Home decor trends come and go, but the timeless appeal of Wall Art Scandinavian Design continues to draw admirers.

Clean lines, minimalistic aesthetics, and natural materials define this iconic Northern European decorating style. Nordic wall decor adds tasteful focal points to any room, merging form, function, and artistry into stylish wall decor for living spaces.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll explore popular types of Nordic wall decor and offer tips on choosing pieces that suit your style and space. Read on for inspiration to give your home’s walls a fresh modern edge rooted in centuries of innovative Scandinavian design.

Key Takeaways

  • Nordic wall decor features abstractgeometricminimalistnature-inspired, and typographic themes in neutralminimalistic color palettes.
  • Choose wall art that complements your existing decor and suits the size and purpose of each room.
  • Mix different wall art pieces and styles for visual interest.
  • Shop online galleries and Scandinavian design retailers for authenticfirst-class options.
Wall Art Scandinavian Design Ideas To Transform Your Space
Wall Art Scandinavian Design Ideas To Transform Your Space

What is Scandinavian Design?

Nordic design originated in the mid-20th century across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland. It emphasizes sleek, minimalistic forms and natural materials like wood, cotton, ceramics, and wool.

This aesthetic grew from the region’s stark landscapes and long winters. Nordic designers embraced simplicity, minimalism, and functionality to warm utilitarian living spaces. They fused modernist principles with traditional craftsmanship and local artisanry, good for innovative school wall decoration techniques.

Today, the Nordic style remains relevant and on-trend, blending seamlessly into both vintage and modern homes. Its neutral color palette provides a soothing, welcoming backdrop for decor and furniture.

Types of Wall Art Scandinavian Design

Nordic wall decor encompasses varied themes and mediums while retaining a minimalistic modern sensibility. Here are some of the most popular genres for selecting wall art decor that complements your style:

Abstract Wall Art

Bold abstract art prints in black and white or muted, neutral palettes epitomize Nordic style. Look for graphic prints with thick lines, shapes, and asymmetric compositions. Size them generously to make a statement.

Geometric Wall Art

Crisp geometric wall art adds eye-catching flair and a modern edge. Opt for sculptural 3D pieces or flat canvas prints in triangles, circles, diamonds, and lines. Metallic accents and clean black wall art decor frames keep the look modern.

Nature-Inspired Wall Art

Serene environment photography and prints celebrate Scandinavia’s breathtaking landscapes. Black and white forest scenes, mountain vistas, trees, and flowers channel the region’s tranquil outdoors. Scale pieces to suit small or large wall spaces.

Nature-Inspired Wall Art
Nature-Inspired Wall Art

Minimalist Wall Art

Uncluttered, streamlined wall art defines the Nordic aesthetic. Seek out bold yet simple canvas prints, metal wall sculptures, and graphic posters. White frames maintain the pared-back vibe.

Typography Wall Art

Add a touch of Nordic literary flair with artsy typography prints featuring inspirational quotes or single dramatic words. Black lettering pops against white backgrounds. Display words meaningfully in entryways or living spaces.

Photographic Wall Art

Photographic art prints add pops of color and interpret the Nordic style’s emphasis on natural light and muted hues. Curate a gallery wall with a mix of landscape photography, looping lines, and abstract images.

How to Choose Scandinavian Wall Art

When selecting wall art for a Scandinavian-inspired home, keep these tips in mind:

Consider Your Style

Take stock of your existing furniture and decor. Seek wall art aligned with your personal style, whether it’s minimalism, bohemian chic, mid-century modern, or eclectic vintage. The versatility of Nordic design allows it to blend seamlessly into varied aesthetics.

Think About the Space

Choose artwork suitable in both scale and subject for each room. For example, serene nature photography enhances bedrooms and bathrooms, while bold abstracts and graphics energize kitchens, entryways, and living spaces. Measure wall dimensions to select properly sized pieces.

Think About the Space
Think About the Space

Mix and Match Different Pieces

Create visual intrigue by pairing varied wall art prints and mediums. Gallery walls lend themselves to eclectic mixes, while carefully curated vignettes of just 2-3 pieces keep the look crisp. Repeat colors, subjects or frames to build cohesion.

Where to Buy Scandinavian Wall Art

Quality makes a difference when investing in wall art, so shop discerningly. Here are some of the best places to buy authentic Scandinavian pieces:

Online Retailers

Specialized online shops offer curated collections of Scandinavian and mid-century modern wall art at approachable price points. Search sites like ScandinavianDesigns.com, article.com, and scandinaviangrace.com.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Visit IKEA, World Market, West Elm, and other home furnishing stores offering updated Scandinavian-style collections. Brick-and-mortar shopping allows you to evaluate piece quality and scale.

Art Galleries

Galleries and artists representing contemporary Scandinavian designers are fantastic resources for original art and limited-edition prints. Check locally or search sites like saatchiart.com.

Art Galleries
Art Galleries

Scandinavian Wall Art Inspiration by Room

Scandinavian style adapts well to any living space. Here are some ideas for each room:

Living Room

Energize neutral living rooms with colorful modern art prints. Try a trio of graphic circular canvas pieces above the sofa for sculptural flair. Add black-and-white photography of local architecture or cityscapes to connect the outdoors with your interior.


Promote restfulness in the bedroom with tranquil forest photography, floating birch prints, or simple phrase art. Keep colors muted and frames minimal. Allow breathing room around pieces to avoid clutter.


Make a statement in the kitchen with oversized architectural prints or abstract art. Black and white palettes pop against colorful small appliances and ceramics. Add metal sculpture wall art for modern interior‘s edge.


The humidity-resistant surface of metal wall art sculptures suits bathrooms nicely. Pop sensory textures against tile and wood with 3D pieces depicting environmental scenes or zen circles.


Even tiny spaces deserve great art. Introduce little ones to Scandinavian style with modern black and white mobiles, typography prints of their name, or wall decals of birds and trees. Framed fine art photography invokes feelings of wonder.

With its timeless appeal and understated elegance, Nordic wall decor instantly elevates any space. Embrace this iconic Northern European aesthetic to add tasteful focal points and visual cohesion throughout your home.

Nursery wall art
Nursery wall art

Frequently Asked Questions

Nordic wall decor is defined by simplicity, minimalism, neutral colors, natural materials, and modern interpretations of traditional Northern European design motifs like environment, typography, and abstract shapes.

Affordable options include minimalist black and white prints, framed graphic posters, and canvas art from big-box stores. Visit thrift shops and flea markets for potential vintage finds to fit the aesthetic.

Yes, mixing complementary pieces creates visual interest. Just be sure to maintain a cohesive color story and balance busy gallery-style arrangements with negative space.

For small spaces, lean into minimalism with just one or two pieces of wall art scaled appropriately to the room. Clean-lined, uncluttered prints and floating shelves keep sight lines streamlined.


Scandinavian design’s timeless, welcoming aesthetic brings elegant sophistication to any space. Wall art offers a creative, budget-friendly way to incorporate this iconic northern European style into your home.

With an array of materials, styles, and arrangements to select from, the possibilities are truly inspiring. Whether you favor a bold abstract statement piece or a tranquil minimalist print, first-class Nordic wall decor elevates walls from blank to beautiful.

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