Home decor has always been one of my greatest passions. After years of experimenting with various decoration ideas, I’ve found that typographic art adds a lively, personalized touch to any space. As an avid crafter and DIYer, I love that creating word wall decor allows me to express my creativity in a budget-friendly way.

In this post, I’ll walk you through my 9 easy steps for crafting a beautiful DIY Word Wall Art Decor that will liven up your home. Whether you’re looking to decorate your living room, bedroom, or office, these tips will help you make custom word art that reflects your style.

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Key Takeaways of DIY Word Wall Art Decor

  • Choose a wall area and determine the dimension
  • Select materials like wood, wire, canvas, or vinyl stickers
  • Brainstorm meaningful quotes
  • Design an appealing layout with varied text sizes and orientation
  • Make a template for spacing reference
  • Cut and prep materials as needed
  • Add color through paint, stain, etc, and apply text
  • Embellish with patterns, buttons, ribbons, etc. for interest
  • Mount the finished piece securely on the wall
  • Enjoy your custom, handmade word art!

My 9-Step Process for Making Stunning DIY Word Wall Decor

9-Step Process for Making Stunning DIY Word Wall Decor

1. Choose a Wall and Determine Size

First, pick the wall where you’ll display your word art decor. Make sure it’s somewhere you’ll see it often! Measure the wall’s length and height to determine the approximate dimension your piece should be just like with wall art design tree. Scale your creation so it fits nicely on your chosen wall without getting lost.

For smaller word signs, an area above a bed or sofa is ideal. Larger screen art designs can make a statement on a big blank wall.

2. Select Your Materials

Now decide which materials you’ll use. Like vibrant Florida wall art options, some popular options include:

  • Wood – Use wooden boards, plywood, shiplap, etc. Stain or paint as desired.
  • Wire – Bend and twist wire into typography and shapes.
  • Wall stickers – Purchase reusable vinyl word wall stickers.
  • Canvas – Stretch canvas over a frame and paint or Modge Podge typographic on it.
  • Glass – Incorporating some modern glass wall decor ideas can make your decor look stunning

Wooden typography and wire words have a modern yet rustic vibe. Wall stickers offer effortless application. Canvas provides a classic look. Choose what fits your style and skill level.

3. Brainstorm Words and Phrases

The best typographic art expresses your interests, values, and personality. Brainstorm quotes that represent you. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Uplifting typographic: love, hope, dream, believe, faith.
  • Values: family, adventure, wanderlust, joy.
  • Interests: books, yoga, coffee, wine, cooking, running.
  • Collections: plants, cameras, bikes, vinyl.
  • Phrases: good vibes only, gather here with grateful hearts, let it be.

Mix and match typography in creative combinations. For a gallery wall look, incorporate a visually pleasing variety of word signs.

4. Design Your Layout

Decide on your creation layout. Sketch ideas to experiment with scale and placement.

Some layout tips:

  • Place words to create visual interest and lead the eye across the creation.
  • Vary text dimension, style, and orientation for dimension.
  • Group words by theme, color, or font into pleasing arrangements.
  • Add subtle decor elements like floral prints or geometric shapes.
  • For places like the ceiling, check out our article on incorporating ceiling art into your home design.

Play around until you find an art creation you love!

Sketch ideas
Sketch ideas

5. Create a Template

Make a template as a guide for your project. If using boards, draw your layout on paper and tape it to the wood. For canvas or wall stickers, lightly sketch your creation in pencil.

A template ensures proper spacing and keeps your words straight. It’s okay if your finished piece doesn’t match exactly. The template simply provides a helpful foundation as you work.

6. Prepare and Cut Materials

Now it’s time to prep your materials!

For wooden words, cut boards and plywood into the sizes needed per your template. Use painter’s tape for crisp edges. Sand any rough edges.

Give wire words their 3D shape by bending and twisting the wire using pliers. Refer to your wording guide.

For canvas or wall stickers, no cutting is needed. Just thoroughly clean the surface to start with a blank slate.

7. Add Color and Text

Here comes the fun part of making your word wall decor!

If using wood, apply 1-2 coats of stain, paint, or chalkboard paint. Multiple thin coats provide the best coverage. Let dry between coats. Add your text by painting or using letter stickers.

For a collage look, decoupage pages from books, sheet music, maps, etc. onto your boards before adding text overtop.

With wire words, spray paint the full pieces in your color(s) of choice. Allow to fully dry before installing.

For canvas or wall stickers, lightly sketch your words first with a pencil. Then paint or adhere the vinyl letters.

Vibrant colors and whimsical fonts create an uplifting feel. Black and white makes a dramatic statement. Find your perfect color palette!

8. Add Finishing Touches

Once your base is complete, embellish as desired to make your piece really pop!

  • Outline words with painter’s tape and provide a contrasting color.
  • Stencil patterns like florals or geometrics around your text.
  • Glue on buttons, beads, or sequins to provide interest.
  • Attach ribbons, tassels, or pom poms along the edges.

Add complementary decor like floating shelves, wall vases, or macrame wall hangings nearby to further enhance your word wall.

9. Mount Your Word Wall Art

Lastly, mount your typographic art! Attach wooden words with screws drilled into wall studs or use industrial-strength Velcro or double-sided tape.

For lightweight canvas pieces, use removable poster putty or wall-safe adhesive strips.

Wire words can be mounted with small nails, pins, or sticky Velcro dots.

Display your wall stickers by peeling and sticking them onto the wall.

Stand back and admire your handmade typographic art creation! Adding your own personal words and style to a space is so rewarding. Your new art will bring a welcoming, uplifting feel.

Now whenever you pass by this spot, your custom word collage will make you smile and reflect on what matters most. Let your DIY word will be a bright light during life’s ups and downs. Surround yourself with good vibes and positivity every day.

Mount Your stunning word art

Frequently Asked Questions

Some great DIY word wall ideas include using wooden boards, canvas, wire, wall decals/stickers, scrapbook paper, maps, sheet music, book pages, and more. You can paint, Mod Podge, or decorate these materials to provide text and imagery that expresses your personal style.

Good places to hang DIY typographic art include above your bed, sofa, console table, or fireplace mantel in the living room, in a hallway, above the crib in a nursery, or in your office or workspace. Look for prominent blank walls or focal areas that can use some decor.

The scattered floating layout is one of the most popular DIY word wall designs. This look features a cluster of mixed-size words scattered across the wall in a pleasing arrangement. Gallery walls with a combination of word boards, photos, prints, and other decor are also a trendy word wall style.

To make wooden typographic art, you will need wooden materials like boards, plywood, shiplap planks, etc. Other supplies include wooden glue or adhesive, wooden stain and/or paint and brushes, letter stencils, and hardware for hanging like screws or industrial velcro. Distressing tools like sandpaper or a wooden burner tool can provide detail.

The easiest way to make typographic art is by using pre-made vinyl word decals and wall stickers. These can be simply peeled and stuck onto your wall in any arrangement you desire. Reusable wall stickers allow you to rearrange designs over time. Some wall sticker shops even offer customized word art.


Adding DIY typographic art makes such a merry and meaningful statement in your home. With so many creative materials and limitless design options, you can easily craft custom word decor that expresses your personality and brightens up any space.

I hope these tips give you inspiration to begin your own DIY word wall project! Start brainstorming your special quotes. Experiment with arrangements until you find a layout you love. The process of designing and making word art is extremely rewarding.

Let your finished piece remind you of what matters most. May your handmade typographic art provide a dose of positivity and light to your home and life? For plenty more home decor and DIY inspiration, be sure to subscribe to my website TheDIYDecorista.com. I can’t wait to see what uplifting works of word art you craft for your space!

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