Wine lovers, rejoice! I’m going to show you how to Wine Wall Art Decorating Dining Room that perfectly captures your passion.

As a long-time wine enthusiast and home decor expert at Nousdecor, I’ve tried all kinds of red alcohol decor over the years. While real wine flasks and bars can look cluttered, canvas prints, metal signs, and wall hangings provide a touch of class without the mess.

Key Takeaways

  • Winery art like canvas prints, metal signs, and wall hangings provide a unique touch to your banquet room or any living space.
  • Consider the wall space available and your room’s approach when choosing pieces. Clustered canvases, oversized prints, metal cut-outs, wall signs, and collections make great focal points.
  • Shop for red alcohol wall decor on Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, and vintage online shops for endless options for every budget.
  • Hang your red alcohol art about 60-72″ high for prime visibility. Arrange in groups, on accent walls, or above furnishings.
  • Complement your red alcohol wall decor with colors, lighting, and other red alcohol decor for a cohesive look.

Why Winery Art Works

Winery art instantly livens up any dining room. Red wine glasses, grapes, and fruit designs nod to the joy of wine while abstract flask and glass shapes provide visual interest. Beyond the dining room, wine art also suits kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. With so many sizes, colors, and mediums to choose from, it’s easy to find pieces that match your style.

Winery art offers other perks too. It’s:

  • Affordable: Canvas prints, metal signs, and wall hangings are budget-friendly.
  • Convenient: Many pieces ship for free and are ready to hang.
  • Changeable: Swap out art whenever you want an update.

Below, I’ll highlight my favorite winery art finds and design tips so you can create a banquet room that celebrates your love of wine in style.

Wine Art Hanging In Dining Room Works Really Well

Best Places to Buy Winery Art

You can find winery art for sale almost anywhere these days. Here are some top shops to browse:

  • Amazon: Amazon stocks every winery art theme imaginable with convenience and free Prime shipping.
  • Wayfair: Score stylish canvas prints, metal signs, and wall hangings. Often has sales.
  • Etsy: Choose from thousands of handmade and customizable wine art pieces.
  • Vintage wine shops: Many shops sell cool reproductions of old wine posters and ads.

I suggest looking for pieces with unique, modern designs or opting for vintage reproductions for a classic wine cellar feel.

Winery Art Ideas for Dining Room

When designing your banquet room with wine art, think about the wall space available and your desired aesthetic. Here are some of my go-to ideas:

Canvas Prints

  • Oversized abstract wine flasks or glass prints
  • Vintage wine advertisement reproductions
  • Grapevine designs
  • Bar sign or wine list mock-ups

Metal & Wood Wall Hangings

  • Rustic wooden wine barrel or wine flask cut-outs
  • Wine flask opener or corkscrew cut-outs
  • Modern metal wine glass or flask shapes

Wall Sign Items

  • Wine quotes like “Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough”
  • Wine definition signs like “Wine n. Bottled poetry”
  • Wine-tasting flavor wheels

Set a Mood with Color

Pick new artwork hues that complement your color scheme. Blue and green wine bottle prints pop against warm walls. Black and white vineyard sketches suit formal spaces. Red wine glasses and oaked Chardonnay colors bring an inviting feel.

Décor Tips

Follow these tips to nail the styling:

  • Cluster pieces together over sideboards or consoles for impact.
  • Hang art over the head dining table or on the adjacent wall.
  • Try art groupings around 60-72 inches high for ideal viewing.
  • Add accent lighting to draw attention.
  • Incorporate other wine decor like racks, crates, and tasting posters around the art.
With All The Tips You Can create a Stunning Wine Art Like This

Top Wine Wall Art Decorating Dining Room Picks

Ready to sip on some style? Here are my current favorite winery art pieces to inspire you:

Stylish Dark Brown Wall Art

Bring a rustic feel with this wooden wine barrel wall hanging as stylish dark brown wall art. The rich brown barrel pops against the white and green grape clusters. Hang it on a banquet room accent wall or sideboard.

Unique Owl Design Metal Wall Decorations

Make a statement with these colorful metal owl wine bottle wall hangings as unique owl design metal wall decorations. Group a few together for a fun focal point. The cute owls hold a different wine glass in their claws against backgrounds like grapevines and stars.

Affordable Digital Wall Art Decor

This abstract wall art digital decor depicts blurred wine glasses in shades of dark red and black. It adds a modern approach to affordable digital wall art decor. Go big and hang the oversized print behind a dining table. Or size down for a kitchen accent.

Stunning Wall Art Collection

Make a bold statement by hanging this five-piece metal wine bottle print collection in a grid. The black and white bottles, wine glasses, and grapes make a modern art statement of stunning wall art collection.

Stunning Collection of Winery Art Hanging In a Dining Room

Top Quality Canvas Painting

This oversized blue and white wine bottle print has a hand-painted look. The cool tones suit bold accent walls. I love the drip effect. Pro tip: Order a custom size to fit your space perfectly.

Rustic Wall Sign

Rustic dining rooms need this charming distressed wood wall sign. It sums up wine love perfectly with the cheeky “Eat, Drink, Be Merry” message. Bonus points if you hang it by your wine rack.

Wine Wall Art Ideas for Beyond the Dining Room

While the banquet room shows off wine art best, you can also provide wine flair to any room with the right piece:

  • Kitchen: Opt for signs, small prints, and colorful bottles
  • Living room: Choose abstract or minimal prints to complement your decor
  • Office: Vintage reproductions bring a classic library feel
  • Bathroom: Watercolor wine prints offset sleek surfaces
  • Bedroom: Light up wall spaces with small pendant lights shaped like bottles or glasses
  • Bar: Cluster prints above your bar cart or bottles on floating shelves

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top online retailers for red alcohol wall art include Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, Overstock, and red alcohol merchandise shops like Vintage Wine Gifts and Uncommon Goods. Many offer free shipping and returns.

Popular options include canvas prints, metal or wooden wall hangings, wall signs, wall decals, framed prints, photography, and collections or groupings. Choose materials, sizes, colors, and designs to suit your space.

Great spots include above a sideboard or buffet, on the wall behind the dining table, or clustered together on a banquet room accent wall. Hang pieces about 60-72 inches high for optimal viewing.

This depends on the size and number of pieces. Smaller prints and signs need just a few square feet, while large statement canvas prints or collections may need a whole accent wall. Size art appropriately for your wall space.

Some popular banquet room themes include red alcohol quotes, abstract red alcohol bottles and glasses, vineyards, red alcohol definitions, grape imagery, and bar and red alcohol list imagery.


With so many fantastic winery art options at your fingertips, now is the time to give your banquet room or any space a wine-inspired makeover. The right art choices can elevate your room’s decor by adding interest, color, and conversational appeal.

So start browsing for that perfect print, metal sign, or wall hanging to showcase your love of red alcohol with style. Then relax and toast to your savvy designing skills next time you entertain. Cheers!

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