Transform any area with beautiful and unique Digital Print Wall Art Decor. Incorporating art into your home adds a personal touch while brightening up your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and more.

With so many options to choose from like canvas paintings, posters, metal prints, and photo collages, it’s easy to find wall art suited for any approach or budget. Read on with Nousdecor to learn why digital print wall art is a great choice and how to pick pieces that give your home an artful feel.

Key Takeaways

  • Digital print screen decor adds a personalized approach to any area at home or the office.
  • With online print shops, you can easily find specialized art hard to find elsewhere.
  • Choose artwork and arrangement based on the room’s existing aesthetic.
  • Properly scale and frame pieces to fit the wall area and unify the look.
  • Etsy, Society6, Minted, and Saatchi Art offer diverse printable art options.

Add Character to Your Walls With Digital Print Wall Art Decor

Decorating your home with screen decor instantly lights up plain walls and adds character to any space. While you can find generic mass-produced prints, digital printing opens up many possibilities for creating one-of-a-kind screen decor suited to your personal taste.

With the ability to print any high-resolution image onto canvas, metal, acrylic, unique driftwood wall art pieces, and more, you can custom design screen decor that speaks to you.

Digital print screen decor offers benefits over traditional mediums:

  • Wide selection of images – Choose from millions of art, photography, and graphic design images, or use your own photos.
  • Custom sizing – Get the exact size and shape you need from small to oversized art.
  • Vibrant colors – Prints reproduce colors better than original painted works.
  • Unique pieces – Pick uncommon art not found in generic catalogs.
  • Affordability – Quality digital prints cost a fraction compared to original artworks.

With many decor options available through online print shops and marketplaces like Etsy, it’s easy to create screen decor that fits your style, whether Boho floral designs, minimalist B&W photography, or colorful abstract paintings.

Add Character to Your Walls With Digitally Printed Wall Decor

Tips for Selecting and Displaying Digital Wall Art

When planning your screen decor display, consider these tips for picking artwork and arranging it effectively:

Choose Artwork to Suit the Space

Pick digital print screen decor that complements the existing style, color palette, and vibe of the room. For example:

  • Kitchen – Vintage fruit and vegetable posters or floral designs are good as decorative artwork for kitchen walls
  • Living room – Landscape photography, abstract paintings, or pop culture prints
  • Bedroom – Botanical illustrations, scenic images, or artwork with calming colors like artful mirror wall decorations
  • Office – Motivational quotes, geometric graphics, B&W cityscapes

Browse art online or in-person to find pieces you connect with and that enhance the feel of the room. Curate a collection of art rather than one big piece for a gallery-like wall display.

Consider Size and Orientation

Scale your screen decor appropriately for the wall area so it doesn’t get lost or overpower the room. Landscape orientation works for wide walls, while portrait-oriented pieces suit narrow spaces. For large wall areas, use a mix of sizes or group several small to medium-sized works.

Make sure the artwork is large enough for viewers to appreciate details and visual impact.

Arrange Artwork Harmoniously

Avoid cluttering the wall with mismatched pieces. Plan your arrangement so the screen decor looks cohesive. Some options:

  • Hang all pieces in the same orientation and frame style
  • Choose art in the same color family or theme
  • Mix framed and unframed based on similarity
  • Incorporate whitespace between pieces

Allow artwork to breathe on the wall rather than jamming pieces edge to edge.

How to Arrange Artwork Harmoniously

Choose Versatile Framing

Black, white, or natural wood frames have an airy, minimalist feel to blend with both classic and contemporary styles. Colored frames can match accent hues in the room. Floating frames add depth.

Lean into the art’s approach with ornate vintage frames or modern lucite. Mat options like white and neutral colors keep focus on the art.

Where to Shop for Quality Digital Wall Art

Thanks to print-on-demand technology, it’s easier than ever to turn digital files into wall art. Here are the top places to shop for unique, high-quality pieces:

  • Etsy – Handmade and vintage marketplace with thousands of printable art and photography options.
  • Society6 – Leading artist marketplace with diverse prints on canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood.
  • Minted – Trendy independent art and award-winning photography available as wall murals.
  • Saatchi Art – Online gallery for limited edition prints of original paintings and drawings.
  • Redbubble – User-uploaded designs on posters, canvas, framed prints, and more.
  • Zazzle – Customizable art using your photos and designs on various mediums.

For beautiful, affordable art suited to your taste, browse these digital print shops online or work directly with their talented community of independent artists and photographers.

Where to Shop for Quality Digital Wall Art

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wall art called“, you asked? Wall art refers to any artwork hung or displayed on a wall for decorative purposes. It encompasses various terms like wall hangings, wall decor, wall sculptures, wall accents, and wall collections.

Consider the room’s purpose, existing style, and color scheme. Pick art that enhances the room’s vibe. Favorites that personally appeal to you make great choices. Scale pieces appropriately and frame them in a cohesive way.

Use enough art to cover blank wall areas without overcrowding. Aim to fill roughly 50-75% of the wall, grouping 3-7 pieces of various sizes. Allow breathing room around and between pieces. Mix in other accents like mirrors or shelves.

Both clustered and gallery arrangements work. Cluster similar pieces for impact. Gallery approach with evenly spaced art looks polished. Combine the looks of expansive walls. Hang clusters and galleries at 57 to 66 inches from the floor to eye level.

Nature themes like botanical prints are perennially popular. Black and white photography and abstract art offer timeless options. Gallery walls with an eclectic mix of pieces provide a fresh update. Oversized art makes a dramatic statement.


Spice up lackluster walls with digital print screen decor that fits your unique taste and décor. Modern print-on-demand technology makes it easy to get affordable museum-quality art from online shops like Etsy and Minted. Curate eye-catching wall displays in any room tailored to your interests and style.

With the right selection and arrangement of artwork, you can infuse personality into your home and brighten up any space. So let’s start incorporating art into your home for a personal touch now!

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