Adding Flower Wall Art Decor to your home is an easy and affordable way to instantly liven up any space. Whether you opt for colorful painted flowers, intricate paper flowers, or lush faux botanicals, a floral wall instantly creates a welcoming atmosphere.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I’ll walk you through the many beautiful floralist decor options so you can find the perfect pieces to fit your personal style.

Key Takeaways

  • Flower wall art comes in many styles like painted, paper, and faux blossoms to fit any decor.
  • Choose bold and colorful blooms for kids’ rooms, nurseries, and playrooms.
  • Metallic floralist decor adds an elegant, contemporary touch to modern spaces.
  • Florals beautifully complement dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.
  • Opt for easy-to-install ready-to-hang pieces or fun DIY projects.
  • Flowers are a versatile budget-friendly way to revamp the look of any wall.

The Many Styles of Flower Wall Art Decor

When it comes to finding the perfect floralist decor for your home, you have loads of high-quality wall decor options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular styles:

The Many Styles of Flower Wall Decor
The Many Styles of Flower Wall Decor

Painted Flower Wall Art

Adding a hand-painted floral mural is one of the most effective ways to instantly change up any blank wall. Painted blossoms come in every color like contemporary dark brown wall art and cover full walls or small sections. Feel free to go bold with painted giant peonies or roses like modern digital decor for your walls.

Or try classic floral prints, trellises, or botanical outlines for a more subtle touch. Painted flower walls work especially well in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces.

Paper Flower Wall Art

For a romantic, feminine look, you can’t go wrong with delicate paper floralist decor. Paper blossoms come in stunning colors like blush pink, coral, yellow, and turquoise.

Opt for blossoms like peonies, roses, poppies, and ranunculuses crafted out of crepe, cardstock, tissue paper, or book pages. Some paper floralist decor incorporates 3D blooms that add depth and realism.

Display paper blossoms in groupings on one wall or scatter them across a gallery wall. They’re perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and wedding backdrops.

Faux Flower Wall Art

Faux blossoms offer the lush look of fresh blossoms without any upkeep or watering. You can find faux flower walls with botanicals made of silk, plastic, velvet, or high-quality foam. Go for magnolia branches, eucalyptus leaves, or different types of realistic flower bushes.

These make stunning focal points behind sofas or beds. Faux vines and garlands also add texture and color when arranged on walls or stair railings. Their versatility allows faux blossoms to work in formal spaces like entryways as well as casual rooms like dens.

Faux Flower Wall Art
Faux Flower Wall Art

Metal Flower Wall Decor

For a contemporary, sleek look, metal floralist decor is a fantastic option. Laser-cut steel and aluminum blossoms add modern flair. Opt for metallic blossoms like copper roses or gold leaves to complement your existing decor.

Or make a statement with a full wall of bold, overlapping metal daisies or tulips. The clean lines and durable materials of metal flower wall decor make it a wonderful choice for kitchens, dining rooms, and modern living spaces.

Lively Floral Wall Art for Kids’ Rooms & Nurseries

Flower wall decor really shines in kids’ rooms and nurseries. When decorating your baby’s nursery or toddler’s bedroom, embrace bright, playful colors and prints. Here are some top floral wall art ideas for children’s spaces as family wall art decor:

  • A rainbow mural with painted blossoms in every color of the rainbow makes the perfect colorful backdrop in a playroom or bedroom.
  • Add a corner of 3D paper blossoms like carnations, dahlias, or chrysanthemums over the crib in your baby’s nursery. The texture adds interest and the bright colors stimulate your baby’s vision.
  • Choose a set of fun bee and flower canvas prints that teach colors, numbers, or the alphabet for your toddler’s learning space in subtle ways.
  • Metallic floralist decor, like laser-cut dandelions or butterflies, brings a whimsical feel to your girl’s bedroom.
  • For your boy’s bedroom opt for bloom styles they’ll love like cactus, shark, dinosaur, or safari flower prints.

No matter if you’re decorating a nursery, toddler space, or tween room, blossoms give you so many creative ways to add color and visual excitement to the walls.

Elegant Metallic & Neutral Flower Wall Art

While bright and colorful blooms work well in kids’ spaces, for sophisticated adult areas like master bedrooms and living rooms, consider metallic and neutral floralist decor. These elegant floral pieces seamlessly blend into any existing decor.

  • A set of steel sunflower decor with bronze, silver, or copper finishes adds a contemporary flair to blank walls above a sofa or bed.
  • Delicate cut-out vines or botanical prints in soft gold or rose gold beautifully complement formal spaces like dining room decor with wine wall art.
  • For a dynamic look, intersperse black and white floral canvases with paintings and other wall art in your living room gallery arrangement. The high contrast pops.
  • Minimalist line drawings of blossoms and plants in pen or ink create an upscale feel on your bathroom or bedroom walls.

By choosing metallic and neutral floral wall art, you can add natural beauty without overwhelming a space. These sophisticated blooms invite tranquility into your home.

Flower Wall Decor for Dining Rooms & Kitchens

Floral accents feel right at home in dining spaces and kitchens. A brightly colored or textured flower wall provides the perfect backdrop for your meals and entertaining. Here are some excellent flower wall ideas for dining rooms:

  • A wall of 3D faux flowers, like orchids or roses, behind your table adds a dramatic focal point.
  • For rustic charm, wooden blossoms in white or stained wood finishes complement farmhouse decor.
  • Incorporate wall art and decor into one piece with a painted mural that combines flowers, herbs, fruit designs, and shelving. This makes a wonderful backdrop in a cafe or home kitchen.
  • Lean a trellis against one wall and decorate it with faux ivy leaves, or espalier real ivy or jasmine plants on it. The organic shapes soften hard surfaces.
  • Arrange canvas flower prints in similar colors like shades of pink or purple to create a pleasant allover floral pattern.

When planning your dining space or redecorating your kitchen, look for floralist decor that reflects your taste. It will enhance the ambiance of your cooking and eating areas.

Flower Wall Decor for Dining Rooms & Kitchens
Flower Wall Decor for Dining Rooms & Kitchens

Where to Place Flower Wall Decor

If you’re wondering which rooms best suit floralist decor, the short answer is any room! Floral accents liven up every space throughout your home. Here are some top placement ideas:

  • Entryway – An oversized floral canvas print or colorful painted blossoms make a dramatic first impression.
  • Kitchen – Faux eucalyptus garlands and abstract floral prints complement kitchens.
  • Dining Room – Lush floral arrangements or branch art behind the table.
  • Living Room – Metallic prints and neutral canvas blooms.
  • Bedroom – Soft watercolor blossoms or floral trellises by the bed.
  • Bathroom – Minimalist flower line drawings for a spa vibe.
  • Nursery – Bright, colorful floralist decor.
  • Office – Soothing floral prints to reduce stress.

No matter which room you choose, blossoms visually open up the space and add a welcoming touch. Feel empowered to decorate every wall with beautiful blooms.

Ready-to-Hang Options for Quick Updates

One of the best aspects of floralist decor is how quick and easy it is to display in your home. Many pieces come ready to hang, allowing you to decorate in minutes. Here are some easy ready-made flower wall decor ideas:

  • Shop for pre-framed flower prints and canvases that you can directly hang on your walls. This avoids the hassle of finding matching frames.
  • Look for flower wall decals that stick to your walls without nails or hooks. Many have adhesive backing you just peel and stick.
  • Opt for flower picture ledges that already have built-in shelving or frames as part of the design.
  • Buy flower boxes that mount directly on the wall and come with artificial plants or faux floral stems pre-arranged.
  • Find floral murals with self-adhesive backing paper for covering large wall sections quickly.

Choose ready-to-hang floralist decor for an instant room refresh without the work of nailing or complicated installation. It’s a quick and easy decor upgrade.

Fun DIY Flower Wall Art Projects

Beyond store-bought pieces, creating your own DIY floralist decor allows you to fully personalize the design. DIY projects work especially well if you want to decorate on a budget. Here are some fun ideas to try:

  • Cut flower shapes from scrapbook paper, old book pages, or wallpaper samples. Layer and collage the paper blooms to form a floral mosaic.
  • Use a pre-made embroidery hoop, add cotton or felt, and stitch on colorful floss blossoms for a cute wreath-like wall hanging.
  • Arrange fake or dried blossoms and fill shadowbox frames to preserve beautiful flower art under glass.
  • Paint inexpensive wood letter initials in fun floral patterns for kid-friendly accent art.
  • Take canvas shoes and attach faux blossoms across the toe and sides for quirky floral shoes to display.

DIYing your own floralist decor means you can repurpose and upcycle materials you already have at home for free. Let your creativity bloom!

Flower Wall Art to Fit Any Budget

Perhaps best of all, stunning floralist decor comes in a variety of prices to meet any budget. Here are some money-saving ideas:

  • Under $50 – Choose smaller ready-to-hang flower prints and canvas pieces or inexpensive faux florals.
  • $50 – $150 – Lots of handpainted floralist decor, decals, paper flower kits, and framed prints fall within this range.
  • Over $150 – For larger statement pieces like expansive murals, giant metal flowers, or commissioned paintings.
  • DIY – As mentioned, you can also make flower art for free from materials at home.

Flowers offer so many options at any price point. Thoughtfully mix high and low-cost flower wall decor for a collected look that doesn’t break the bank.

Flower Wall Art to Fit Any Budget
Flower Wall Art to Fit Any Budget

Key Things to Consider When Shopping

To choose the perfect floralist decor for your space, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Scale – Make sure flower artwork is proportionate for the wall size. Oversized pieces make small rooms feel cramped.
  • Color – Choose hues that coordinate with your room’s existing palette for a cohesive look.
  • Style – Pick floral designs and layouts that match your interior decor style, whether modern, boho, traditional, etc.
  • Material – Consider longevity and maintenance. Faux blossoms or metal won’t fade, while paper requires careful dusting.
  • Shape – Look for flower shapes that suit the room. Delicate vines work well in bathrooms while bold blooms make great living room focal points.

By keeping these considerations in mind as you shop, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and find floralist decor that you’ll adore in your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

For small rooms, stick to smaller floralist decor like individual prints or decals. Dainty blossoms like vines, tulips, or lilies also recede nicely. Avoid big, overpowering florals.

Flex your creativity when arranging! Group floral canvases together over a sofa or scatter individual prints across a gallery wall. Place large statement pieces like murals on otherwise blank walls. Surround with other decor.

Bedrooms invite rest with soft, uplifting blossoms like watercolor blossoms, floral trellises, or peaceful color palettes. Avoid neon colors or intensely dark colors. Delicate blooms promote tranquility.

Absolutely! Faux flowers, metal wall art, and paintings or prints made with exterior-grade materials work beautifully in covered outdoor spaces. Just avoid paper flowers.

Most floralist decor is low maintenance. Wipe clean prints and canvases with a soft cloth. Use dusters on faux florals. Avoid moisture which can damage paper flowers. Properly seal any DIY projects.


Ready to refresh your home’s decor with beautiful and welcoming floralist decor? With so many styles from colorful paintings to chic metallic prints, you can find floral pieces to enliven any room.

Children’s spaces, kitchens, and living rooms – flowers’ natural vibrancy and charm enhance every environment. And you can instantly change up your space with ready-to-hang art or fun DIY projects.

Give your walls a makeover with floral decor that expresses your personal taste and brings a joyful style home.

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