Home décor is all about expressing your unique style and bringing positive energy into your living space. Abstract Plaster Wall Art Set is an easy and affordable way to infuse any room with modern, minimalist flair. These textured canvas art pieces add warmth, texture, and visual interest to bare walls with their layered plaster details against a crisp white background.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll explore the many benefits of using white textured plaster-made art collections and guide you through choosing the perfect pieces to enhance your home. You’ll discover the different types of plaster-made wall art available, from geometric designs to nature-inspired textures.

I’ll also provide tips on installation, care, and where to find quality sets of 2 white textures and a set of 3 boho plaster art collections to revitalize your space.

Key Takeaways

  • Abstract plaster-made art collections come in many designs like 3D wall art white, geometric, floral, and more to match any decor style.
  • Benefits include affordability, easy installation, durability, eco-friendliness, and unique style.
  • Consider the room size, color scheme, and your decor taste when selecting an abstract textured set.
  • Look for quality plaster-made art collections online and in home stores for optimal value.
  • Proper installation, dusting, gentle cleaning, and repairs keep your wall art looking its best.
Plaster Wall Art Set
Plaster Wall Art Set

Types of Plaster Wall Art Sets for Home Decor

Abstract plaster-made art collections come in endless varieties to complement your existing furnishings and décor taste. Here are some of the most popular modern plaster-made wall art styles for refreshing any room:

3D Plaster Art

Three-dimensional plaster-made Wabi Sabi art collections add eye-catching depth and texture. The layered plaster designs create shadows and contours for visual interest. 3D art sets work especially well in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces.


From triangles to circles, geometric shapes make for intriguing abstruse wall art. Crisp lines and mathematical patterns add modern flair. Geometric plaster-made art collections in black and white or muted tones give a minimalist, contemporary vibe.


Abstract wall art conveys emotion through non-representational swirls, splatters, lines, and shapes. These modern art styles encourage imagination and convey freedom. Abstract plaster-made art collections are ideal for modern, industrial, and bohemian spaces.


Bring nature indoors with animal-inspired plaster-made art collections. Find designs featuring deer, elephants, birds, and more. Neutral plastered textures keep these pieces modern yet natural for dens, nurseries, or bedrooms.


Leafy designs and botanical shapes add organic flair to any space. Plant-based plaster-made art collections work in many decor styles, from modern to traditional. Textured leaves and branches make stunning focal points in living spaces or bedrooms.


Pretty flower wall décor sets lend a soft, feminine touch with layered plaster petals and vines. Opt for subtle neutral blooms or go bold with brightly-colored florals. Floral wall décor sets look lovely in bedrooms, powder rooms, and living spaces.



Dreamy plastered landscape sets depict serene natural views. Look for abstract ocean, forest, canyon, or mountain designs to add a peaceful ambiance. Textured landscape wall décor sets make an inviting addition to dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices.


Inspirational phrases and meaningful words add personality when displayed in quote-plaster-made art collections. Pick uplifting quotes about family, love, or positivity for a feel-good addition to any room.


Add custom flair with personalized monogram wall décor sets. Your initials or family name in stylish fonts look chic against the plastered white background. Monogram wall art is ideal for entryways, bedrooms, and kids’ rooms.


Express your faith with religious-themed plaster-made art collections showcasing crosses, encouraging Bible verses, or images like angels. Add inspirational wall décor to bedrooms, family spaces, or offices.


Celebrate the seasons with festive plaster-made art collections to display all year long or during your favorite holidays. Find Christmas trees, pumpkins, and more to get your home guest-ready.

The variety of abstract plaster-made art collections makes it easy to find the perfect pieces to complement your aesthetic, from modern geometric to bohemian botanical designs. Now let’s explore why plaster is an ideal wall art material.

Benefits of Using Plaster-Made White Textured Art Sets

When shopping for new wall art, I always prefer quality plaster-made pieces for many great reasons:

Benefits of Using Plaster-Made White Textured Art Sets


Plaster art collections offer amazing value. The budget-friendly price tags mean you can decorate without breaking the bank. Sets of two or three pieces maximize your investment in stylish art.

Easy to Install

Lightweight plaster wall hanging sets go up in minutes with adhesive hooks or framing. No complicated wiring or installation costs.


Slim plaster-made art collections won’t weigh down your walls. The durable yet lightweight material prevents sagging or damage to walls over time.


While delicate in appearance, plaster-made art collections are built to last for many years. The material resists cracking, chipping and sun damage better than cheaper alternatives like wood or modern canvas prints for walls.


Neutral white plaster-made art collections suit any design aesthetic from modern to traditional spaces. Abstract textures blend seamlessly into both busy and minimalist rooms.



Sustainable plaster-made art collections are crafted without harming the environment. Plaster is a natural mineral material sourced responsibly.


Nothing beats plaster-made minimalist wall art collections for effortless style. Layered texture against crisp white backgrounds creates depth and visual interest better than flat prints.

Add chic, affordable flair anywhere with quality white plaster wall art collections full of depth and texture. Next, let’s explore how to select pieces that perfectly suit your space.

How to Choose the Right Plaster Wall Decor Set

With so many plaster-made wall minimalist art options to browse, deciding on the best set for your home décor goals can feel overwhelming initially. Follow these plaster wall art ideas to determine which size, color, material, and style will complement your space beautifully:

Consider the Style of Your Home

I always start by assessing the existing style in the room I’m decorating. For traditional spaces, floral or landscape sets in soft neutrals enhance the classic vibe. Modern homes come alive with geometric shapes or abstract prints in black and white or bold hues.

Think About the Size of the Space

Scale matters when picking wall art decor. A set of 2 white or 3 oversized abstract plaster pieces makes a dramatic statement on a blank large wall. For smaller accent walls, opt for dainty sets of two petite wall hangings.

Think About the Size of the Space
Think About the Size of the Space

Choose the Right Color

Monochromatic white-on-white plaster-made art collections seamlessly match any color scheme. Or introduce contrast with black and white or brightly colored designs. For a subtle touch, look for neutral plaster-made art collections in greys, tans, and pale blues.

Consider the Material

I love how plaster adds incredible texture versus flat canvas prints. But if you prefer a sleeker look, choose sculpted wood, metal, or canvas white wall art collections with minimal plaster detailing as exquisite canvas wall art with plaster details.

Read Reviews

Checking out reviews alerts you to potential quality issues. Well-made plaster sets have sturdy brackets and hang flush against the wall. Low-quality sets crack easily. I find the best values by buying top-rated plaster-made art collections online.

By keeping these tips in mind as you browse, it becomes much easier to select modern wall décor sets to elevate your space. Next up, let’s explore the best places to buy stylish plaster-made art collections online and in stores.

Where to Buy Plaster-Made Wall Art Sets of 2 and 3 Pieces

Quality matters when investing in wall art for your home. Here are my favorite retailers to browse for modern art abstract plaster-made collections guaranteed to impress:

Where to Buy Plaster-Made Wall Art Sets of 2 and 3 Pieces

Online Retailers

For affordable prices and a huge selection, I first turn online. Amazon and Etsy offer tons of handmade two-piece and three-piece plaster-made art collections, often for under $50. Order a few potential sets to see the quality in person, then return any that disappoint.

Anthropologie’s selection of sculptural wall décor sets with white sets of 2 textured wall art detailing rarely disappoints. For custom monograms or family name sets, Personalization Mall has fabulous quality white plaster pieces made to order.

Home Décor Stores

In brick-and-mortar stores, check out HomeGoods, Kirkland’s, and At Home for well-priced plaster-made art finds. West Elm and Pottery Barn offer pricier but luxe handcrafted sets in sophisticated designs.

Crate & Barrel’s three-piece Mid-Century Plaster White Abstract Art Prints are a personal favorite neutral set with rounded sculptural shapes.

Craft Stores

For DIY-ers, Michaels sells affordable unfinished plaster plaques to personalize with paint. Or choose a two-piece premade set like Michaels’ Sunburst Plaster Wall Decor in serene blue tones as one of the DIY plaster wall decor ideas.

Hobby Lobby also stocks charming plaster-made art collections featuring floral designs, scenic landscapes, or inspirational quotes for quick upgrades throughout the home.

With the right abstract plaster-made art collection, it’s easy to add artistic flair anywhere. Read on for tips on seamlessly installing and caring for your new art pieces.

How to Install Plaster Abstract Wall Art Sets of 3 and 2 Pieces

Installing plaster-made art collections is a simple DIY home project requiring minimal time and tools. Follow these steps for a quick professional-looking display:

Prepare the Surface

Wipe down the wall area with a clean cloth to remove dust and dirt. Fill any holes or uneven spots with drywall filler for a smooth finish.

Prepare the Surface
Prepare the Surface

Mark the Location

Arrange the wall art pieces on the floor to determine the ideal placement. Mark the hanging spots with a pencil, equally spacing each piece.

Apply Adhesive

Use high-quality removable adhesive hooks suitable for the wall material. For heavy sets, opt for nail-in hooks to securely support the weight.

Hang the Wall Art

Press the art pieces gently onto hooks. For framed sets, hang from integrated hanging hardware or D-rings attached to the back.

Finish Up

Ensure each piece hangs straight and flush to the wall. Step back and admire your stylish new abstract plaster-made art collections!

Following proper installation practices prevents your new wall décor sets from sagging, cracking, or peeling. Keep your textured plaster pieces looking like new with a bit of simple care.

Tips for Caring for Your Plaster Art Sets

While durable, plaster-made wall art requires minor occasional upkeep to maintain its pristine, textured appearance for years. Here are my top tips for keeping plaster sets looking lovely:

Tips for Caring for Your Plaster Art Sets

Dust Regularly

Gently clean with a microfiber duster or dry paintbrush to prevent dust buildup, especially in textured areas.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Position sets out of intense direct light to prevent fading. Hang above eye level or use curtains to filter bright sunlight.

Clean Gently

Use a mild soap and soft cloth to spot clean. Avoid abrasive chemical cleaners which may damage the plaster over time.

Repair Any Cracks or Chips

Small cracks and chips can be repaired with a plaster wall patch compound for smooth finishes. Seek professional help for more extensive damage.

With proper care, high-quality plaster-made art collections add timeless artful style anywhere in your home. Browse abstract textures and designs to refresh your space with creative flair today!

Frequently Asked Questions

High-density plaster with fiberglass mesh reinforcement prevents cracking. Opt for lightweight plasterboard for easy installation.

Sealing is an optional extra protection step. Unsealed plaster-made art may require more frequent dusting. Choose water-based sealants.

Adhesive alone can’t support heavy wall art. Use anchor screws drilled into wall studs for sets over 20 pounds.

Yes, finished plaster sets can be painted any color. Scuff the surface lightly before priming and painting for best adhesion.

Use a utility knife to widen cracked edges. Fill with joint compound, let dry, then sand smooth. Repaint plaster-made artwork as needed.


Abstract plaster-made art collections make revamping your home décor simple and stylish. With an array of designs from geometric to floral, you can easily find the perfect pieces to elevate any space. Quality plaster sets add delightful texture and customizable flair at budget-friendly prices.

Follow the tips in this article to select the best wall-mounted artwork tailored to your room’s size and aesthetic. Properly installed and cared for, sculptural plaster-made art collections will bring visual interest to your walls for years of enjoyment.

Refresh your home with a beautiful boho-chic style using these creative, eco-friendly plaster-made art collections.

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