Finding stylish modern wall decorations that make a statement and reflect your personal approach can really take an ordinary room from basic to beautiful. After decorating countless homes, I’ve found Metal Decor Wall Art to be one of my favorite ways to discover art for decorating walls and selecting art pieces to enhance any space.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about utilizing metal wall decor products to create intriguing accents and focal points to liven up your home.

I’ll share my top tips on choosing metal wall art to fit your aesthetic, provide approach ideas for hanging metal art in any room in your house, and recommend some of my favorite stores to shop for affordable finds and custom metal wall art pieces.

Key Takeaways of Metal Decor Wall Art

  • Metal wall decor introduces eye-catching textures and sheen to accent walls
  • Abstract, floral, animal, and nature themes provide unique metal wall art options
  • Metal wall art can be integrated throughout any room – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, living room, etc.
  • Opt for black, white, silver, gold, or colorful metal art to match your color scheme
  • Stores like Wayfair, Etsy, and 3Form offer custom metal wall art at various price points
Metal decor wall art
Metal Decor Wall Art

What Makes Metal Wall Art So Intriguing for Decor?

Metal wall decor introduces a touch of contemporary industrial flair, while the sleek sheen of metal adds an eye-catching accent contrast to any wall. I love how metal art can range from bold abstruse statements to intricate nature themes and anywhere in between.

You have so many options to play around with different shapes, textures, colors, and designs to find a look that speaks to you. Metal material also provides wonderful depth and dimension to make an art piece pop on a wall. The ~shine~ is so alluring and really catches your eye.

Unlike framed decorative wood wall art or canvas prints, metal pieces make a seriously modern statement. They have an almost futuristic vibe that feels sleek, stylish, and imaginative. Metal art offers a unique alternative if you want to break away from traditional decor staples.

I also appreciate that metal is extremely durable, so your wall art will maintain its integrity and beauty for years to come.

Mix and Match Metal Wall Art Styles to Experiment with Your Decor

From floral metal wall art to abstruse shapes and nature themes, you have so many styles to choose from to keep your decor exciting. I’ll walk through some of my favorite unique wall art options for decor to spark ideas!

Abstract Metal Wall Art

Bold, imaginative abstruse metal art makes such a stylish focal point in any room. You can find pieces with geometric shapes, curved lines, metals layered over top of each other, and concentrated splashes of color – endless options to play around with shape and texture!

I’ll often recommend abstruse metal wall art to clients who want an artsy look without anything too realistic or literal.

Floral Wall Art

Intricately cut metal in floral shapes brings a soft organic feel to walls. Choose standalone flower wall art like a daisy or rose metal wall art or go for a full botanical theme with leaves, vines, and flowers for a nature lover’s dream!

I helped a client create a beautiful powder room accent wall with cascading metal florals – it turned out simply magical.

Nature and Animal Themes

Incorporate more of the great outdoors by choosing nature or animal-inspired metal wall art! Some of my favorites are metal art trees, butterflies, birds, leaves, antlers, and more. I used metallic birds on a living room wall as an ode to my client’s love of birdwatching.

For kids’ rooms, animal shapes like horses, butterflies, or elephants bring fun whimsy.

Nature and animal theme
Nature and Animal Themes

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix different metal wall art themes together for your own signature look. Maybe combine abstruse shapes with floral designs or layer circles, lines, and squares together. Contrast realist nature themes with imaginative abstruse shapes. The options are endless!

Metal Wall Art Sets the Scene in Any Room of Your Home

From the kitchen to the bedroom and every space in between, metal wall decor can reinvent the look of any room:

  • Living room – Make a blank living room wall way more interesting by hanging a cool abstruse metal art piece or grouped floral designs.
  • Bedroom – A beautiful butterfly metal wall art piece adds a whimsical focal point over the bed.
  • Bathroom – Metallic floral or leaf designs give the bathroom an organic spa-like feel.
  • Kitchen – Abstract layered metal circles or geometric wall art make artsy kitchen backsplashes.
  • Office – Incorporate metal wall art with inspirational quotes or shapes to energize your remote office.
  • Outdoor patio – Abstract garden metal wall art can withstand sun, rain, and the outdoors.

I could keep going, but you get the idea – don’t limit metal wall art to just one space! Use it creatively throughout your home in any way you wish.

Which Color Metal Should You Choose?

Picking the right metal finish and color palette for your wall art is key to complementing your existing decor. Here are popular metal wall art color options when selecting art pieces to enhance your living space:

  • Black metal wall art – Black finishes give an ultra-modern sleek look. I love combining black and white abstruse designs.
  • White metal wall art – All-white or distressed white metal art pops beautifully against accent walls or darker decor.
  • Silver metal wall art – Silver finishes provide a cooler-toned sheen. Layer silver, grey, and white for an edgy but elegant vibe.
  • Gold wall art – Warm gold metal finishes add a glamorous mid-century modern touch. Group all gold pieces for a bold metallic moment.
  • Multicolored metal – Some metal wall art features colorful abstruse shapes like blue, green, pink, orange, yellow, etc. Multicolored art wakes up a neutral color scheme.

Mix metals together or stick with one dominant color – either approach aligns with current design trends. Choose metal finishes that feel cohesive with your color story. Don’t be afraid to get creative and combine black, white, silver, and gold metal art for lots of shine and contrast.

Where to Shop For Quality Custom Metal Wall Art

Looking for reputable places to buy metal wall decor online? I recommend checking out sites like Wayfair, Etsy, and 3Form. All three offer unique finds at various price points.

  • Wayfair – Wayfair has a massive selection of metal wall art at affordable prices. Sort by popular options like abstract, floral, animals, landscapes, and more. They also offer handy shopping features like sorting by shape, color, size, and material.
  • Etsy Metal Wall Art – On Etsy, you can truly find one-of-a-kind custom metal wall art from independent makers. Many sellers do custom metal pieces if you have a specific design in mind.
  • 3Form – 3Form specializes in unique sculptural wall art made from resin. They have an amazing abstruse metal collection with lots of customizable options. Expect higher price points for the specialized materials and designs.

For more budget-friendly finds, check brick-and-mortar stores like HomeGoods, At Home, and Kirkland. Big box stores like Target and Amazon also sell affordable printed metal wall art pieces. Take time to search around online and in-store to discover your perfect metal wall art find!

Style Tips for Hanging Metal Wall Decor Like a Pro

Once you’ve selected your gorgeous metal wall art pieces, it’s time to approach them on your walls. Use these tips and tricks to create art arrangements with visual impact:

  • Group pieces together for the biggest design statement. hang items close together or in triangle/square formations rather than spacing them too far apart.
  • Layer different shapes and sizes like big and small circles or wide rectangles next to tall skinny pieces. Filling the wall creates an art gallery effect.
  • Incorporate wall shelves and floating ledges to display smaller metal wall objects at varying heights.
  • Use double-sided tape for lightweight pieces to conserve wall space for larger art.
  • Stagger rows of repeating metal art so the rows don’t line up exactly for organic variety.
  • Follow the 60-30-10 design rule – have some big statement pieces (60%), medium support art (30%), and small accents (10%).
  • Elevate wall art on picture ledges to create shadows and dimensions for a 3D look.

By artfully arranging your metal wall art using professional techniques, you can achieve a high-end gallery aesthetic! Have fun decorating until you find a layout you love.

Placement and hanging tips
Hanging Metal Wall Decor Like a Pro

Select Timeless Metal Wall Decor That Matches Your Style

The most important part of choosing metal wall art is finding pieces that speak to you. Decorating with things you genuinely love will make the biggest impact.

Give thought to the mood, color scheme, and theme you want to achieve in each space. Read reviews and descriptions to get a feel for the design, quality, and size before purchasing. Be patient – the right finds that fit your personal vibe are out there!

I always say buy less but buy better. Curate a collection slowly over time to get the most use and enjoyment from each art piece. Well-made metal wall decor can transition with you through future homes, so consider it a long-term investment in your overall decor vision.

I hope you feel inspired to refresh your home with beautiful metal wall art that showcases your unique approach!

Frequently Asked Questions

Abstract metal wall art is a top trend right now. The imaginative shapes and lines make a modern design statement. Floral wall art is also very popular for a more romantic organic look.

Truly any room in your home can be enhanced with metal wall art! From the living room to the bedroom and everywhere in between, the metal adds a stylish flair. Focus on entryways, accent walls, above beds, or over couches/shelving.

Metal wall art can range greatly in price. On sites like Wayfair and Amazon, you can find high-quality metal pieces for as low as $25-$50. Etsy and shops like 3Form offer more specialized custom metal art from $100-$500+. Set a decor budget and look for sales to find affordable options you love.

I recommend grouping 3-5 metal wall art pieces together for the biggest visual impact. Hang them close together in a triangle or square layout. Combining different shapes, sizes, and textures creates a gallery wall effect. However, you can also highlight standalone art for a bold pop of color.

Most metal wall art includes pre-installed hanging hardware. Use the correct anchors for your wall type (drywall, concrete, etc.) to ensure it hangs securely. Centerpieces at average eye level (57-60 inches from the floor) and aim for equal spacing between art when grouping.


Revamping your home with metal wall art opens up so many possibilities to enhance any space with eye-catching focal points. With styles ranging from abstruse shapes to floral designs, animals, and nature scenes, metal art provides limitless ways to experiment with texture, color, and dimension.

Carefully choose quality pieces that appeal to your personal taste and style. Group metal wall art together for a gallery wall effect and incorporate it throughout all rooms of your home. With the right metal wall decor finds, you can easily turn blank walls into artistic statements and take your decor to the next level.

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