Let your wall art reflect the captivating beauty of nature with a unique Wall Art Design Tree decor. Adding a touch of artistry to your living environment elevates your home decor. This Nousdecor article explores exquisite tree wall art ideas to make your house into a home.

Key Takeaways of Wall Art Design Tree Decor

  • Tree wall art brings natural beauty indoors in many designs from simple to complex.
  • Frame family photos or artwork with metal tree branches for a personal touch.
  • Large wall decals and stickers featuring trees suit families and highlight spaces.
  • Drawings and paintings of trees make inexpensive yet meaningful wall art.

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty through Tree Wall Art

I love decorating with wall art and have found tree designs to be especially meaningful. A tree drawing in the bedroom or bird paintings in the hall remind me of cherished memories. Tree wall art also brings calming nature indoors. Browse this article for tree wall ideas to elevate your home decor.

Tree art in living room

Simple Tree Silhouettes

Minimalist tree wall stickers and decals are gorgeous yet simple. These suit many rooms and styles, from modern lofts to cozy cottages. Tree silhouettes make striking accents on their own or paired with other wall art.

For the living room, try grouping three black tree decals of various sizes together. This wall art idea adds an artistic touch without overwhelming the space. Or highlight a blank wall or small nook with a single tree sticker. Metal and vinyl options allow repositioning.

In a child’s bedroom, use colorful tree wall stickers to brighten the space. For a girl’s room, pink blossoming tree stickers would be sweet. And for any kid, add whimsical birds or bird cages to bring the tree to life. Reposition as your child grows.

Framed Family Trees

For a personalized family tree wall art idea, frame actual drawings or paintings by your kids. Displaying your child’s artwork highlights their creativity for all to see. For especially meaningful keepsakes, have each family member draw their own interpretation of a tree.

To create a family tree gallery wall, mount drawings together in matching or coordinating frames. This display allows combining artwork from siblings over the years in one coordinated wall collage. Lean the framed art together on a mantle or hallway for a casual clustered look.

Map Wall Art

For boho-chic style, frame a vintage map printed on parchment paper depicting your hometown or ancestry. Draw a family tree over your house location, using branches to link generations. Write names and dates directly on the map with metallic pens. Display the high-quality digital print home decor proudly in the entryway or above the sofa.

Map wall art also suits bachelor pads or dens. Opt for a topographical or navigational map print showcasing a favorite fishing spot or hiking trail. Use washi tape to mark your route, or pin noteworthy locations with mini metal tacks. Add faded flair by exposing the map to sunlight pre-framing.

Nature Photography

Capture natural beauty through tree landscape photography. Black and white nature photos make striking yet simple art. For intrigue, focus closely on the bark texture or branches. Frame your best black-and-white landscape photo print in a thin black frame for a contemporary gallery vibe.

Color photographs of golden autumn trees or cherry blossoms also stun. For seasonal decoration, swap out nature-themed wall art as the seasons change. In spring, display flowers and budding trees. Transition to summery forest scenes rich with green leaves. Then showcase fiery fall colors before wintering with evergreen pines.

Painted Tree Murals

Transform an entire blank wall into a mural showcasing the forest or your favorite kind of tree. Paint one oversized tree straight onto the wall for a colorful focal point. Outline branching vines in black paint to pop against the wall.

For a whole forest, paint a row of trees in muted greens along the wall’s upper half. Use stencils to easily replicate leaves all in a line. Then paint a meadow scene below. This large wall mural suits long walls in living and family rooms. The floor-to-ceiling outdoor scene brings vibrance to neutral spaces.

Tree of Hearts Wall Decor

For a romantic wall statement, try a tree of hearts design. This take on the traditional family tree uses hearts in place of names or photos. Connect paper hearts with glittering gold thread, wire, or ribbon. Display on an entryway or bedroom wall for sweet and simple handmade art.

In the dining room or kitchen, fill metal tree branches with painted wooden hearts. Paint each heart with words that represent your love for family and friends. Arrange the hearts dangling from the branches in a vase for interactive and meaningful wall decor.

Tree of Hearts Wall Decor
Tree of Hearts Wall Decor

Fabulous Tree Wall Decor Ideas

Trees naturally enhance home decor in so many artistic ways. Continue reading for more ideas to elevate your space with beautiful tree wall art.

Framed Foliage Specimens

For organic art, frame actual autumn leaves and flower specimens collected on a nature walk. Carefully press and dry your finds before framing them in a shadowbox. Label each specimen – kids will delight in creating their own mini natural history museum exhibit.

Shadowboxes also allow you to frame 3D objects. Display shapely driftwood, twisted vines, or a dainty bird’s nest discovered in your own backyard. Line the box bottom with thin birch logs or moss to complete the woodland scene.

Birch Log Slices

Sliced birch log rounds make rustic wood wall art for the outdoorsy home. Mount whole log slices, or cut rounds in half for slimmer wall hangings. Birch log edges showcase beautiful natural wood patterns that complement your decor.

For added texture, arrange an asymmetrical birch branch next to the log slices. Hang a trailing ivy plant over top and attach an artful birdhouse with floral trim for a vignette that spans wall art into the decor.

Patterned Tree Silhouette Art

While solid black tree silhouettes suit some decor styles, don’t limit yourself. Try tree wall stickers and decals with colorful designs within the tree outlines for extra pop like the Tree of Life. Abstract watercolor motifs, scenic landscapes, and mystical celestial patterns inside tree shapes add interest.

In a home office, select tree wall art featuring antique book pages or sheet music designs. For a glamorous look, choose trees filled with Art Deco or floral patterns. Children will love trees shaped like hot air balloons ready for adventure. Find tree wall decals to match any personality or decor theme.

Photo Tree Collage

Gather meaningful photos from your own life or ones found at flea markets and antique shops. Arrange printed photos on the wall nested within the branches of a drawn tree. Use a pencil first to lightly sketch the tree design, trunk, and branches before gluing photos in place.

Focus your photo tree collage around a specific theme, like travel souvenirs, family memories, or old Hollywood glamour prints. For extra flourish, decorate the collage tree with ribbons, buttons, or jewelry charms. This wall art pulls together photos styled into the new focal decor.

Rounded tree art in living room

Bring the Outdoors In

Whether drawn, printed, or painted, trees breathe life into living spaces. With so many tree art options, you can find pieces that match both your decor style and personality. Read on for more tips to make your home shine with natural tree wall art.

Key Considerations

  • Size – Measure your wall space first, then select a tree wall art size that fits without overwhelming or underwhelming. Mix big statement pieces with smaller accents, similar to Florida wall art decor, exquisite glass wall art designs, and ceiling wall art ideas to elevate home decor.
  • Color – Tree art looks gorgeous in any palette. Pick neutral, black and white designs, or vibrant colors based on your room’s existing scheme.
  • Style – From modern photography to abstract doodles, choose three styles that speak to you. Kids’ rooms suit fun prints, while bathrooms work well with spa-like scenes.
  • Budget – Consider both fine art collectibles and budget-friendly prints. Save money by framing artwork yourself in frames from thrift shops.

With the right tree wall art choices, you can highlight nature’s splendor in every room of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many retailers like Amazon, Etsy, and Wayfair sell tree wall art online. Check local art and craft stores for original pieces. Or frame tree landscape photos, paintings, or drawings you create yourself.

All kinds of tree art suit home wall decor. Consider framed prints and paintings, vinyl stickers, large decals, DIY drawings, photo collages, birch log slices, map art with trees, and more based on your style.

Start by determining your wall space size and layout. Space out large and small pieces for visual interest. Group items by color, theme, or frame style for a coordinated gallery wall. Place tree art to balance out sofas, beds, and other furniture.

Tree wall art elevates any living space. Try trees in bedrooms for a relaxing vibe. Showcase family memories through tree art in hallways. Bring nature inside with tree murals in living rooms. Accent kitchens and dining rooms with birch log slices.

Many vinyl tree decals can be rearranged or removed completely without damaging walls. Carefully peel off and re-stick. Some may leave behind a sticky residue easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Read labels to confirm before purchasing.


Whether simple silhouettes or colorfully painted forests, wall art featuring trees makes any house feel like home. The natural elegance and organic patterns of trees complement all decor themes.

Consider framing your own tree landscape photography or kid’s artwork for special custom pieces. With the limitless tree art options available, you can find just the right pieces to elevate your living space.

Embrace nature’s transcendent beauty through tree designs that breathe new life into your home.

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