Green wall art decor is a gorgeous way to incorporate natural elements into your home office decoration. In this article, we’ll discuss different types of wall art green and how to use them to create a relaxing, earthy aesthetic.

Key Takeaways

  • Green wall art offers many benefits like purifying air and reducing stress, like bathroom decor wall art, and farmhouse decor.
  • Live plants, preserved plants, and prints are different green wall art options
  • Display art above furniture, on full walls, or in statement arrangements
  • Use complementary boho decoration for a cohesive look

Benefits of Green Wall Art

First, you need to understand what is wall décor. Understanding the fundamental aspects and varied options available can enlighten you on how to effectively integrate wall elements. This ensures they not only beautify a space but also imbue it with palpable, positive energy.

Benefits of Green Wall Art

Embracing the serenity of nature within the confines of our homes, green wall art decor seamlessly merges aesthetic appeal with psychological and physical benefits.

As a decoration enthusiast and a nature lover, I’ve always been drawn towards the incorporation of greenery, not just through potted plants but also through wall art in green. It’s a fascinating journey, intertwining the lively essence of green with the static walls, rendering a dynamic that is both refreshing and grounding.

  • Purifies air: My first experience with live plant wall art was an epiphany! Not only did it elevate my living space aesthetically, but the air felt noticeably purer and crisper. The plants actively filtered the indoor air, reducing pollutants and providing a fresher environment to breathe in.
  • Reduces stress: Every glance towards the lush green wall instilled a sense of calm. Scientific studies coincide with my experience, indicating that greenery and representations of nature significantly contribute to reducing stress levels.
  • Adds warmth and texture: The rich, vibrant hues of green mingled with textures from various plants and prints added a multi-dimensional aspect to my decoration, which was both warm and inviting.
  • Complements boho or minimalist green styles: I found that whether I leaned towards a boho style with its eclectic and abundant elements or swayed towards minimalist, crisp lines, wall art decoration in green always found its place, effortlessly blending with the chosen aesthetic.

Therefore, the enrichment that ready-to-hang green wall art sets of 3 brought into my space became not only a visual treat but a holistic experience, integrating visual aesthetics with tangible, psychological, and physical benefits.

Types of Green Wall Art

Embarking on the journey of decorating with green wall art for room decoration, I discovered a multitude of options, each with its charm, characteristics, and care routines. From the breath of life with live plants to the effortless elegance of preserved botanicals and printed pieces, let’s traverse through these types and understand their unique offerings.

Live Plants

Live plants wall art for home wall – a concept where decorating walls meets life, encapsulating a piece of nature within the residential realms. My adventures with live plants as wall art have been a wonderful fusion of being a caregiver to these green beings and an artist, visualizing their placement to enhance my living space.

  • Succulents, air plants, vine plants: My personal favorites, given their minimalistic needs and maximum aesthetic output. The string of pearls hanging down a vertical frame, or air plants fixed onto line art wooden blocks, brought an ever-changing, ever-living artwork into my home.
  • Require care and maintenance: But of course, they demanded attention. From watering to ensuring adequate light, the live plant thrives on consistent care, which I fondly provided.
  • Create a living plant feature wall: This became a centerpiece, a conversational starter, and a continuous source of invigoration in my living space. It was a canvas that lived, grew, and subtly transformed, marking the passage of time with grace.

Preserved Plants

In a subsequent chapter of my exploration into wall decor, where I had previously delved into lush and vibrant realms of green, I discovered that preserved plants and fine art canvases offered a truly exquisite solution, beautifully maintaining the energy and vitality of live plants with notably less maintenance involved.

As I marveled at the simplicity and everlasting nature of these alternatives, a parallel could be drawn with various football wall art ideas, which equally stand out by embedding a vibrant yet carefree aesthetic into the space, blending a passion for the sport with an undeniable visual appeal.

Just like the preserved greenery, these athletic-inspired pieces become timeless adornments, adding character and personalized touch to any environment.

Types of plant preservation:

  • Dried, pressed, framed plants
  • Low maintenance alternative
  • Ferns, leaves, flowers, etc.


Walking further down the artistic lanes, printed and painted wall art in green with nature as the art subject opened up a world where nature’s aesthetics were captured and perpetuated in time. Be it the richly colored green botanical prints or subtle hues of green paintings, each piece stood as a timeless testament to nature’s eternal beauty.

  • Botanical art prints: My walls found themselves adorned with meticulously detailed and vividly colored wall art prints green of ferns, tropical leaves, and exotic plants, each telling a story of nature’s intricate designs and rich biodiversity.
  • Nature photography: Splendid shots of lush forests, serene lakes, and vibrant meadows on canvas prints green brought distinct, picturesque views of the outer world into my personal space, each one sparking memories or dreams of nature walks.
  • Green paint colors: Painting some walls with varying shades of green turned them into canvases, upon which an array of leaves wall art, framed prints, and canvas wall art, created a cohesive, immersive theme across the room.
  • Affordable option: Especially for large spaces, utilizing prints and paintings proved to be cost-effective, allowing me to exhibit varied pieces, each contributing to the harmonious green narrative woven across my living space.

Thus, the printed and painted art became a fixed, perpetual reminder of nature’s bounty, an ever-present, ever-vibrant, and a steadfast source of beauty, peace, and inspiration in daily living.

Green wall art for Living Room

Navigating towards specific spaces within the home, the living room, a place of relaxation and socialization, becomes a prime candidate for a splash of green artwork.

From utilizing hanging wall decor properly to choosing the right types and colors, green wall art for the living room transcends mere decoration. It establishes an atmosphere, where the vibrancy of social interactions is complemented and softened by the calming, grounding aura of green, whether through live plants, preserved pieces, or prints.

Green Wall Art Decor

From succulent arrangements hung above the sofa to a wall of framed, pressed leaves and ferns along the room wall, prints for living room options are plentiful. A large, single statement piece, like a canvas green wall art painting print with dominant modern green, often became my go-to for a modern, chic look.

In the living room decor artwork, placement was key. Arranging smaller frames or panels in a gallery wall above the sofa or utilizing a large, landscape wall art as a focal point behind a minimalist, sleek shelf are some styling tricks I employed. Additionally, juxtaposing darker and lighter shades of green artwork pieces also introduced a visual depth and interest in the space.

Moreover, considering different mirror decor options with green artwork can amplify light and enhance the natural vibe, seamlessly integrating reflective surfaces with organic visuals. on the other hand, the integration of a wall hanging, boasting a tapestry of green, or a series of small, framed watercolor paintings of different leaves, elegantly enhanced the aesthetic and emotional tranquility of the living space.

Green wall art decor for bedroom

The bedroom, our personal haven, is where the day both starts and ends. Hence, infusing it with green wall art not only enriched the visual palette but also elevated the calming and grounding energy of the space, contributing to restful nights and refreshing mornings.

In the bedroom, the wall art in green with century-modern vibes has often acted as a tranquil backdrop, tempering the daily stresses and easing the transition into a peaceful slumber. Whether through soft sage green art prints or vibrant plant wall artwork, it’s been an embodiment of serenity and refreshment in a personal space.

Green wall art decor for Bedroom

The selecting pieces often revolved around a balance of aesthetics and calmness – choosing pieces like minimalistic botanical wall art or abstract wall art with gentle green curves, which soothe the eyes and soul alike.

Strategically placing wall art in green opposite the bed, where it’s the first visual of the day, or creating a gallery wall with green canvas art prints set above the headboard, I found that the incorporation of green artwork subtly but significantly influenced the overall ambiance.

Mixing varied forms of modern art on my office wall, such as combining green leaf prints with modern abstract art in green, framed art, and boho wall art, created a dynamic yet cohesive visual story that was both refreshing and intimately personal

Dark green wall art decor

Delving into darker hues, dark green wall art brought forth a rich, opulent vibe. Let’s exploration into emerald green marble patterns, deep forest prints, and bold green abstract paintings that introduced a profound, luxurious aesthetic.

In a large space, dark green will be worked splendidly to bring about a dense, lush aesthetic. It worked especially well in larger pieces, where the depth of the color could truly shine and create a strong visual impact.

Matching dark green with green and gold accents or beige and brown tones, I found it created a warm, elegant look. The contrast between the deep green and lighter, softer colors brought forward a striking yet harmonious palette.

From canvas prints depicting dark, moody forests to wall decals in dark green tones, my venture through various art forms has been a delightful exploration of mood, form, and context.

Light green wall art decor

On the lighter spectrum, light green wall art presented a fresh, airy, and uplifting aura. Through wall collages of light green landscapes, and framed wall art of soft, sage green Matisse wall art, a gentle, rejuvenating atmosphere was consistently cultivated.

The light green became synonymous with springtime freshness and gentle calm, especially when implemented through wall hangings and prints with soft, pastel green hues.

Pairing light green with white or soft blue furnishings and decoration elements, I found a harmonious, refreshing visual and emotional atmosphere that was subtly energizing and peacefully stabilizing.

If it is my choice then often lingered towards varied textures, like printed canvas pictures with a blend of watercolor light green hues or a set of 3 printed leaves, providing a diverse yet cohesive light green aesthetic.

Employing light green through varied mediums, from prints on canvas to decals, the continuous evolution and experimentation with light wall art in green have been a rewarding progression in my journey of home decoration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide adequate sunlight, use well-draining soil, water 1-2 times per week, mist leaves, and prune and propagate plants as needed.

Simple wood frames or shadowboxes showcase dried and pressed plants well.

Avoid direct sunlight as it can fade prints. Indirect bright light is ideal for most live plants.

Succulents, snake plants, pothos, philodendrons, and ferns are low-maintenance options that work well.

Use strategic placement, bold shapes and sizes, and complementary decoration in natural textures and colors.


With endless options like live plant installations, preserved botanical art, or nature photography prints, green wall artwork allows you to highlight plants in your home decor. For more choices, visit my website to read more about my detailed instructions.

Carefully choose pieces that reflect your personal style and display them artfully on your walls to create a tranquil, organic oasis.

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