Looking to spruce up the look of your home? Decoration Wall Art is an easy and affordable way to instantly transform any room. With so many options to choose from like paintings, prints, sculptures, photos, and more, you can find wall pieces that match your personal taste.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing wall art decor for different rooms in your home. From materials and styles to placement tips, you’ll have all the information you need to decorate your walls with beautiful, unique pieces that enhance your interior design.

Key Takeaways

  • Wall art instantly livens up blank walls and brings personality into any room.
  • Consider the function of each room when selecting wall decor – choose pieces that fit the space.
  • Play with shape, color, texture, and material to add visual interest.
  • Arrange collections of art for a wall display.
  • Choose size and placement carefully for maximum impact.
  • Wall decals, shelves, mirrors, and tapestries also make great wall decorations.

Choosing the Right Decoration Wall Art for Each Room

Wall art decor is a great way to reflect your personality and approach in your home. When choosing pieces, it’s important to keep the function of each room in mind. Here are some tips on selecting wall art for different spaces:

Choosing the Right Wall Art for Each Room
Choosing the Right Wall Art for Each Room

Living Room

As the main gathering place in most homes, the living room deserves special attention when decorating. For a cohesive look, choose wall art with colors pulled from your furnishings. Black and white prints always work well. Consider arranging an exhibit wall with a collection of different-sized framed prints and photos. Wall sculptures and 3D pieces add visual interest.

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Make your bedroom feel like a tranquil oasis with peaceful wall art. Try botanical prints featuring lush greenery or simple black-and-white nature photography for transforming interiors with digital wall art. Add visual texture with woven tapestries or macrame wall hangings. Uplifting affirmations and phrases also look great above the bed or on the closet door.

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The kitchen is a great place to showcase your personality. Look for wall art with quotes or designs that inspire you. Choose pieces with food-related themes like fruits, vegetables, herbs, or wine-themed dining room wall decorations. Use colors and materials that stand up to moisture and heat, like metal or wood. Arrange framed prints for a stylish look.

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Home Office

When decorating your home office or workspace, look for wall art that stimulates productivity and creativity. Black and white abstract prints provide a modern background. Hang a bulletin board to pin up reminders. Frame inspirational quotes or favorite photos of loved ones. A large chalkboard or dry-erase calendar are functional options.

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The bathroom environment calls for wall art that can withstand moisture. Try framing prints or photos behind glass for protection. Watercolor paintings, metal wall art, ceramics, and wood prints are also good choices. Keep the room looking tranquil and peaceful with ocean, beach, or flower wall art decor.

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Decorate long hallways with a series of framed family photos or art to enhance your home with family wall art. Your eye will move down the hall, taking in the entire collection. You can also highlight architectural details like wainscoting or crown molding with proper placement. Try art lights to illuminate paintings or prints.

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Things to Consider When Selecting Wall Decor

Things to Consider When Selecting Wall Decor
Things to Consider When Selecting Wall Decor


Choose art that is sized appropriately for the wall space. Oversized pieces can feel overwhelming in a small space. For large, blank walls, look for XL canvases or wall sculptures. Get the right scale by taking wall measurements before purchasing.


Introduce colors from your decor into a space with vibrant wall art. Black and white prints provide contrast and go with anything. Match colors exactly for a cohesive effect. Complimentary or clashing hues create visual impact.


Add tactile interest with woven tapestries, embroidered hoop art, macrame hangings, framed dried botanicals, and multi-media collaged paintings. Rustic wood and bold metal pieces also provide texture.


Consider the durability of wall art materials based on placement. Wood, metal, and ceramics hold up in busy household areas. Canvas, paper, and fiber-based pieces work for low-traffic spots. Glass-covered options help protect delicate prints or photos.


Subject Matter

Reflect on your personality, lifestyle, and interests through your art. Abstract designs provide visual texture. Photography and nature prints add peaceful feelings. Showcase favorite destinations with travel prints. Feature family photos for a personal touch.

Form and Shape

Look for wall art in geometric or organic shapes that contrast with the lines in your space. Circular mirrors or wall sculptures offset rectangular furnishings. Flowing asymmetrical art balances symmetrical architectural details.


Properly illuminate wall art with overhead lighting or picture lights. Led strips highlight key details. Wall sconces frame pieces nicely. Catch natural light during the day.

One of the most popular wall decorating ideas is to gather a collection of various prints, photos, and paintings and hang them salon-style to create a stunning art wall gallery display. Here are some tips for creating this eye-catching look in your home:

  • Choose a wall space of your choosing – above a sofa, in the dining room, above the bed, in a hallway, etc.
  • Select pieces in coordinating colors and complementary themes. Variety in sizes, shapes, and framing helps create visual interest.
  • Arrange the wall art with larger pieces around the outer edges and smaller pieces clustered toward the middle.
  • Hang art salon style by measuring a few inches above the sofa/furniture top and create rows, staggering pieces so they don’t line up. Let some frames overlap slightly.
  • Start with the larger pieces first. Step back frequently to check for balance and proportion.
  • Fill in gaps with medium and smaller-sized art, photos, or mirrors. Play with arrangements until you achieve the look you envisioned.
  • Finish by lighting the wall display with overhead lights, picture lights, or strategically placed lamps. Your stunning art wall display is complete!
Curating an Art Wall Display
Curating an Art Wall Display

More Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Beyond typical framed prints and paintings, there are lots of unique ways to decorate your walls and make a stylish statement:

  • Wall Decals – These removable vinyl stickers come in every shape, color, and style. Create an accent wall with abstract shapes, inspirational quotes, or whimsical designs.
  • Shelves – Floating shelves display framed photos, collections, and plants in an artistic way. Staggered sizes and asymmetrical shapes create interest.
  • Mirrors – Hang a statement mirror or collection of mirrors of varying shapes and sizes to brighten up a dull wall space.
  • Textiles – Macrame weavings, tapestries, quilts, and other textile wall hangings infuse bohemian flair.
  • Murals – Hire an artist to paint a custom mural or scenic landscape like mountains, forests, or oceans to transport you.
  • Sculptures – Metal, wood, or mixed media wall sculptures add artistic flair to any room. Look for abstract shapes or natural themes.

Tips for Hanging and Arranging Wall Decor

Once you’ve selected stunning art pieces for your home, proper hanging and arrangement will maximize their beauty and impact. Follow these tips:

  • Hang art about 57-61 inches from the floor to eye level. This enables easy viewing.
  • Look for the focal point or center of a wall and hang the largest piece there. Build out symmetrically.
  • Follow the rule of thirds – position art off center about 2/3 to 1/3 ratio for pleasing dimensions.
  • Arrange collections with odd numbers (3, 5, 7 pieces) for best flow. Vary heights and sizes.
  • Use templates to plot out spacing. Hang similar-sized pieces in horizontal rows with 6-12 inches between frames.
  • Let some art and photos overlap slightly to create depth and dimension.
  • Don’t overload a wall with too many pieces crowded together. Leave negative space between groupings.
  • Use picture lights, sconces, or track lighting to illuminate wall art and highlight details.

Experiment with arrangements and hang pieces using removable adhesives before nailing or using permanent hooks to allow for easy repositioning. Stand back frequently to check sightlines and proper alignment. With mindful hanging and artful arranging, your wall decor will elevate any room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canvas prints, metal prints, and large wall decals provide a big impact for reasonable prices. Framed poster prints are a budget choice. Oversized murals run under $100.

It’s best to leave 3-4 inches between the ceiling and the top of the frame so the art doesn’t look crowded. But if you have high ceilings, large pieces can extend closer to the top.

Long padded headboards look great flanked by two equally sized prints, mirrors, or photos. A large canvas-centered one works too. You can also do a display wall with multiple pieces in similar frames.

Vintage-look food advertisement prints, flower prints, fruit/veggie art, and coffee or wine-themed pieces help accent the kitchen. Use materials like metal, wood, or ceramic that can withstand heat and moisture.

The wall behind the sofa is the prime spot for an art display wall or large statement piece. You can also highlight the wall between two windows. Above the fireplace mantel is another great art location.


Decorating your walls with stylish art is an easy DIY project that immediately elevates the look and feel of any room. With so many options from framed prints to wall sculptures, you can look for pieces that fit your personal taste.

Use the tips in this guide to select wall art suited to each room, creatively arrange salon-themed display walls, and properly hang your pieces. Soon your home will be filled with beautiful artwork and no more boring blank walls!

Which ideas of exquisite wall pieces for your space from this wall art decor guide resonated most with you? Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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