Home decor expresses who we are. As a Florida native with over 10 years of experience in interior design, I understand the desire to infuse personality into your home with wall art that captures the spirit of the Sunshine State.

This Nousdecor guide will showcase how to enhance spaces with Florida Wall Art Decor and discuss must-have items for any collection.

Key Takeaways

  • Canvas prints recreate favorite Florida scenes in vivid color with options from small to large statement sizes.
  • Vintage-style wood or canvas Florida maps celebrate the state’s geography and cities with nostalgic charm.
  • Beach posters showcase iconic palm trees, sunsets, and coastal views that transport you to the sunny shores.
  • Framed vintage postcards and retro travel posters add nostalgic Florida flair with their classic black and white or colorful scenes.

Into Florida Wall Art Decor

When looking to add intrigue to Florida wall art, consider the following as what experts refer to as wall decor:

  • Canvas prints allow you to recreate your favorite Florida scenes in vivid color. Sizes range from small posters to large statement pieces.
  • Maps celebrate Florida’s iconic geography and cities. Wood or canvas Florida maps add a touch of vintage charm.
  • Beach posters recall the state’s sunkissed shores. Choose iconic palms or sunset scenes to transport you to the coast.
  • Postcards showcase retro Florida flair. Black and white or brightly colored options showcase classic scenes.
  • For a touch of whimsy, add 3D elements like artistic ceiling decorations for home interiors or enhance spaces with digital wall art to make a unique style statement.

With so many options for infusing Florida personality, let your wall decor do the talking.

Capturing Florida’s Allure with Wall Art

As an interior design expert, I always recommend using statement wall art to infuse personality into your home with wall art. For Florida natives and admirers, it’s easy to celebrate the state’s vibrant spirit through well-chosen pieces.

Wall decor allows you to recreate treasured memories and experiences from this sunny state. A stunning canvas painting can showcase emerald waters at your favorite beach. Vintage Florida postcards and maps provide a punch of nostalgia. For Florida sports fans, illustrations of favorite teams in dramatic colors make inspiring additions to a living room or bedroom.

Beyond nostalgia, Florida wall art creates an inviting backdrop for entertaining. A stylish Florida map sets the scene for a cocktail party. Dramatic sunset scenes energize a dining space. Even everyday spaces like the kitchen get an infusion of warmth from retro Florida signage.

With so many options, your Florida wall decor can become a meaningful collection to enjoy for years to come. As your curated art grows, you’ll enjoy reliving special memories each time you look around your thoughtfully decorated home.

Florida's Allure with Wall Art

Essential Pieces for Any Florida Wall Art Collection

When designing my client’s homes, these five types of Florida wall art make frequent appearances for their versatility and unique sense of place:

Vintage Travel Posters

These retro-inspired prints showcase sun-drenched scenes from across the state. Stylized palm trees, beaches, citrus groves, and more create a vibrant backdrop. I love to use these in dining spaces, hallways, or bedrooms. The saturated colors and sense of nostalgia energize any wall.

City Skylines

Dramatic black-and-white city skylines showcase Florida’s iconic architecture. Miami’s art deco hotels and resorts have an irresistible glamour. Orlando’s blend of old and new captures the city’s bold spirit. Find a skyline with landmarks meaningful to you.

Beach Posters

Close-up views of crashing waves, seashells, or sun-bleached sand dunes encapsulate the Florida coast. Hang these casual prints in laid-back spaces like dens, bonus rooms, or porches to add peaceful energy. For bedrooms, choose serene blue and white palette posters to promote relaxation.


Whether of the entire state or focused on specific cities, maps make an artistic statement. Wood maps with distressed paint details have a timeworn look perfect for a living room. Black and white canvas maps work well in modern spaces like offices. Use push pins to mark meaningful spots.

Nautical Prints

With all the beautiful marinas and waterways, nautical themes suit many Florida homes. Navy and white schemes depicting ships, sea creatures, or compass motifs add a sophisticated maritime vibe. Anchor prints make excellent gifts for boating enthusiasts.

Designing with Florida Wall Art

Once you’ve selected special Florida wall art pieces, how do you incorporate them seamlessly into your design? Follow these expert tips for showcasing your collection to its best advantage.

Florida Wall Art

Choose Artwork to Match the Room

Tailor your wall art to the room’s overall aesthetic. Beach scenes suit casual spaces, while dramatic Miami skylines have an elegant allure perfect for dining rooms. Always scale artwork appropriately – smaller pieces get lost in large rooms.

Repeat Key Colors

Allow your artwork to inform your color palette. If your prints use sea glass wall art decor in blue as an accent, echo it in pillows or other decor. This creates a cohesive look. For beach posters, pair with white and navy accessories for a crisp, coastal vibe.

Use Decor to Enhance Artwork

Thoughtful decor placements can draw the eye towards your favorite artwork. For example, hang a mirror nearby to reflect light and create visual interest. Use wall sconces or track lighting to illuminate a canvas print.

Add Horizontal Space

Hanging artwork alone on a large wall can seem isolating. Flank it with complementary pieces like wall mirrors or shadowboxes to add horizontal space. This makes the display more visually welcoming.

Allow Breathing Room

Avoid cramming too many pieces next to each other. Leave at least 6 to 12 inches between groupings to keep the look from becoming cluttered. Let each piece shine.

My Favorite Florida Wall Art Finds

To inspire your own Florida wall art collection, here are some of my favorite recent finds:

Palm Tree Sunset Canvas

This vibrant sunset painting captures the state’s tropical spirit. Fiery skies and silhouette palms will ignite any blank wall with color. I love the large size for making a statement.

Palm Tree Sunset
Palm Tree Sunset Canvas

Miami Skyline Poster

Black and white photographs are timeless. This Miami skyline poster works in modern and traditional spaces alike. The iconic Art Deco resorts and beachside condos are captured in striking detail.

Florida Map Wood Sign

This beautifully detailed wood map depicts Florida’s coastlines, cities, parks, and roads with vintage flair. It comes pre-mounted on distressed wood for quick hanging. Choose from sizes small to oversized.

Florida Postcard Collage

For a playful patchwork look, this collage artfully arranges reprinted vintage postcards from across the state. Each colorful card showcases mid-century Florida scenes to provide a nostalgic talking point.

Beach Ocean Wall Mural

Murals make sensational focal points. Available in a variety of color schemes, this photographic mural depicts crashing blue waves and seashells for a tranquil ambiance. Make a bold statement.

Final Thoughts on Enhancing Your Home with Florida Art

The Sunshine State’s natural wonders and retro coastal style come to life through well-chosen wall art. When curating your own Florida collection, let special memories and admired locations guide you. Vintage maps, city skylines, nautical motifs, and beach views open up creative avenues.

Display these meaningful pieces with decorating principles in mind: balance artwork with proper spacing and lighting. Allow artwork to inform your color scheme for harmony. When thoughtfully showcased, Florida wall art infuses spaces with the state’s restless spirit of adventure and nostalgia.

Let your collection reflect what makes Florida an enduring treasure.

Florida Art

Frequently Asked Question

The most popular Florida wall art depicts beaches, palm trees, maps of the state, major city skylines like Miami and Orlando, and retro travel posters. Nautical themes are also widely used.

Many online retailers like Etsy offer a wide selection of Florida-themed wall art. Local art fairs also provide opportunities to buy directly from Florida artists.

Vintage-inspired Florida citrus crate labels make great kitchen prints. Retro signage with amusing food-related slogans also adds charm to culinary spaces.

When grouping multiple pieces, make sure to allow adequate space between items and balance large statement pieces with complementary smaller pieces. Repeat colors from artwork in your decorative accents for harmony.

You can make Florida-inspired prints by photographing favorite scenes around the state. Services like Shutterfly can then print the images onto framed wall art. Maps or postcards can also be framed for easy DIY art.


Florida’s vibrant culture and landscape provide endless inspiration for wall art. By including palm trees, beaches, maps, city skylines, and nostalgic motifs in your home, you can surround yourself with the Sunshine State’s irresistible allure.

Allow your Florida art collection to ignite spaces with color and personality that capture this one-of-a-kind place. Let your creative decor transport you right to the Florida coast or your favorite city whenever you need an escape.

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