Adding wall decor is one of the simplest ways to instantly transform any space in your home. When that wall decor incorporates mirrors, the visual impact is even greater.

Mirror-made wall decor offers far more than a basic reflection. This unique type of décor provides depth, light, and an illusion of expanded space. It’s a creative way and affordable wall art options to give any room a stylish facelift.

In this comprehensive Nousdecor guide, we’ll explore the many benefits of Decorative Mirrored Wall Art and provide helpful tips for incorporating it into your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Strategically placed mirrors can make any room brighter, larger-feeling, and more visually interesting by reflecting light and views.
  • Mirror-made wall decor offers an affordable and creative way to update your space compared to major remodeling projects.
  • Choose mirror art and frames that complement your existing décor style – modern metallic, rustic wood, ornate traditional frames, and more.
  • Creative display ideas include gallery walls, statement mirrors, faux architectural windows, and infinite reflections.
  • Follow expert tips for proper size, placement, and lighting to make the most of your mirror-made wall art decor.

Why Add Decorative Mirrored Wall Art?

Mirror-made wall decor instantly brightens and enlarges spaces. It adds depth, light, and visual interest to any room. Mirrors reflect the best features of your space, they come in many shapes, sizes, and frames to match any style. It is an affordable and creative décor option.

Decorative mirror-made wall decor offers a range of benefits that make it a smart choice for any space just like creating unique wall art with felt.

Why Add Decorative Mirrored Wall Art?

Brightens and Enlarges Rooms

One of the best features of mirror-made wall decor is its ability to make any room appear brighter and more spacious. The reflective quality bounces light around, eliminating dark corners and giving the illusion of a larger area.

This makes it ideal for small spaces like hallways, bathrooms, and apartments. The brightness also boosts the mood and ambiance of any room.

Adds Depth and Visual Interest

In addition to making rooms feel enlarged, mirrors also create the illusion of depth. This three-dimensional effect provides visual interest to plain walls. Mirror-made wall decor adds another layer to your décor, taking it beyond flat art prints or photos. The reflections multiply the features of the surrounding space for amplified appeal.

Reflects the Best of Your Space

Wall mirrors strategically placed reflect back the best features of your home. Position it across from a window to add more light. Angle it to showcase attractive architectural elements or arrangements. Use it to expand views of your outdoor landscape. Get creative with placement to accentuate your home’s finest details.

Complements Any Style

Decorative mirrors come in a range of shapes, sizes, frames, and styles. Choose from traditional ornate frames, modern metallic finishes, rustic wood frames, minimalist styles, and more.

This versatility means mirror-made wall decor can complement any existing décor seamlessly. Find options with teardrop, square, round mirror frames, and beyond to match your space.

Affordable and Creative Décor

Compared to expensive original artworks or over-the-top remodeling projects, mirror-made wall decor provides maximum visual impact for minimal investment.

The affordable price point and easy installation make it a budget-friendly way to quickly reinvigorate your space. With so many creative mirror designs available, it’s easy to find options that reflect your personal style.

Ideal Rooms for Mirror-Made Wall Art

Mirror-made wall decor works wonderfully in just about any room when thoughtfully placed. Here are some of the most popular spaces to add this reflective décor:

  • Living Room – Hang a statement mirror on the feature wall or above a sofa to amplify light and views.
  • Dining Room – Position across from windows to reflect outdoor scenery and make the space feel larger as wall art design for dining room.
  • Bedroom – Add light and create a focal point above a bed, console, or dresser.
  • Bathroom – Mirror-made wall decor adds brightness and visual expansion to small bathrooms.
  • Hallways & Entryways – Long narrow wall mirrors and small décor mirrors brighten up dark passageways.
  • Home Office – Creative mirrors boost productivity with added light and visual interest.
  • Apartments – The illusion of more space is especially beneficial in small apartments and condos.

Take measurements to find the ideal-sized wall decor for each space. Scale and placement will impact the overall effect.

Living room as an ideal room to add mirror art

Stylish Mirror Frames & Shapes

One of the most exciting aspects of shopping for mirrors decorative options is selecting a frame style. The frame shape and material make a huge impact on the overall look and feel. Consider the existing décor elements like color palette, textures, and finishes to determine the best frame choice.

Here are some trendy mirror frame styles for homes with different aesthetics:

Modern Metallic Frames

For contemporary spaces, choose mirror-made wall decor with sleek metallic frames. Options include:

  • Gold, silver, or black thin metal frames – Minimalist and modern
  • Geometric shapesSquare, circle, angular
  • Wavy or rippled – Fluid, sculptural look

Rustic & Organic Frames

Warm up rustic or bohemian spaces with natural frame styles like:

  • Wood frames – Distressed, reclaimed, brushed
  • Leather-wrapped – Brown leather or suede
  • Rope – Jute or woven neutral fiber

Classic & Ornate Frames

Traditional décor calls for elegant framed mirrors like:

  • Ornate gold – Gilded, carved, and detailed frames
  • Oval – Stately traditional shape


To let the mirror-made surface shine, choose:

  • No frame – Clean, seamless look

Best Places to Buy

Fortunately, there are endless places to buy beautiful framed wall mirrors online these days. Here are some top places to shop:

  • Wayfair – Massive selection of styles and sizes at affordable prices. Sort by shape, material, price, size, and rating. Frequently offers discounts and sales.
  • West Elm – Finds chic modern mirror frames and large statement pieces. Higher price points but frequent sales.
  • Anthropologie – Boho, vintage-inspired framed mirror options along with modern metallic.
  • CB2 – Affordable selection of trendy geometric and angular mirror-made wall art.
  • Kirkland’s – Budget-friendly frames and decor mirrors for all styles.
  • World Market – Global-inspired mirror frames that are fair trade. Sales common.
  • Amazon – Convenience of one-stop shopping for all mirror types. Easy returns.
  • Etsy – Tons of handmade and custom mirror art wall decor from independent makers.

Be sure to also check furniture stores, home goods stores, and décor shops for their wall mirror selection. Big box stores like Target and Ikea offer budget options too.

Best place to buy mirror

Get Inspired: Creative Mirror Display Ideas For Home Decor

The beauty of a mirror-made decor wall collection is that it can be displayed in endless creative ways. Here are some inspirational ideas:

Group various-sized decorative floor mirror pieces together on a large wall for a chic gallery display. Mix round, square, and rectangular mirrors just like when making personalized wall art with words.

Geometric Cluster

Thoughtfully arrange same-shaped mirrors like circles or diamonds together on modern wall art. Create visual interest with overlaps and angles.

Bold Accent

Make a statement by hanging an oversized mirror or grouping three large mirrors wall together on a blank wall. The reflective surface becomes the focal point.

Complement Architecture

Position mirror-made art to highlight qualities of your home like a beautiful window, fireplace, or staircase. Allow the reflection to showcase these features.

Faux Windows

Mount two new rectangular vertical wall mirror items side-by-side on a wall to mimic a window for spaces lacking natural light. Hang sheer curtains around it.

Infinite reflections

Hang two mirrors opposite one another for a dazzling reflective effect. Works well in entryways, the ends of hallways, or on bathroom walls.

Be creative and strategic with placement to make the most of your mirror-made wall art.

Designer Tips for Hanging Mirrors

To maximize the visual appeal of your mirror-made art, follow these expert tips:

  • Hang mirrors at eye level for the most flattering perspective. 60-66 inches high is ideal.
  • Get the size right – Leave 2-4 inches of wall space around the edges of the mirror frame.
  • Arrange lighting to illuminate and accent the mirror. Sconces, overhead, and natural lighting work well.
  • Angle slightly to reflect views from an interesting perspective. Straight-on can seem flat.
  • Include decorative accents – Pair with art, plants, console tables, or curtains.
  • Clean regularly with glass cleaner to avoid dirt buildup and keep reflective.

Use the proper hardware for the mirror’s size and weight. Anchor into studs for safety.

Designer Tips for Hanging Mirrors

Frequently Asked Questions

In the living room, the most popular spot to hang a mirror is above the mantle or a couch. This placement amplifies the light from windows and helps enlarge the space visually.

Take measurements of your wall and mirror options. Leave 2-4 inches of wall space around the edges so it doesn’t look crammed. The size should be proportional to the wall and furniture sizes. Oversize can overwhelm a small space.

It’s recommended to hang a mirror slightly off-center over a piece of furniture. Centered can appear stagnant. Shift slightly left or right for a little more visual interest.

For a small bathroom, try a rectangular vertical mirror to give the illusion of a taller space. Hang near the sink at eye level. Avoid small scattered mirrors that make it look cluttered.

An ideal place for a dining room mirror is on the wall across from the windows. Angled to catch views of the outdoors, it brings in natural light and makes the room feel more open.


Decorative mirror-made wall decor provides an artful and affordable way to instantly elevate any space. With the ability to reflect light and create the illusion of more room, mirrors add aesthetics and function.

By selecting art and frames that match your existing décor and getting creative with placement, you can easily integrate mirrors for a stylish facelift. Use this guide’s tips to choose ideal rooms, styles, sources, and displays to incorporate just the right mirrors.

Let them reflect the best features of your home and brighten up your rooms with light and visual expansion. The creative possibilities are endless with mirror-made wall art!

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