Spicing up boring bedroom screens with stylish wall art can completely transform the space from dull to dramatic. As a home decor expert with years of experience, I’ve helped many clients turn their dreary, nondescript bedrooms into relaxing sanctuaries brimming with personality.

With some thoughtful Wall Art Decor For Bedroom selections and strategic placement, you can easily create a sleeping space that inspires and uplifts. Read on with Nousdecor to find out!

Key Takeaways of Wall Art Decor For Bedroom

  • Wall art instantly enlivens tired bedrooms and defines your unique style.
  • When choosing bedroom wall decor, opt for soothing, meaningful pieces that relax and inspire.
  • Properly scale and arrange art pieces above beds, over furniture, and on empty screens for a polished look.
  • Get creative with wall decals, photo gallery walls, mirrors, and bold paint colors.
  • Complementary lighting and colors make the decor pop.

Your personal haven should reflect the things you love and bring you joy. With so many bedroom wall decor options available, from vintage prints and photography to modern abstracts and text art, selecting pieces that speak to you is key. Read on for foolproof tips to decorate bedroom screens with artful flair.

Stunning Wall Art Decor For Bedroom Ideas
Stunning Wall Art Decor For Bedroom Ideas

Choosing Artwork That Fits Your Bedroom’s Style and Function

When decorating your favorite room in the house, consider:

  • Wall decor content that calms, like nature scenes or inspirational quotes
  • A cohesive color palette that promotes relaxation
  • Your preferred interior design style – modern, traditional, rustic, etc.
  • Artwork scale and placement suited to the space and bed size

For bedrooms, I love showcasing clients’ travels, hobbies and personal style through a curated art collection. Black and white cityscape photography, family gallery walls, collected vintage prints – your bedroom wall decor makes a unique statement.

On-Trend Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Here are some of my favorite wall-decorating approaches for fabulous bedrooms:

Modern Geometric Canvas Art

Bold graphic prints in sophisticated palettes add a hip, contemporary edge. Try a massive abstract triangle canvas print over the bed.

Rustic Wood Wall Plaques

Hand-carved rustic wood wall art ideas and reclaimed wood plaques in organic shapes bring natural texture. Display throughout a boho or farmhouse space.

Framed Botanical Prints

From delicate floral sketches to vintage scientific prints, framed botanical art adds a dash of nature. Group in an asymmetrical arrangement for interest.

Black & White Photography

Timeless black-and-white cityscapes and landscape photos provide an artistic touch. Lean similar framed prints against the wall in a grid gallery display with black wall art ideas.

Black & White Photography
Black & White Photography

Typography Wall Quotes

Inspirational quotes and poetic verses letterpressed or hand-lettered on art pieces imbue an uplifting ambiance. Try a trio of small identical frames.

Metallic Wall Sculptures

Gold, silver, or copper leaf metal wall art decor sculpture pieces shimmer in candlelight and feel refined. Hang an organic leaf-shaped metal wall piece over the bed.

Murals and Decals

Custom murals and chic removable wall decals supply large-scale flair. Accent a wall with branch silhouettes or a flock of birds.

Vintage maps, architectural drawings, monochrome photography, and pressed botanicals offer endlessly artistic options.

Strategic Layouts for Bedroom Wall Artwork

When arranging your wall art, consider these techniques for showcasing your personality through wall decor:

  • Hang a grand canvas print or tapestry as a dramatic bedroom wall decor focal point above the headboard.
  • Cluster small, medium and large frames across a long empty wall for a fashionable gallery wall.
  • Align pieces vertically with bedside tables or horizontally above bedroom furniture to define each vignette.
  • For art pieces groupings, hang pieces asymmetrically with larger items near the center and more negative space surrounding frames.
  • Incorporate slender ledges or shelving to display cherished objects without cluttering the walls.
  • Over a bed, position large landscape art pieces low enough to admire while reclining.
  • Use removable decals and temporary wall stickers by windows to allow for rearrangement.

Creative Touches for Dressing Up Lackluster Bedroom Walls

If you have drab, nondescript screens begging for personality, liven them up with these easy and free DIY ideas for your room:

  • Paint an accent wall in a bold jewel-tone hue like sapphire blue or emerald green to instantly draw the eye like minimalist Scandinavian wall decor ideas.
  • Apply patterned contact paper or self-adhesive wallpaper to add eye-catching texture fast.
  • Hang a giant ornate mirror to amplify light and give the illusion of more space.
  • Make a photo gallery wall with a mix of frame shapes, sizes and orientations for lots of visual interest.
  • Add floating shelves stacked at varying heights to highlight books and decor while storing clutter.
  • Install wall sconces or picture lights that provide flattering illumination for artwork.
  • Display a wall tapestry in colorful bohemian patterns for an easy backdrop.
  • Try dimensional art like textured wall painting, modern wall sculptures or vinyl wall decals of tree branches.
Creative Touches for Dressing Up Lackluster Bedroom Walls
Creative Touches for Dressing Up Lackluster Bedroom Walls

Design Details That Enhance Wall Decor

To make bedroom art pieces truly sing, incorporate these complementary design elements:

  • Soothing neutral wall colors like warm white, light gray, and soft blue
  • Streamlined, low-profile furnishings like platform beds that don’t compete with the art
  • Sufficient breathing room around wall art pieces so they don’t feel crowded
  • Picture lights or adjustable wall sconces that highlight works of art
  • Additional visual texture and interest through layering mirrors, shelving and lush textiles

With the right lighting, layout, and artistic touches, your bedroom evolves from mundane to a stylish sanctuary. Surround yourself with pieces that inspire you each morning and comfort you at night as you drift into sweet dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

For master bedrooms, choose art with muted palettes and serene imagery, like abstract prints, black and white photography, or neutral landscape paintings. Avoid jarring colors or subject matter.

In small bedrooms, limit wall art to 1-2 medium or large statement pieces over the bed or above furniture. Avoid cluttering the screens with too many small items.

For solid bedroom screens with no windows, add a bold color accent wall or create a gallery wall with a mix of frame sizes. Anchor with larger statement pieces and use removable wall stickers.

Larger above bed art, like oversized nature photography, tapestries or textured canvas prints make excellent focal points. Hang landscape art low enough to admire when reclining. Add picture light sconces for illumination.

Modern bedrooms look great decorated with geometric prints, black and white photography, framed typography, and macrame wall hangings. Rustic wood wall art ideas like reclaimed wood plaques suit farmhouse rooms.


With a new artful arrangement of meaningful, inspiring set of wall design, you can easily convert a tired bedroom into your own private room or home sanctuary.

Seek out pieces that reflect your essence. Gallery walls, modern wall sculptures, framed prints, and photography infuse self-expression and style into your special retreat, helping you end each day feeling centered and restored.

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