As someone who has decorated homes for over 20 years, I know how important it is to choose wall art decor that complements your existing decor. If you want to add natural elegance to any room, fern decor is a lovely option.

Ferns are having a major moment in home decor. With their delicate fronds and lush greenery, fern prints bring the beauty of nature indoors. Adding fern art is an easy way to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. The organic shapes and earthy colors pair nicely with boho, modern, traditional, or eclectic decor styles.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll recommend different types of Fern Decor Wall Art like canvases and wall scrolls. I’ll also share display ideas for hanging fern prints in various rooms. Read on to learn how fern botanical art can enhance your living space!

Key Takeaways of Fern Decor Wall Art

  • Fern leaf prints add natural elegance and a relaxing vibe to any room
  • Options include canvas prints, wall scrolls, preserved moss frames, and more
  • Fern art works in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, and more
  • Display fern art alone or pair it with other botanical prints
  • Framed fern prints make thoughtful gifts for plant lovers

Fern Wall Decor Options

Let’s start with the different types of fern art available. Here are some of my favorite options to consider:

Fern Wall Decor Options

Canvas Fern Prints

Stretched canvas prints featuring fern leaves or fronds make a simple yet stylish statement. They come in various sizes, from small 8″x10″ prints to large 3’x4′ statement pieces. Canvas provides a classic look and cleanly displays the fern image. Opt for a thin, wrapped canvas for a modern vibe or a thick gallery wrap for a more traditional style.

Fern Wall Scrolls

Wall scrolls are another excellent fern art option. These wall hangings have an Asian-inspired look with the image printed on fabric or paper. Hanging hardware is included. Fern wall scrolls add a peaceful, meditative feel.

Preserved Moss Fern Art

For a truly unique fern decor, consider framed art with preserved moss and plants. These shadowbox-approach pieces embed real pressed ferns and moss between two panes of glass. The 3D quality lends an earthy, organic feel.

Metal & Wood Fern Wall Decor

In addition to paper and canvas prints, fern images can be printed directly onto wood slices, metal sheets like tin or aluminum, or laser-cut wood shapes. The natural materials complement the fern designs. These also allow for more abstract fern art.

Large Fern Murals

To make a bold statement, install a full wall mural depicting an oversized fern leaf or forest. Ferns can be printed directly onto removable wallpaper or canvas drop cloths to create a customized accent wall. This transforms any space into a tropical oasis.

Displaying Fern Decor

Displaying Fern Decor

Living Room Fern Decor

In the living room, I love leaning a large canvas fern print against the wall behind a sofa. This creates an inviting backdrop. Or hang two smaller framed fern prints on either side of a window or fireplace mantel to add balance. For a grouping, combine small fern canvases with other botanical prints like leaves or flowers.

Bedroom Fern Decor

In the restroom, pair a peaceful fern wall scroll above the bed with simple bamboo blinds. The natural elements cultivate a relaxing vibe. Or float a wood-mounted fern print centered above the headboard for a spa look. In a guest bedroom, place a preserved moss fern shadowbox on the wall by the door to instantly add character.

Kitchen Fern Decor

For the kitchen, lean a set of three small square fern canvases against the wall by the dining table. This casual display adds warmth. Or hang a large printed fern “mural” using wallpaper or a canvas drop cloth. For a nook, place a round decorative mirrored wall art with fern leaves over a small bistro table.

Home Office Fern Decor Ideas

In a home office, position a stretched canvas fern print behind a desk to decorate a blank wall while also hiding cords. The organic shapes and colors foster productivity. Or fill a wall gallery with small framed fern prints mixed with inspirational quotes for an uplifting vibe.

Home Office Fern Decor Ideas
Home Office Fern Decor Ideas

Vertical Garden With Picture Ledges

Get creative with fern prints by installing picture ledges vertically on a blank wall to create a vertical garden effect. Lean several printed canvases against the ledges to mimic potted plants on shelves. This display completely transforms boring walls with the look of an indoor greenhouse.

Decorative Mirrored Fern Decorations

For a unique touch, look for wall mirrors that incorporate fern fronds in their design. Hanging a decorative mirror with etched ferns, fern metalwork, or a printed fern frame instantly dresses up any room. Illuminate with sconces for dramatic shadows.

Creative Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Make a statement as one of the creative dining room wall art ideas with a massive printed canvas showcasing the underside of a large green fern leaf, displayed alone on a wall. Or print and encase a botanical illustration of various ferns for an artsy look.

Group five small square fern prints together in a cluster for eclectic decor. Mix photography and paintings for variety. Lean some against the wall while others hang. The key is combining similar color palettes for cohesion.

Affordable Fern Wall Decorations

One thing I love about fern prints is they provide budget-friendly wall decor. Small unframed canvas prints start around $10. Paper wall scrolls are also very affordable, usually between $15-30 depending on size. Even custom-framed art prints and large statement canvases are reasonably priced, so you can decorate without breaking the bank.

Affordable Fern Wall Decorations

DIY Fern Wall Decoration Ideas

To save even more money, you can create DIY fern-inspired art with a little creativity. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Print a high-resolution fern image at home on matte photo paper for an inexpensive art print. Mount it to foam core for extra stability, then frame.
  • Create abstract fern-inspired art prints by applying white paint to real fern leaves on a canvas. This makes a textured natural print.
  • Use fern-shaped craft punches to cut ferns out of patterned scrapbooking paper, then encase a collage of fern cutouts.
  • Print fern clip art onto iron-on transfer paper to create customizable fern pillows or tote bags for wall decor.

Metal Fern Decor Options

For a contemporary look with some shine and texture, fern-inspired art made from metal is a great option. Here are some ideas:

  • Geometric metal fern cutouts in gold, rose gold, black, or white iron provide a modern contrast to any wall. Group in asymmetrical clusters for interest.
  • fern designs or silhouettes printed on aluminum, tin, or copper sheeting add an industrial vibe. Float in simple frames or mount directly to the wall.
  • Metallic fern prints on steel or tin with distressed finishes like Rustoleum’s rub n buff have an antiqued, vintage look. Lean against the wall or hang with hooks.

Hanging Tips

To hang fern-inspired art properly:

  • Follow any included hardware instructions and use anchors for heavier pieces to attach them securely.
  • Make sure framed art is hung level using a small bubble level. Hang canvases with a slight gap, about the width of a credit card, between the top edge and ceiling.
  • Group coordinating pieces together at staggered heights for interest. Repeat elements like frames for unity.
  • Light art properly with wall sconces, track lighting or position near windows. Illumination showcases the details.

Gift Idea

Fern-inspired art makes for a wonderful meaningful gift for any nature lover, gardener, or houseplant enthusiast. Choose a favorite image that fits your decor and personal approach for a customized, thoughtful present. Have it professionally framed for added luxury.

Write a heartfelt card about how this beautiful botanical will remind them of your friendship. Because of its peaceful presence, fern-inspired art is sure to delight them!

Fern Artwork Inspirations

Need some fern wall decor ideas? Here are a few of my favorite fern prints that make stunning art:

  • Watercolor fern painting – Delicate fronds painted in soft greens, blues, and greys. Peaceful and semi-abstract.
  • Preserved moss fern – Real pressed ferns and moss suspended between glass in a shadowbox frame. Natural and earthy.
  • Fern botanical illustration – Vintage approach drawing of assorted fern varieties. Classic and educational.
  • Black and white fern photograph – Crisp black and white closeup print of feathery fern leaves. Modern and minimalist.
  • Tropical fern canvas – Lush green jungle leaves on a stretched canvas for a bold look. Makes any room feel exotic.
  • Antique fern engraving artwork – Beautiful old-world engraving meticulously rendered on paper. Timeless and sophisticated.
  • Waterfall fern landscape – Tranquil scene of a cascading waterfall and verdant ferns. Peaceful and picturesque.
  • Geometric metal fern cutout – Cut steel fern outline with contemporary styling. Modern and sculptural.
  • Mixed media fern collage – This interesting layered mix of fern paper cuts, watercolors, felt decoration tips for your walls, and printing on wood. One-of-a-kind and eclectic.
  • Minimalist line drawing fern – Simple black ink fern frond outline art. Clean, meditative, and calming.

Where to Shop

You can find a wide selection of quality fern-inspired art available at many retailers:

  • Etsy – Tons of independent artists sell handmade fern prints, paintings, metal art, photography, and more at Etsy. Many customization options.
  • – Large online retailer with an extensive collection of fern-inspired art prints, canvases, and posters in various sizes. New designs are constantly added.
  • Minted – Curation of fern prints from a global community of independent artists. Professionally printed and framed options are available.
  • Wayfair – Features a good array of fern-inspired art like stretched canvas prints, wall scrolls, and metal signs at affordable prices.
  • West Elm – Offers modern fern-inspired art like abstract paintings, floating-encased prints, and textural 3D pieces.
  • Amazon – Budget-friendly fern canvases, wall scrolls, and framed prints with quick Prime shipping. Lots of customer reviews help choose quality pieces.
  • Local Art Fairs – Don’t forget to check works by artists in your community. Original fern paintings are special finds.
Where to Shop
Local Art Fairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Fern prints look beautiful in just about any room. They are especially well-suited for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, home offices, nurseries, and spas. Their organic look and relaxing vibe work with a variety of decor styles.

Style fern-inspired art alone in a large print or canvas for a clean look. Or group with other framed botanical prints like leaves, vines, flowers, and nature photography in coordinated colors. For variety, mix in fern wall sculptures, mirrors, or shadowboxes. Keep styles cohesive for a curated gallery wall.

For small rooms, choose one medium or large statement fern print as a focal point on one wall. For studio apartments, float several small minimalist fern-inspired art pieces together in an uneven grid for visual interest. Lean some against the wall while hanging others. Avoid clutter with too many pieces in tight spaces.

Measure your wall space, then pick a print that is 2/3 to 3/4 the width of your wall. Large blank walls can accommodate bigger prints. For tight spaces and above beds, stick with small to medium sizes around 20″ wide and under. Include wall border and furniture clearance in your measurements.

Follow any hardware instructions for proper hanging. Use anchors for heavier art. Hang pieces at 57-60 inches high from the floor to the center of the encasement for optimal viewing. Group pieces together with edges aligned and spaced 2-4 inches apart. Stand back occasionally to check that everything looks balanced and visually pleasing.


With its delicate, natural style, fern decor brings a peaceful presence to any space. Allow the humble fern to take your walls from boring to breathtaking with verdant canvases, prints, mirrors, and 3D art. Display fern-inspired art alone or mix it with other boho botanical designs for lots of decorating possibilities.

With so many unique fern prints to pick from, you can easily create a custom fern wall gallery that you will cherish for years. Let your home become a creative, inspiring jungle oasis with the beauty of fern-inspired art.

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