Home decor expresses our style and personality. As an interior designer with over 15 years of experience, I love helping clients find meaningful pieces that capture the mood they want to create. Metal wall art is one versatile option that can convey anything from whimsy to elegance.

Let’s explore the possibilities of Metal Wall Art Owl Decor specifically to liven up your space with Nousdecor!

Key Takeaways

  • Metal wall art comes in many styles, from minimalist to ornate. Owl themes are popular for a touch of nature and wisdom.
  • Metal material provides durability to withstand the elements in outdoor spaces. Wall mounting owl sculptures inside and outside is easy.
  • Prices range from budget finds under $50 to investment pieces over $500. Handmade art on Etsy offers unique customization.
  • Owl wall decor provides a conversational focal point. Strategic placement makes the biggest impact.
  • Metallic owl wall art allows creative expression. Mix colors, textures, and shapes for your own collection.

The Allure of Metal Owl Wall Decor

What makes metal owl decor so popular in homes today? Here are some key reasons these bird sculptures strike a chord unlike digital wall art decor and fern-themed wall art ideas:

  • Connection to nature. Owls symbolize wisdom and elicit tranquility. Their presence through art brings the essence of the outdoors.
  • Rustic or modern appeal. Metal texture and sleek silhouettes suit both farmhouse rustic or contemporary stylish spaces.
  • Artistic craftsmanship. Sculptures and laser-cut shapes show artistic skill. Handmade owl wall hangings offer unique artisan details.
  • Conversational focal point. An owl piece provides a talking point for visitors. Figurines on branches or signs with funny sayings spark interest.
  • Versatile sizes and designs. From small accents to large statement pieces, metallic owl wall decor comes in many styles to mix and match with different decor like contemporary decorative mirrors for your walls.

With this medium’s flexibility, everyone can find metal owl art that matches their personal taste and enhances their existing decor scheme. Next, let’s go over popular options to get inspired about the possibilities.

The Allure of Metal Owl Wall Decor

Styles of Metal Wall Art Owl Decor

Searching for “metallic owl wall decor” will yield endless eye-catching results in a range of designs. Here are some of the most common styles to suit any mood you want to create:

Minimalist Silhouette Cutouts

These utilize negative space to artfully depict an owl shape in flight or perched. Laser-cut steel in black, white, or colorful powder-coated metal achieves a modern, streamlined look. Hang a single large piece or cluster multiple in a graphic display. This style works especially well in contemporary, Scandinavian, or industrial spaces.

Ornate Sculptures

For a more opulent feel, decorative cast metal owl sculptures impress with detail. Look for hand-painted features, faux gemstone eyes, bronze metal finishing, or distressing and crackling for an aged effect.

Place an ornate owl statue on a console table or mount it on the wall as the commanding focal point. French country, traditional, or boho spaces suit this ornate style.

Whimsical Decor

Fun owl decor shows the bird’s wise, endearing personality. Find figurines of owls reading books, wearing clothes, or holding signs with silly sayings. These bring out the owl’s character for a playful accent. Group clusters for a gallery wall or place one next to your entryway to greet guests with a smile. Cottage, kids’ room, or eclectic decor benefit from this touch of whimsy.

Whimsical Decor
Whimsical Look

Vintage Look

Aged tin owls have a timeworn, nostalgic charm. Faded painted details, patina finishes, and rustic wood branches give the impression of a flea market find. Showcase vintage-style owls in shabby chic, farmhouse, or rustic cabin spaces as stylish dining area wall art designs. These look right at home against reclaimed wood walls or distressed console tables.

Outdoor Wall Art

Made of iron, steel, or aluminum, outdoor owl sculptures stand up to the weather. Patina finishes resist fading while maintaining antique appeal. Use these garden-worthy pieces to decorate a covered patio, accent the yard, or greet guests at the entry. Their aged charm and wise owl presence extend your decor outdoors.

With this spectrum of styles, you can find metal wall art owls to align with any decorating taste and complement your existing furnishings. Now let’s go over tips for selecting and placing your owl art.

Choosing Your Metal Owl Wall Decor

When selecting metal owl art for your home, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Consider your style. Minimalist, ornate, fun, vintage? Choose an owl that fits the mood you want to create.
  • Measure the space. Scale your wall owl to fit the size of your wall. A 30″ owl is ideal for most standard wall heights. Go smaller for tight groupings or larger for a dramatic focal point.
  • Mind the materials. Indoor owl art can be light metal sheets or heavier cast iron. Outdoors opt for sturdy steel that withstands the elements.
  • Think about placement. On a blank wall, above the mantel, in a high-traffic area? Envision where your owl will have the biggest visual impact.
  • Mix and match. Collect an assortment of owls in varied styles, sizes, and colors for eclectic decor. Or keep to one cohesive look with matching designs.
  • Set a budget. While custom owl art can cost $500-600, Etsy and budget retailers offer quality finds under $50. Know your price point.

Follow your creative intuition about which owl speaks to you. With an array of options, you can infuse individuality into your space while adding this popular nature-inspired wall decor motif.

Choosing Your Metal Owl Wall Decor

Get the Right Wall Placement

To maximize visual impact, carefully consider where to place your new metal owl art. Here are my professional tips:

  • At eye level. For the best view, hang your owl around 60 inches high. This keeps it in sight line within your natural field of vision.
  • On a focal wall. Position your owl sculpture or wall hanging on a blank wall to become the commanding focal point of attention.
  • Above furnishings. An owl perched on a branch makes an excellent wall accent above a sofa, sideboard, mantel, or headboard.
  • In entryways. Greet guests with a fun or inspirational owl metal sign or sculpture by your front door or hallway.
  • On the patio. Mount weatherproof owl art to bring a wise presence to your outdoor living space. Try above an outdoor sofa or flanking the entryway.
  • In the garden. Place standing owl sculptures among your plants. Opt for a patina finish that blends into the foliage for a charming surprise.

Experiment with owl placement to find its sweet spot. This strategic positioning will let your new art make the biggest visual impact in your chosen space.

Design a Cohesive Collection

What’s better than one owl decor piece? An entire collection for a coordinating display that shows off your personal style. Here are my tips for curating your own owl wall gallery:

  • Odd numbers work best. Groupings of 3, 5, or 7 owl pieces feel pleasingly asymmetrical. Balance the layout with larger and smaller owlets.
  • Vary textures and colors. Mix black cutout silhouettes with a vintage bronze owl sculpture and a white tree branch owl. The assortment adds interest.
  • Repeat motifs. For a cohesive look, use owlets in the same position like all standing, all profile, or all forward facing. Consistent designs are calming.
  • Mind the heights. Follow one horizontal line across your arrangement for a clean look. Add visual interest by varying a few owl heights slightly.
  • Overlap shapes. Layer owlets on branches over cutout silhouettes leaning against each other. This dynamic composition appears artfully accidental.

By applying these principles, you can thoughtfully build your own owl collection over time. The curated grouping will infuse your personality into any wall as a meaningful focal display.

Shop Top Places for Owl Decor

Ready to start your owl decor search? Here are my go-to retailers for quality, selection, and value of creative wall art for sale:


The handmade marketplace offers one-of-a-kind owl sculptures, paintings, and mixed media art from talented artisans worldwide. Many pieces are rustic, vintage, or whimsical. Look for copper, wood, and painted tin unique owlets.


For convenient online shopping across styles, Wayfair carries modern graphic cutouts, statue accents, metal signs, and garden sculptures. Filter by material, price, bestselling, or customer rating.

World Market

Stop into a store or shop online to browse World Market’s curated collection of globally inspired home decor. Find a variety of owl wall sculptures, hangings, and figurines on shelves and branches.

World Market
World Market

Home Depot

The home improvement superstore stocks utilitarian metal owl cutouts along with detailed garden statues and outdoor wall plaques. Their selection focuses more on function than elaborate detailing.


Visit this home decor and gift shop for charming cottage-style owl figurines, wall hangings, signs, and accessories. Products range from cute novelty finds to higher-end hand-painted owl sculptures.


Expect artistic, artisanal owl décor pieces with boho and vintage influences from this upscale boutique. Offerings include jewelry holders, tabletop accents, prints, and large branch-mounted sculptures.

Shop around at these retailers and boutiques to find the perfect owl decor that speaks to you. Curate a collection over time or just add one meaningful piece – either will enhance your home with artful character.

Add Personality With Metallic Owl Wall Art

As we’ve explored, metal wall art owlets offer wonderful creative possibilities to enhance your home’s style. With the medium’s versatility, you can find designs perfect for any decor taste from minimalism to ornate vintage.

Consider your space’s style and focal walls to select the ideal owl pieces. Group into meaningful collections for the biggest impact. And position your new art in strategic sightline spots to spotlight these charming accents.

Infuse your indoor and outdoor rooms with nature, artistry, and meaning using metal wall art owlets. Let these wise sculptures and wall hangings become new focal points and conversational pieces in your home. Any style owl you choose will add a delightful personality and your own creative spirit to the space.

Add Personality With Metallic Owl Wall Art

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top places to buy quality metallic owl wall art online or in stores are Etsy for handmade finds, Wayfair for convenient selection, World Market for global styles, Home Depot for outdoor functionally, Kirklands for cottage charm, and Anthropologie for artistic flair.

Consider your wall size and viewing distance to select the right scale. Owl sculptures around 30 inches look nicely proportional on standard 8-foot wall heights. For closeup impact try larger 40-50 inch pieces. Groupings work well mixed with some smaller 10-20 inch owlets.

Use sturdy picture hanging hardware like hooks or braces made for the weight of metal art. Some pieces come with built-in hangers. Ensure screws attach firmly to wall studs or use heavy-duty anchors. Follow any specific mounting instructions.

Natural or neutral tones like off-white, beige, light grey, and wood tones complement both warm vintage patina owlets as well as cool modern metal owl cutouts. Avoid overpowering the metal tones with saturated hues. Let the art stand out.

Select owl art styles that reflect your taste – modern graphic, ornate romantic, folksy fun or vintage rustic. Curate pieces with finishes and colors you love. Group into collections that tell a visual story. Place your owl art in the spots you frequent most to enjoy their special presence.


Metal wall art in the popular owl theme provides wonderful creative decorating opportunities. With a range of available styles from minimalist to ornate vintage, you can find options to suit your personality.

Place metal owl sculptures or hangings strategically as focal points or collected groupings in your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Let these artful accents infuse any room with nature, wisdom, and personal style.

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