As an interior decorator with over 10 years of experience, I’m obsessed with Basket Wall Art Decor. There’s just something about displaying a collection of woven crates on a wall that brings warmth and texture into any room.

In this article, I’ll share my pro tips for creating stunning basket-style wall art using a combination of thrifted, handmade, and store-bought baskets. We’ll cover everything from choosing materials and styles to arranging your woven basket display.

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Key Takeaways of Basket Wall Art Decor

  • Basket wall art brings natural textures into your home.
  • DIY with thrift store finds or buy handmade boho woven baskets.
  • Arrange wicker, rattan, or seagrass in grids or clusters.
  • Add wood art wall decor signs for a farmhouse look.
  • Basket wall decor works in any room.
Basket Wall Art Decor
Basket Wall Art Decor

Materials for Basket Wall Decor

The great thing about basket wall decor is that it allows for so much creativity and customization. You can mix and match shapes, sizes, colors, and textures when curating your woven basket wall display. Here are some of my favorite materials to use:

  • Wicker crates – Made from woven plant fibers, these have a natural, rustic look. Great for farmhouse style.
  • Rattan crates – With their open weave, these lend a breezy, beachy feel. Perfect for boho chic decors.
  • Seagrass crates – The thick, sturdy texture of seagrass makes it ideal for holding and displaying items.
  • Wooden crates – From deep stained crates to pale painted boxes, wooden crates add contrast.
  • Thrifted/vintage crates – Check secondhand stores for unique finds. Old wicker crates have the most character.
  • Metal/wire crates – Add an industrial modern vibe by enhancing walls with decorative metal art or wire baskets. Great for bathrooms.

I always look for crates in neutral hues like black, brown, tan, grey, and natural fiber shades. Pops of color can be added with contents like rolled-up towels or coffee table books.

Arranging Your Woven Basket Wall Display

Once you’ve gathered your baskets, it’s time for the fun part – arranging them into an eye-catching wall decor installation! Here are my expert tips for wall art installation:

  • Mix sizes and shapes for visual interest – clustering same-sized crates can look flat. Mix in some taller, shorter, wider, and narrower pieces.
  • Overlap crates slightly – this creates depth and dimension. Just make sure to adhere overlapped crates individually to the wall.
  • Fill crates with decor items like vases, candles, or coffee table books to add color and interest. This also helps highlight their functionality.
  • Add signage – a “Laundry” or “Mail” sign on appropriate crates delivers an organizational punch.
  • Consider mixing in a grid – While organic clustering is most popular, mixing in a grid section adds modern flair.
  • Pay attention to negative space – the spaces between and around crates are just as important for the overall composition. Don’t overcrowd.

Experiment with arrangements before committing to a final layout. Stand back frequently to check how it looks from a distance. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to break “rules” – create something that excites you!

Arranging Your Woven Basket Wall Display
Arranging Your Woven Basket Wall Display

Ideal Spots to Showcase Your Woven Basket Wall

The wonderful thing about basket wall decor is how versatile it is. A woven basket installation can enhance the look and function of any room in your home:

  • Kitchen – Use crates to hold fruits and vegetables or corral cooking essentials like spices and utensils on the wall.
  • Bathroom – Contain rolled-up towels, toiletries, and cleaners. Tip: Line crates with a waterproof liner if needed.
  • Living room – Store blankets, books, and media accessories in woven wall baskets beside the TV.
  • Dining room – Display pretty dinnerware in open weave baskets. Or fill a long row with rolled-up napkins.
  • Bedroom – Use crates to hold extra pillows and linens for a boho look. Or corral laundry items.
  • Home office – Mount crates to stash office supplies and paperwork. Labeling each makes it extra functional.
  • Nursery – Fill with toys, diapers, and baby accessories for a pretty and practical accent as cute infant nursery wall decorations.

Even tiny awkward spaces like those beside the refrigerator can benefit from a mini woven basket vignette.

Tips for Installing Your Wall Basket Decor

Once you’ve decided on the perfect spot and design, it’s time to install your basket-style wall art. Here are some expert tips:

  • Use quality hooks – For heavier baskets, screw sturdy OOK picture hooks directly into studs. For lighter baskets, Command strip hooks work well.
  • Mount individual crates – Even if crates are touching, adhere each one separately so they can be rearranged later.
  • Account for weight – Place heavier crates toward the bottom and lightweight ones at the top for safety and visual balance.
  • Consider a rail – For especially heavy displays, installing a mounted rail to hang crates evenly distributes weight.
  • Hang crates securely – Make sure hangers or hooks used to attach crates to the wall or rail are strong enough to support the weight.
  • Check for stability – Once installed, gently pull on crates to ensure everything is properly secured. Rehang anything loose.

The most important rules are to always mount directly into studs, account for weight distribution, and check for stability. Take it slow and use care when installing. Then stand back and enjoy your beautiful new woven basket wall!

Use quality hooks
Use quality hooks

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing crates is quite easy with the right hardware and some careful measurement. Just securely screw hooks into wall studs and carefully hang up baskets!

Apply a natural oil soap or beeswax polish every couple of years to condition and protect natural fiber baskets. Store unused crates away from direct sunlight and heat.

It’s best to always locate and drill into studs for security. But if needed, use heavy-duty drywall anchors rated for the total weight of your baskets.

Use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum or a microfiber duster on an extender pole to easily reach and dust displayed baskets.

Check the hardware weight limits, reinforce with extra hangers if needed, and always place heavier crates near the bottom. Avoid overstuffing baskets.


If you’re seeking creative and functional wall decor, I can’t recommend basket-style wall art enough. Displaying woven crates adds inviting warmth and texture to any room’s aesthetic. Thrifting unique crates and arranging them in an artful collage is an enjoyable DIY project. And being able to store items attractively on the wall is a wonderful organizational perk.

With the right mix of materials, thoughtful arrangement, and secure installation, you can craft a woven basket wall that showcases your unique style. So be inspired to try this fresh decorating idea that combines visual intrigue and everyday functionality on your superb interior design art!

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