Adding Decorative Wood Wall Art is one of the best ways to instantly give your home character and style. In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about shopping for beautiful and unique wood wall decor to showcase in your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Measure the wall space ahead of time so you get a properly sized piece
  • Carefully review material, thickness, weight, and hanging specifications
  • Understand different hanging methods like D rings, wire, cleats, or brackets
  • Determine if you’ll need mounting hardware or if it’s included
  • Check that any paints, stains, or finishes are VOC-free and non-toxic
  • Look for fair trade woods sourced through ethical harvesting practices
  • Feel for quality craftsmanship with secure joinery, smooth finishes, and weighting for stability
  • Seek out reputable sellers and artists for unique handmade wood wall art
  • Ensure any reclaimed wood has been properly cleaned and sanitized
  • Read reviews and check return policies in case of defects or shipping damages
  • Search for sales, discounts, and coupons when shopping online
Decorative Wood Wall Art
Decorative Wood Wall Art

Why Choose Decorative Wood Wall Art?

Wood wall art offers tons of design flexibility and work in a variety of home decor styles from traditional to contemporary wall art decor ideas like farmhouses. Wood is a natural material that brings warmth and texture to any space.

Reclaimed wood pieces made from salvaged barn boards or other repurposed woods add rustic charm. You can also find pieces that feature hand-carved detailing or interesting wood grain patterns that really make them stand out as statement pieces.

Wood wall art comes in forms like signs, plaques, wall panels, and more. Pieces can be made from various types of wood like pine, cedar, teak, oak, maple, and even bamboo. The natural grain and knots of the wood add to the visual appeal.

How To Utilize Wood Wall Decor

There are so many creative ways to work wood wall art into your home decor:

  • Hang over the mantel or bed as an eye-catching focal point
  • Create a wall panel of multiple pieces like plaques or signs grouped together
  • Use reclaimed wood boards to make a textural accent wall
  • Display wall-mounted sculptures or carved wood panels
  • Make a bold entryway statement with a monogram or family name sign
  • Add inspirational quotes or meaningful phrases to living spaces
  • Install shelving using thick wood boards to display decor
  • Feature wood carvings or geometric shapes as modern art

Wood wall decor can be used in many design styles:

  • Rustic farmhouse: Reclaimed barn boards, distressed wood signs, affordable Western metal wall art
  • Modern farmhouse: Clean-lined wood plank signs, large wall sculptures
  • Contemporary: Abstract wood shapes, geometric angles
  • Traditional: Carved wood molding, floral/ nature-inspired plaques
  • Coastal: Wood carvings of boats, shells, or fish. Pops of white or blue.
  • Industrial: Weathered-looking wood, pipe, or metal accents

No matter your decor approach, there’s a wood wall art piece that can enhance it.

Places to Show Off Your New Wood Wall Decor

Now that you have an idea of the many possibilities that wood art for wall decor offers, think about which rooms and walls could use an upgrade. Here are some ideal spots to add this nature-inspired accent:

  • Living room – Above the sofa, flanking the TV, or as part of a gallery wall
  • Dining room – Behind a console table or hanging over the buffet
  • Kitchen – Display cute cafe signage, coffee quotes, or a family name/establishment sign by the breakfast nook
  • Bedroom – As the focal point above the headboard or on the longest empty wall
  • Bathroom – Add a touch of spa-like warmth with wood carvings, shelves or signage
  • Office – Inspirational quotes or words to keep you motivated
  • Stairway – Line the wall with wood boards, plaques, or family photos
  • Outdoor living space – Bring a woodsy approach to porches, patios, or pool houses

Don’t overlook smaller accent walls, awkward blank spaces, and little nooks that could benefit from just the right wood wall art piece.

Places to Show Off Your New Wood Wall Decor
Places to Show Off Your New Wood Wall Decor

Stylish Wood Wall Art Choices

Now for the fun part – choosing ornamental wood wall art designs and pieces that express your personal taste and style! Here are some trendy options:

Rustic Reclaimed Wood

  • Salvaged barn boards in natural, whitewashed, or stained finishes
  • Distressed wood signs with inspirational phrases, funny sayings, or meaningful words
  • Repurposed crates, barrels, or ladders used as display shelves

Hand Carved Wood

  • Intricately carved wood flowers, leaves, vines, or trees that look like the real thing
  • Geometric shapes or patterns with clean lines and angles
  • Figurative carvings of animals like deer, horses, owls, or songbirds
  • Religious icons like crosses or angel wings carved from wood

Modern and Abstract Wood Art

  • Wood panels with geometric cutouts or surface carving for texture
  • Natural edge boards and slabs with organic shapes
  • Movable wood wall sculptures made from recycled pieces
  • Custom laser-cut wood art formed from intricate patterns

Rustic Farmhouse Signs

  • Funny kitchen signs related to food, coffee and wine
  • Sentimental family establishment signs with last name and year
  • Motivational quotes about gratitude, blessings, faith, and family
Rustic Farmhouse Signs
Rustic Farmhouse Signs

Global Cultural Influences

  • Intricately carved bamboo wall art with lattice, flower, or nature themes from Asia
  • Tribal-inspired wood carvings and masks depicting African or South American cultural symbols

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top options are oak, pine, cedar, maple, teak, acacia, birch, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. Different woods have their own grains, colors, and characteristics.

It depends on your decor! Stained finishes add color while natural showcases the wood grain. Distressed stains give a timeworn rustic look.

Use cleats, D-rings, and sturdy picture hanging wire for heavier pieces. For big panels, install a support rail or French cleat system.

On masonry, use masonry anchors and screws. You can also get removable 3M Command Strips rated to hold weight on stone and brick.

You can try securing it to the wall very tightly in hopes it straightens over time. Or if possible, exchange it for a replacement that doesn’t have warping issues.


With endless exceptional wall art choices for home embellishment of stunning carved wood art, reclaimed barn boards, motivational plaques, farmhouse signs, and more, you can easily find beautiful ornamental wood wall art to give any room in your home a stylish upgrade.

Just determine your preferred styles, wood types, textures, and colors. Measure your space, shop smart, and soon you’ll be creating a gorgeous accent wall or eye-catching focal point with your new prized wood artwork.

Allow your unique decor tastes to shine through as you pick wood wall art that speaks to you and brings your home to life. Display it proudly and enjoy its natural warmth and rustic elegance for years to come. So buy unique decor for your walls today!

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