Wood Art Wall Decor brings natural beauty and bucolic charm to any room. In this article, I’ll discuss the captivating world of wood wall decor – from elegant carved pieces to modern geometric designs.

As a home decor enthusiast with over 10 years of experience styling charming spaces at Nousdecor, I’m delighted to share my tips on incorporating wooden art into your home.

Key Takeaways on Wood Art Wall Decor

  • Wood wall art comes in many beautiful styles like carved, reclaimed, geometric, abstract, bucolic, and modern designs. Complement your room’s decor approach when choosing wood décor.
  • Consider the size of your wall area and where you want the wooden art placed. Size and placement impact how the piece is displayed.
  • Match the wood type, color, and finish to your room’s aesthetic. Light or dark wood, and natural or colorful finishes create different moods.
  • Select wooden wall embellishments that you absolutely love and bring you joy when you see them displayed. Choose meaningful designs that speak to you.
  • DIY wooden wall embellishments using reclaimed boards, wood slices, or cut wood shapes add special handmade charm. Get creative with wood burning, painting, or 3D stacking.
  • Properly seal and hang your wood wall embellishments. Use suitable anchors and hit studs for secure mounting on walls.
  • Add beautiful warmth and texture to any area with wooden wall embellishments. This natural material never goes out of style.
Wood Art Wall Decor
Wood Art Wall Decor

Types of Eye-Catching Wood Wall Decor

Wood art comes in many gorgeous styles that complement both bucolic and modern spaces. Here are some of my favorite types of wood wall décor:

Intricately Carved Wood Wall Art

Hand-carved wooden art features exquisite designs like floral motifs, animals, and nautical themes. Carved wooden wall embellishments make a striking statement over a mantel or buffet. Opt for a carved bear wall scene in a mountain retreat, or try a carved tree wall design in a cozy cabin or as charming baby room wall decor.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Reclaimed wooden wall embellishments repurposed old wood from barns, fences, and buildings. Reclaimed wood pieces like wood signs and plaques have a timeworn look that adds cozy character to your walls. Reclaimed wood looks especially fitting in farmhouse, bucolic, and shabby chic spaces.

Geometric Wood Wall Art

With bold lines and shapes, geometric wooden wall embellishments have an ultra-modern vibe. Triangles, circles, and hexagons carved out of wood make a striking art display. Geometric pieces stand out in living rooms, dining rooms, and home offices.

Abstract Wood Wall Art

Abstract wooden wall embellishments feature free-form, asymmetrical designs. Flowing lines and intriguing forms give abstruse wooden art an organic, modern feel. These artworks lend visual interest and dimension to bare walls with their textured look.

Rustic Wood Wall Art

Rustic wooden wall embellishments encompass charming cabin décor like wooden wall art plaques, decorative metal art for walls, and wood framed prints with kitchen wall decor printables for free. Mount a bucolic tree wall art print or wood wall sign showcasing an inspiring quote above your sofa or bed.

Rustic Wood Wall Art
Rustic Wood Wall Art

Modern Wood Wall Art

For contemporary appeal, try modern wooden wall embellishments made from rich wood grains like walnut and mahogany. Geometric and abstruse wood designs have an especially sleek, modern look. Use sparingly-designed wooden art to accent your trendy, urban living space.

Key Considerations for Choosing Wooden Wall Art Decor

To pick wooden wall embellishments that perfectly suit your home, keep these key factors in mind:

Complement Your Style

First, choose wood wall embellishments that align with your interior design style. For farmhouse, bucolic, or boho spaces, weathered reclaimed wood and nature wood scenes work nicely. In modern homes, opt for geometric or abstruse contemporary wood art.

Mind the Size and Placement

Consider the size of your wall area and where you want the wooden art positioned. A small wooden wall decoration piece makes an impact over an accent table or sofa. For a larger living room wall, select a more extensive piece or wood panel wall art set. Place wooden art high on the wall for a gallery effect.

Match the Material and Finish

The wood species and finish impact the look of the wall embellishments. Light birch has a coastal vibe, while walnut wood feels traditional. A natural oiled finish showcases the wood grain or opt for painted wood for pops of color. Match the finish to your room’s color scheme.

Choose With Your Heart

Most importantly, pick wooden wall embellishments that you absolutely adore. Select pieces with special meaning, like a hand-carved wall hanging of your favorite animal or a memorable travel destination. The wall art you love most will make you smile every time you see it.

Choose With Your Heart
Choose With Your Heart

Inspiring DIY Rustic Wood Wall Décor Ideas for Home Decor

If you’re feeling crafty, you can easily make dazzling wooden art yourself. These DIY wooden wall embellishment projects add handmade charm to your area on a budget:

Rustic Wood Pallet Wall Art

Upcycle leftover wood pallet boards into a handmade wooden wall embellishment piece. Use a circular saw to cut the wood into unique shapes and patterns. Arrange and nail the pallet wood onto a plywood backing in an abstruse design. Add pops of color by painting or staining the reclaimed wood.

Natural Wood Slice Wall Art

Turn cross-sections of tree trunks and branches into organic wooden wall embellishments. Sand and finish tree slices to highlight the unique wood grain. Use wood glue to affix the rounds onto a plank backing, arranging the slices to form landscapes, animals, or abstruse shapes. Add sweet details like leaf accents or twig antlers.

Inspiring Wood Sign Wall Art

Craft meaningful wood sign wall art with inspiring quotes or scripture. Use a wood burner tool to hand letter words onto wooden boards or planks. Paint the background a contrasting color, and finish with a protective sealant. Hang these uplifting wooden wall art signs in entryways or living spaces.

Artsy Wooden Wall Decor

Get creative with wood wall embellishments by wood-burning abstruse line drawings or silhouettes onto wood boards. Try free-hand burning skinny birch tree outlines, mountain ranges, birds in flight, or botanical motifs. Finish with a neutral stain to allow the wood-burned lines to pop.

Artsy Wooden Wall Decor
Artsy Wooden Wall Decor

Wood Wall Sculptures

Use multiple wooden pieces to create a 3D wood wall sculpture. Stack and glue together varying sizes of wood rounds, house numbers, wooden letters or shapes to form geometric wall art. Paint part or all of the sculpture in bold hues for an eye-catching focal point. The options for DIY wooden art are endless!

Brighten Your Walls With Wood Wall Art

Bringing natural beauty indoors, wooden wall decor makes a wonderful addition to any home. With many styles to browse from bucolic wooden wall embellishments to modern wooden wall embellishments, you can find wood wall embellishments to suit your personal taste.

Consider your room’s approach and décor when selecting charming wood pieces that speak to you. For a creative DIY touch, craft custom wooden wall embellishments using reclaimed boards, wood slices, or pre-cut shapes.

However you incorporate it, wooden wall embellishments add delightful organic texture and cozy appeal to any living space. I hope these tips help you decorate your home with beautiful wood wall embellishments you’ll treasure for years to come.

Happy styling and start hanging wall art like a pro now with all the fantastic wall art for your space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nature themes like trees, wildlife, and landscapes are very popular for wooden wall embellishments. Rustic sayings, inspirational quotes, and scripture verses also make great wood wall embellishments. Nautical, animal, and floral designs are other charming wooden art themes.

Good wood choices for wall embellishments include pine, cedar, birch, oak, walnut, and eucalyptus. Opt for pieces made from solid wood rather than a wood composite. Make sure any painted wall art has a sturdy real wood backing.

Use screws and wall anchors suitable for the weight of your wooden artwork. For added strength, screw through the wood backing rather than just the hanging hardware. Make sure to hit wall studs whenever possible. Level your piece and use two hands for a straight hanging.

Dust wood wall embellishments frequently using a soft dry cloth. To deep clean, use mild soap and water applied lightly with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh cleaners or scrubbing that could scratch the finish. Limit moisture exposure, and never soak the wood.

Yes, finishing the wood helps protect it from scratches, stains, and excess moisture. Choose a clear wood finish like polyurethane, lacquer, or paste wax. For muted color, try wood stains. Paint provides a durable finish for painted wood projects. Apply multiple coats for best results.


When looking to add an inspiring approach to your walls, wooden art décor delivers natural beauty and timeless appeal.

With many types of wooden wall embellishments to browse, like carved wood plaques, modern wood sculptures, reclaimed wood signs, and abstruse wood prints, you can find a piece that expresses your unique taste.

Consider your room’s aesthetic and wall area when selecting wooden wall embellishments that complement your existing décor and light up your room. For special customization, try your hand at DIY wooden art projects using salvaged wood boards, tree slices, or pre-cut wooden shapes.

Skillfully displayed wood wall decor creates an inviting, organic focal point that brings the beauty of nature right into your home.

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