

  • Kitchen wall art adds warmth, personality, and sophistication to the space.
  • Select meaningful printed artwork that align with your taste and kitchen style.
  • Properly scale and arrange pieces above counters, around dining areas, and on empty walls.
  • Get creative with encased photos, floating shelves, bold paint, and removable wall stickers.
  • Complementary colors and lighting make the art pop.

Blank kitchen walls represent missed opportunities to infuse style and self-expression. Your kitchen room should feel as inspired as your best recipes and dinner parties! With so many options, from printed graphics to custom murals, it’s easy to cook up captivating kitchen wall decor.

Stylish Kitchen Wall Art Decor To Add An Artistic Flair
Stylish Kitchen Wall Art Decor To Add An Artistic Flair

Choosing Artwork to Match Your Kitchen’s Style

Consider the following factors when selecting kitchen wall art:

  • Art and photography subjects – botanicals, food imagery, city scenes, abstracts, etc.
  • Color scheme – warm neutrals, vibrant accent hues, black and white, etc.
  • Style – modern, farmhouse, industrial, traditional, etc.
  • Placement – above counters, flanking a dining area, filling large blank walls

For continuity, choose artwork and printed photography that align with your kitchen’s existing style. Framed herb studies suit country kitchens; still lifes of lemons pop against blue walls. Photos of beloved restaurants, custom murals of Tuscan landscapes or sleek printed geometric art inject more personality.

On-Trend Kitchen Wall Art Decor Ideas

Here are some chic ways to decorate modern kitchen walls just like for a living room:

Framed Vintage Food Signs

Antique tin ad signs from soda fountains, bakeries and general stores add retro flair. Hang individually or in color groups.

Floating Wall Ledges

Stagger floating shelves in natural contemporary wood art designs, black metal or glass for displaying cookbooks, plants and treasures. These can work on stairs wall art decor as well.

Framed Botanical and Fruit Prints

From figs and pears to medicinal herb set, encased botanical prints and fruit sketches supply organic style.

Framed Botanical and Fruit Prints
Framed Botanical and Fruit Prints

Custom Map Murals

Wall decals of topographic maps or city set transit plans make artsy, oversized accents. This can be used for bedroom wall art ideas as well.

Typography Quotes and Phrases

Letterpress art or hand-painted quotes, like “Eat Your Greens!” supply a motivational cooking ambiance.

Abstract Canvas Paintings

A large colorful canvas adds an artistic focal point and pops against white subway tile.

Moreover, we also have wall tapestries, unique sculptural metal decor for your walls, pressed flower art, and pen and ink sketches of wine bottles for bathroom – the possibilities are endless!

Strategic Layouts for Kitchen Wall Decor

When planning your wall art decor display, consider these tips:

  • Hang collections of encased art vertically above kitchen cabinets to form a figure-flattering gallery.
  • Position large statement pieces like abstract canvas paintings on prime real estate like the wall behind the stove or sink.
  • Flank the dining area with modern sconces and complementary prints for an intimate vignette.
  • Align floating shelves above counters to add function and exhibit decor.
  • Create asymmetrical groupings across large blank walls, mixing frame sizes and subjects. Allow ample breathing room around larger pieces.
  • Use removable wall decals and magnets on refrigerator doors and around stoves.

Design Details That Enhance Kitchen Wall Decor

To make your kitchen art shine, don’t overlook these important elements:

  • Soothing paint colors like warm white, pale blue or sage green as a neutral backdrop for art.
  • Sufficient task lighting, accent lighting and overhead fixtures to illuminate the kitchen.
  • Minimal upper cabinetry, open shelving and light counters allow artwork to take center stage.
  • Thoughtfully styled and edited countertops free of clutter.
  • Additional pops of color and texture through mix-and-match bar stools, appliances and linens.

With good lighting and strategic art placement, you can easily infuse personality into your kitchen, creating an inspired space for casual family meals and lavish dinner parties alike.

Design Details That Enhance Kitchen Wall Decor
Design Details That Enhance Kitchen Wall Decor

Frequently Asked Questions

For kitchens, good wall art choices include food photography, fruit and botanical prints, wine sketches, motivational quotes, and vibrant abstract art. Avoid anything too dark or distracting.

Decorate kitchen walls with encased prints, floating shelves, removable wall decals, painted quotes, photo collages and colorful abstract paintings. Illuminate with pendant lights, sconces and recessed lighting.

In small kitchens, limit wall art to 1-2 medium or large statement pieces above the cabinets/counters or flanking the dining area. Avoid cluttering the walls with too many small items.

Great kitchen wall decor ideas include gallery walls of vintage tin signs or botanical prints, custom map murals, floating shelves holding cookbooks and plants, encased inspirational phrases, and large abstract canvas paintings.

Around a kitchen window, try hanging café curtain rods and then displaying encased art or photos between the window and rods. Or add a long floating shelf stacked with cookbooks and decor.


With creativity and meaningful artwork, you can easily transform sterile, utilitarian kitchen walls into captivating backdrops brimming with style and self-expression. Seek out pieces representing favorite locales and recipes to infuse joy as you cook and dine.

Showcase your personality through wall decor as inspired as a beautifully prepared meal. Bon appétit!

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