Home decor speaks volumes about the people who live there. The art, accessories, furniture, and overall style reflect your family’s personality and design aesthetic. An impactful way to decorate while showcasing your loved ones is with customized family wall decor.

Decorating with family wall decor is a fun way to surround yourselves with happy memories and shared interests. As an interior designer with over 15 years of experience, I’ve helped many clients create custom spaces using meaningful family decor items. This type of personalized decor has become one of my favorite design elements to incorporate.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share where to place different Family Wall Art Decor components and creative ways to display them. I’ll also offer plenty of specific product recommendations to spark your own ideas. With a little planning and curating, you can design living room family, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen wall galleries that tell your family’s story.

Key Takeaways

  • Family art instantly personalizes your space with memories and inside jokes.
  • Options like framed photos, canvas prints, and wall decals capture your family’s personalities.
  • Arrange a wall gallery or collage for a bold display.
  • Mix stylized prints and paintings with photos for interest.
  • Add inspirational quotes, your family tree, or even the kids’ art.
  • Update wall decor for holidays and throughout the years.

Get Creative With Framed Family Photos

One of the easiest ways to incorporate family-focused wall art is by framing cherished photos. Select images that show your loved ones at various stages of life and document special memories like vacations, holidays, and milestones. For a personalized touch, choose frames that reflect the decor style of each room decor family.

In a living room wall or dining area, cluster Framed Photos of the Whole Family in coordinating frames such as Rustic Wood Frames above the sofa or buffet. Mix in stylized Prints like Abstract Tree Design With Photos for visual interest. For a playful alternative, opt for owl-inspired metal artwork for your walls with cutout sections to hold smaller snapshots.

For a bedroom gallery wall, choose sweet Frames like Heart-Shaped Ones to highlight Couple Photos, Newborn Pics, and Childhood Moments. Or create a Photo Timeline showing the kids growing up using Black and White Frames.

Get Creative With Framed Family Photos

Display Meaningful Family Quotes and Poems

Sentimental wall quotes and poems are another way to incorporate heartfelt family decor. Choose inspirational phrases, funny family sayings, or lines from a favorite poem to reflect your values. Frame meaningful Words alongside family photos for impact.

For a dining room or kitchen, I love “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed” Sign or Farmhouse-Style Family Quote. Display it near Photos of Gatherings and Celebrations, and avoid wine wall art decorating dining room.

For a living room, opt for poignant Quotes like “Home Is Where Your Story Begins” or “Life’s Greatest Blessings Call You Mom and Dad.” Present Framed Words of Wisdom Above Photo Collages or on an Accent Wall With Family Portraits.

Show Off the Kids’ Artwork and Creations

As your children grow, proudly display their artwork and creations on the walls. Frame select pieces in Basic Black Frames or Fun Colorful Ones to highlight their artistic talents. Swap out the artwork each year as they progress.

For an organized look, mount the Frames in a grid pattern on one wall. Or take a more freeform approach by clustering the Kid Art Collage-Style Near Family Photos and other cherished Wall Decor. Let your children arrange and curate their own gallery for a fun family project.

Show Off the Kids' Artwork and Creations as Family Art

Add A Family Birthday Calendar or Tree

To keep track of all the special days and celebrations, incorporate centralized family decor like a birthday calendar, family tree, or ** gallery wall**.

Mark Everyone’s Birthdays on Large Calendar Print Framed in The Entryway or Kitchen. Have Family Members Sign On Their Birthday for an Interactive Element.

Frame your Family Tree or create one with Decorative Name Plates Displayed on a Gallery Wall or Picture Ledge. Update it With New Additions to The Family.

Another option is a centralized photo wall with Pictures Displaying Family Members’ Birthdays, New Baby Announcements, Graduations, and More.

Choose Wall Decals For A Playful Pop

Removable wall decals or enhancing spaces with digital wall art allow you to add personalized touches without permanently altering the walls. Opt for family-focused decals like Family Stick Figures or “Home is Where the Heart Is” Quotes for a playful pop.

In a kid’s room, use decals to Spell Out Their Name or showcase their passion like Soccer Players. Decals allow you to easily update their space as their interests change.

For living and dining rooms, choose sweet quotes like “Family is a Gift that Lasts Forever” or “Blessed” Sign With Family Names. Place near entryways or displayed on a focal wall.

Find Meaningful Wall Art Gifts

Want to surprise your loved ones with heartfelt family decor gifts? Here are some of my favorite personalized and customizable gift ideas.

  • Custom Picture CollageWith Photos of Friends, Family, Vacations, or Pets
  • Personalized Canvas Print With Names and Dates to Mark a Special Occasion
  • Concert or Event Tickets and Photos as Memorabilia
  • Lyrics or Sheet Music to a Special Song or Hymn
  • Family Tree Wall Art With Custom Names and Silhouettes

For a holiday or housewarming gift, you can’t go wrong with framed family photos, customized prints, or meaningful wall quotes to decorate your new home.

The great thing about family decor is it evolves with you over time. Make it a tradition to take a new family photo each year and update your displayed pictures. Switch out kid art to showcase their latest masterpieces. Refresh wall quotes and prints to match the changing decor.

Periodically curate and re-arrange your family gallery wall to keep it feeling fresh. Group items by color schemes like affordable wall decor in dark brown, themes like travel or milestones, or frame types. Switch focal points and layouts and rediscover forgotten pieces hiding on the edges.

Use removable wall decals and framed prints to rotate in seasonal decor. Display Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter-themed family art during the holidays. Incorporate vacation mementos and summer activity prints in warmer months.

Update and Curate Your Family Wall Art Decor Gallery

Best Places to Shop for Family Wall Decor

Looking for inspiration on where to shop for meaningful family art, prints, and accessories? Here are some of my favorite stores and sites for quality, unique finds:

  • Etsy: Tons of customizable and personalized options from independent artists. Get custom portraits painted from photos, family quote signs, personalized canvas prints, and more.
  • Minted: Trendy designs, framing options, premium materials. One of my go-to for stylized family prints like family trees, maps with important places, and birth announcements.
  • Shutterfly: Budget-friendly personalized photo gifts like calendars, canvas prints, photo books, and mugs. Lots of holiday-themed family designs.
  • Pottery Barn Kids: High-quality kids’ wall art, at a higher price point. Great for nursery and bedroom prints, available in standard sizes.
  • Art.com: Top place for stylized prints and art pieces at more affordable prices. Large selection of family silhouettes, trees, photo prints, and inspirational quotes.
  • Local Artists, Craft Fairs, and Boutiques: For unique, one-of-a-kind family wall decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a living room, create a gallery wall with framed family photos, meaningful quotes, personalized canvases, and special memorabilia. Arrange them creatively over your sofa or focal wall.

Display your kids’ artwork, school projects, awards, and certificates. Also, incorporate customized wall decals with their name or featuring their interests. Frame special photos from their childhood or spell out their name.

For Christmas, create a holiday family gallery with framed photos in festive frames. Incorporate prints with quotes like “All I Want for Christmas is This Family”. Display Christmas cards in a wall grid. Add holiday-themed wall decals like trees, stockings, or ornaments with family names.

Incorporate customized family quotes like “Give Thanks for This Food and Family” in stylish frames or wall prints. Display framed photos of your favorite family gatherings and meals. Add a personalized family tree near the dining table.

Etsy offers tons of customizable family art from independent sellers. Many will personalize with your family names, photos, dates, quotes, and designs. Local art fairs, gift shops, and painters often offer one-of-a-kind options too.


Expressing your family’s personalities through top-rated artwork for walls creates a warm, welcoming environment that feels distinctly like home. Take the time to curate special photos, artwork, quotes, and custom designs that share your story.

There are so many creative ways to showcase the people you love most on your walls. Treasure the memories over the years by updating your family gallery as life brings new adventures. May your home always reflect the love you share.

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