Painting the walls of your lounging area can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, wall decor is an easy way to add a splash of color and personality to your space.

From modern abstract prints to handmade paintings, there’s something for everyone. In this Nousdecor article, I’ll show you how to choose the right Wall Art Decor For Living Room, give you ideas for different styles, and provide inspiration for every budget.

So let’s get started and really hit the nail on the head!

Key Takeaways

  • There are various types of wall art for lounging areas, including framed printswall hangingsseries of wall prints, and single pieces of wall art.
  • When choosing wall decor for a lounging area, it is important to consider the feel and theme of the room, how the art will look in the dining room, and find pieces that the family will adoreModern pieces can also add a unique touch.
  • Different lounging area styles have different wall decor ideasModern lounging areas can benefit from abstract artgeometric shapes, and metallic accents, while traditional lounging areas may suit landscapesportraits, and ornate framesBohemianrustic, and coastal styles each have their own unique wall decor options.
  • When hanging wall decor in a lounging areaconsider orienting the art in a gallery-approach formationadding colorful framesusing pieces of different sizes to create depth, and using wall art to introduce characterDon’t be afraid to explore creative ideas.
Wall Art Decor For Living Room Ideas
Wall Art Decor For Living Room Ideas

Types of Wall Art Decor for Living Room

I’m exploring different types of wall decor for my lounging area. From framed prints to wall hangings, there are so many ways to bring art into my home.

I can decorate my lounging area with a series of wall prints, or choose a single piece of wall art for my bedroom.

I’m always looking for unique pieces that can be hung on the walls to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. From abstract art to landscapes, there’s something for every taste and style.

With the right wall art, I’ll be able to create the perfect look for my lounging area and make it a warm, inviting space.

How to Choose the Right Wall Art Decor for Your Living Room

My lounging area’s decor is a reflection of my personal style, so it’s important to choose the right wall art that will bring out my desired aesthetic.

When selecting wall art for my lounging area, I make sure to consider my family’s tastes, the overall design of the room, and the wall space available. Here are four tips for choosing the perfect wall art for my lounging area:

  1. Look for pieces that match the feel and theme of my lounging area
  2. Think about how my wall art will look in the dining room
  3. Find pieces that my family and I’ll adore
  4. Consider modern pieces that will add a unique touch to my room walls.

Choosing the right wall art for my lounging area is an important task. With the right pieces, my lounging area will have a warm and inviting atmosphere that my family and I’ll adore.

Now, let’s move on to wall decor ideas for different lounging area styles.

Wall Art Decor Ideas for Different Living Room Styles

Featuring the right wall art can really bring a lounging area together and give it personality when incorporating color through wall art decor.

  • For modern spaces, I love abstract art, geometric shapes, and metallic accents.
  • For traditional lounging areas, landscapes, portraits, and ornate frames work well.
  • For bohemian spaces, an eclectic mix of styles with bright colors and natural materials creates a unique look.
  • For rustic lounging areas, wood art, metal wall sculptures, and vintage finds add a cozy touch.
  • And for coastal spaces, beach scenes, seashells, and driftwood bring the seaside indoors.


I’ve incorporated abstract art, geometric shapes, and metallic accents to create an ultra-modern feel in my lounging area.

To achieve this look, I’ve used:

  1. A large canvas painting with an abstract design to add visual interest to the room
  2. Geometric shapes made from metal to give the room a modern edge
  3. Metallic accents to bring an extra touch of sparkle to the walls
  4. Wall art with abstract designs to help tie the look together.

My lounging area is now stylishly decorated with abstract art, geometric shapes, and metallic accents, creating a modern and inviting space.


For a traditional look, I’m combining landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and ornate frames to add a classic touch to my lounging area.

In the kitchen, a large white portrait with an ornate frame hangs above the stove.

A still life of a vase of flowers adorns the wall in the dining room.

Landscape scenes of rolling hills with a bright blue sky decorate the walls in the lounging area.

Ornate frames of gold and silver draw attention to the artwork, completing the classic look.

A traditional look
A traditional look


For a bohemian look, I’m combining an eclectic mix of styles, bright colors, and natural materials to bring some unique approach to my lounging area.

I’m adding decor like a wood set with scripture, free-styled shapes, and bright colors.

Then I’m mixing it up with a canvas set featuring unique scriptural designs, and a wall mirror with a bohemian-styled frame to create a stunning and colorful bohemian look.


I’m using wood art, metal wall sculptures, and vintage finds to create a rustic look in my lounging area.

I love the unique face wall art decor, which adds character to the space.

My favorite metal wall sculptures make a bold statement as the focal point of the room.

Vintage finds and wood art bring charm and nostalgia to the space.

To make a gift for my gallery wall, I’m combining all of these elements for a truly rustic look.


I’ve got five beach scenes, a handful of seashells, and some driftwood to create a coastal approach in my lounging area.

I’ll hang the beach scenes on the wall and place the seashells and driftwood in small bowls or vases.

  1. Beach scenes for wall art.
  2. Seashells for decor.
  3. Driftwood for texture.
  4. Coastal atmosphere.

This combination of wall art, decor, and atmosphere will give my lounging area that perfect coastal feel.


I’m sprucing up my lounging area with vintage artwork, rustic signs, and chalkboard walls to create a farmhouse feel. Adding framed pieces to the walls instantly brings a touch of warmth and charm.

I’m shipping in pieces from different styles, from a farmhouse office to a rustic dining. Each piece adds a unique character to the lounging area, making it truly a farmhouse.

How to Hang Wall Art Decor in Your Living Room

Exploring how to hang wall decor in my lounging area is an exciting journey. From best galleries and items to creative ideas, I’m learning how to create a school decoration-inspired look.

Here are my top 4 ideas:

  1. Orient wall art in a gallery-approach formation.
  2. Add colorful frames for a fun look.
  3. Hang items of different sizes to create depth.
  4. Use wall art to introduce the character.

With these tips, I’m ready to create the perfect lounging area!

How to Hang Wall Art Decor in Your Living Room
How to Hang Wall Art Decor in Your Living Room

Wall Art Decor Inspiration for Every Budget

Shopping for affordable wall decor doesn’t have to be a challenge; there are plenty of stylish options for every budget.

Incorporate color through unique text ideas for wall art. Try enhancing your space with scripture wall art, or bathroom wall art to give it a new look.

For wall art school decorations, look for fun, colorful pieces to brighten up the room.

With all these options, you’ll find the perfect wall art to suit your approach and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Measuring the wall and considering the furniture will help me decide which size of wall decor will look best in my lounging area.

I usually use a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean my wall decor. For tougher spots, I add a bit of vinegar and gently scrub, then wipe with a dry cloth.

To protect wall art from fading, hang it away from direct sunlight and invest in UV-blocking glass for frames. Use a damp cloth to dust regularly and avoid harsh cleaning products.

When hanging wall art in a rental space, it’s important to consider the potential for damage to the walls. For example, using adhesive strips rather than nails can help avoid any potential issues with the landlord. Creative solutions like this, can ensure a lasting art display and a happy tenant-landlord relationship.

I’m looking for the perfect wall art for my lounging area. I’m exploring online stores, art galleries, and thrift shops for unique pieces. I’m sure I’ll find something special!


Putting together the perfect wall decor for your lounging area is like painting a masterpiece; it takes a little bit of creativity, a lot of imagination, and the right tools.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, there are plenty of inspiring wall decor ideas to suit any style or budget.

With the right wall art, you can transform a dull lounging area into a vibrant, inviting space.

So go ahead – try a few new pieces and watch your lounging area come alive!

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