Interior design trends come and go, but statement wall art remains a timeless way to express your personal style. With the rise of digital decor, it’s easier than ever to find affordable prints to instantly enhance your living spaces.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I’ll share insider tips to help you curate gallery walls with purpose. Read on to learn how Wall Art Digital Decor can transform your home.

Key Takeaways of Wall Art Digital Decor

  • Digital wall art offers convenience, affordability, and endless variety compared to traditional mediums. Easily find prints matching your decor.
  • When planning gallery walls, choose a cohesive theme and arrange art in an organic, asymmetrical layout for visual interest. Mix up sizes and frames.
  • Consider different wall art styles like boho chic, black and white photography, abstract, botanical, typography, pop culture, or oversized canvas prints.
  • Leading online art print shops include Etsy, Society6, Minted and Marketplaces like Etsy connect you with unique works by talented independent artists.
  • Properly scale your wall art to fit the intended area. Pieces should be at least 2/3 the width of your wall. Oversized prints make dramatic statements.
  • Black, white, or natural wood frames keep the focus on the art. Or go frameless by mounting prints directly to the wall with Command strips or floating hangers.

Why Choose Digital Wall Art?

Digital wall art offers many advantages over traditional mediums:

  • Convenience – Skip the flower market and instantly shop thousands of designs online. Digital files are delivered or downloaded directly to you.
  • Affordability – Quality artists sell prints at lower costs by eliminating overheads like shipping and framing. Score gallery-worthy art at bargain prices.
  • Variety – From abstract paintings to floral prints, the selection is endless. Easily find specific themes like boho, minimalist, or owl-themed metal wall art for home decor to match your interior design style.
  • Customization – Upload your own photos or choose custom sizes like oversized canvas prints. Optimize art for the exact wall area you want to fill.
  • Easy Installation – Hang digital art in minutes using removable adhesives or nails. Redecorating is simple since prints are lightweight and won’t damage your walls.
Stunning Reasons on Why Choose Digital Wall Art

Gallery walls instantly make a bold statement and showcase your personality. Follow these tips when planning your artistic feature wall:

  • Choose a theme or color palette – Cohesive gallery walls have an artful flow. Stick to 2-4 complementary colors that enhance your area.
  • Print a variety – Mix up your prints using different sizes, frames, textures, and abstract art. Variety adds visual interest.
  • Arrange asymmetric layouts – Gallery walls look best with an organic appearance. Stagger and overlap frames to resemble patterns found in nature.
  • Highlight focal points – Draw the eye to your favorite pieces by placing large statement prints in the center surrounded by smaller supporting art.
  • Incorporate negative area – Prevent a cluttered look by leaving breathing room between prints. Let the wall color show through.
  • Blend styles and mediums – In addition to digital prints, incorporate some budget-friendly art like macrame wall hangings or painted canvas pieces. This adds depth.
  • Consider scale and size – Make sure your art fits the wall size. Oversized gallery walls spanning entire walls make a dramatic impact in open-concept living rooms.
  • Elevate with lighting – Use sleek track lighting or picture lights to illuminate your collection and create an art gallery feel.

Narrow down your digital art search by considering these popular modern themes and styles:

Boho Chic Prints

Bring a free-spirited boho approach to your area with floral prints, abstract paintings, and earthy color palettes. Mandala tapestries, fern prints for wall decoration, and dreamcatchers evoke wanderlust. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

Black and White Photography

Stunning black and white photography prints add an elegant and timeless touch. Try portraits, landscape scenes, or architectural images. Especially striking on dark brown wall art decor or with black frames.

Nature and Botanical

Relaxing wall art featuring plants, flowers, trees, landscapes, animals, or water scenes brings the outdoors inside. Choose soft color schemes like blue and green. Ideal for bedrooms, offices, and spas.

Nature and Botanical
Nature and Botanical

Geometric and Abstract Art

Make a modern statement with abstract art prints featuring bold shapes, lines, and graphic patterns. Black and white palettes have high contrast. Visually interesting for contemporary spaces.

Pop Culture Prints

Surround yourself with favorite fandoms or pop culture icons like musicians, celebrities, movies, and more. From vintage concert posters to contemporary collages, the options are endless. Perfect for dens, dorms, or man caves.

Typography and Quotes

Display inspiring quotes, song lyrics, or poetry using stylized text and fonts. Especially good for frames over beds, desks, or bookshelves. Find printable digital templates for easy DIY projects.

Oversized Canvas Wall Art

For maximum visual impact, choose extra-large canvas prints stretching multiple feet across your biggest walls. Breathtaking abstract paintings or detailed city scenes make awesome XL canvases.

A big oversized digital printed canvas of a mountain range in a bedroom

Where to Buy Digital Wall Art

Thanks to the internet, quality wall art is just a few clicks away. Here are some top places to buy digital decor online:

  • Etsy – Support independent artists selling affordably priced instant downloads and prints. Find one-of-a-kind pieces.
  • Society6 – Choose from an unlimited collection of designs on prints, tapestries, canvases, and more. New art is uploaded daily.
  • Minted – Curation of modern art from the global community of independent designers. Options to customize frames and size.
  • – Massive selection of wall art spanning many styles and mediums. Frequent sales and promo codes on framed prints.
  • Wayfair – Along with furniture, find tons of unique wall art pieces and large statement canvases for affordable prices.
  • Overstock – Discount home goods site with a huge wall decor selection. Many items ship for free.
  • Redbubble – Print-on-demand marketplace featuring talented artists and fan art. Stickers, posters, wall tapestries, and more are available.
  • EBay – Score deals on new and used wall art finds across any theme imaginable. From abstract paintings to signed prints.
  • Etsy and Society6 are my personal favorite marketplaces to discover amazing digital artwork for unbeatable value. I always find rare statement pieces to adorn my spaces.

Displaying and Arranging Tips

Now that your perfect digital wall art is picked out and delivered, it’s time to display it. Use these pro tips:

  • When grouping multiple pieces into a gallery wall, lay them on the floor first to test layouts and spacing.
  • Be thorough when measuring. Calculate the exact center points on your wall for the most symmetrical arrangements.
  • For standard 8″x10″ or 11″x14″ prints, affordable simple black frames from Amazon or Target get the job done. Or go frameless by using Command poster strips.
  • Oversized premium prints make awesome stand-alone art to fill large empty walls. Go for thick gallery-wrapped canvas prints without the need for framing.
  • Lean into asymmetrical imbalance. Hang pieces like abstract paintings freely at varying heights, angles, and distances for a dynamic look.
  • Intersperse wall shelves, macrame hangings, or additional 3D decorative objects between framed prints. This adds depth and interest.
  • Use painter’s tape to mark ideal print placement on the wall before hammering in nails or stick-on hooks. This prevents repainting later if you rearrange pieces.
  • If concerned about wall damage, opt for removable 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips which easily come off without residue or peeled paint. Better for renters or temporary displays.
  • Illuminate your artwork with an overhead picture light or track lighting. This showcases pieces and makes colors pop.

Tips for Proper Wall Art Sizing

A common decor mistake is selecting artwork and prints that are too small for the intended wall area. Make sure your pieces properly fill the walls by following these size guidelines:

  • For small wall spaces like above beds or desks, opt for one large statement piece or clustered collection of small coordinating prints.
  • On a standard wall, medium prints around 20-32 inches wide best fit the area. Or hang one oversized print for drama.
  • To highlight a large focal wall, either hang one huge print or canvas that fills the entire area or cover the wall with a gallery-themed collection spanning 4-6 feet across.
  • When determining print sizes needed, measure the wall length and height. Wall art should be at least 2/3 to 3/4 the width of the wall.
  • Vertically, hang wall art 5-8 inches above furniture or other decor placed along the wall. For standalone pieces, center them for a balanced appearance.
  • Higher walls and ceilings above 9 feet call for proportionally larger prints positioned higher up. Hang large pieces 6-8 inches below the ceiling.

Adhering to proper scale means your prints and canvas pieces will never get lost on an outsized wall. Oversized statement art makes a maximum visual impact.

Big Wall Art Sizing For Digital Prints

Framing and Hanging Options

An often overlooked final step is selecting frames and hanging hardware to display your new artwork. Consider these options for enhancing spaces with digital wall art:

Frames: Go with simplistic modern frames in black, white, or natural wood tones. Or forgo frames completely by mounting prints and canvases directly to the wall.

  • Black, white, and gray frames have high-contrast modern appeal
  • Natural wood frames add warmth
  • Metallic gold and silver frames have a glamorous approach
  • Floating frames without borders keep the focus on the art itself

Hanging: Use nontraditional options like art ledges, wall mounts, floating shelves, hook systems, or leaning ladder designs to creatively exhibit your pieces.

Command Strips: For renters, these removable poster strips securely hang lightweight prints without nails or commitment. When it’s time to redecorate, strips peel off easily with no wall damage.

Picture Wire: essential for hanging large or heavy framed prints and canvas pieces. Attach D-ring hangers and thread sturdy wire through the back for distribution across multiple hooks. Prevent sagging.

With the right tools like quality digital prints, proper frames, and reliable hanging hardware, anyone can create a gallery-worthy art display. Have fun designing your artistic feature wall and elevating your interior spaces. Just take it step-by-step.

Frequently Asked Questions

My favorite online destinations for reasonably priced art prints from independent artists are Etsy, Society6, and Redbubble. Mass retailers like Wayfair and Overstock also offer huge selections.

Stick to a color scheme or theme. Print variety in different sizes, textures, and frames. Organically overlap pieces in an asymmetrical, staggered layout resembling patterns in nature. Leave breathing room between prints.

Wall art should be at least 2/3 to 3/4 the width of your wall. On average, medium prints around 20-32 inches wide best fit standard wall spaces. For large statement walls, go for multiple large prints or one oversized canvas print filling the entire space.

It depends on the look you prefer. Simple modern black, white, or wood frames highlight prints without distraction. Floating frameless prints directly on the wall also spotlight the art. For canvas prints, you can typically mount these without separate framing needed.

Use nailed picture hooks for heavier pieces. For lighter prints, removable Command poster strips adhere securely to walls and frames without nails or commitment. When removed, strips come off cleanly without peeled paint or holes. Great for renters.


Reinventing your interior design is easy and affordable with digital decorative wall pieces to match your unique approach. Curate inspiring gallery walls showcasing everything from modern abstract paintings to floral boho prints.

Discover beautiful art from independent artists and hang it in your home office, living room, bedroom, and beyond. Use these complete tips to properly scale and arrange stunning prints that enhance your spaces.

With quality digital art just a click away, you can instantly change up your decor anytime.

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