Decorating your baby’s nursery with cute wall art is a fun way to add personality and style to their special space. As a new parent, you want to surround your little one with art and decor that sparks imagination and wonder. When designing a nursery, wall décor is key to tying the room together and creating a cohesive theme.

In this Nousdecor article, I will share 11 creative Baby Wall Art Decor ideas for nurseries, from woodland scenes to Bible verses. We’ll explore wall décor options perfect for baby girl and boy rooms. I’ll also provide tips on selecting high-quality wall art that will last for years. Read on for tons of inspiration to decorate your baby’s room!

Key Takeaways of Baby Wall Art Decor Ideas

  • Choose a theme or color palette to guide your wall décor and create a cohesive look. Safari animals, woodland creatures, or watercolor florals are great nursery themes.
  • Prioritize safe materials like wood, canvas, or metal prints over wallpaper, which can contain VOCs.
  • Position cribs and rocking chairs so baby can gaze at the wall art.
  • Hang wall art at the baby’s viewing level when they are lying down.
  • Opt for wall decals and prints with non-toxic inks.
  • Mix framed prints, canvas pieces, decorative shelves, and removable wall stickers for visual interest and layers.
  • Select some personalized pieces like family photos or city skylines for a custom look.
  • Redecorate over time by changing out wall decals or rotating in new prints as your baby grows.
Baby Wall Art Decor Ideas
Baby Wall Art Decor Ideas

Animal Prints & Safari Themes

Bring the safari right into your nursery with animal-themed wall art! From friendly cartoon elephants to trendy black and white zebra stripes, unique animal print art for walls makes a bold and playful statement.

For a woodland or forest nursery theme, look for wall art featuring deer, foxes, owls, bears, and other woodland creatures. These organic and earthy designs are popular for both boy and girl nurseries.

If you are designing a safari-themed nursery, opt for stylized renderings of lions, giraffes, elephants, and other exotic animals. Use these fun and adventurous prints to decorate the walls. Complete the look with safari-print bedding, pillows, and accessories.

Watercolor Nature Scenes

Soft and whimsical watercolor scenes bring a sweet pop of color and artistry to nursery walls. Beautiful nature themes like flowers, trees, butterflies, and other critters have an heirloom quality that makes them a top choice for baby girl nursery prints.

Look for beautifully hand-painted designs that add a sophisticated touch. Stylized botanical prints, woodland forests, and luminous watercolor florals all make excellent choices for stunning wall art.

Modern Geometric Shapes

Geometric wall prints provide graphic pop and visual interest to modern nurseries. Look for bold black and white patterns, as well as shapes and lines in nursery-friendly hues like sunny yellow, soft green and muted gray.

Geometric wall art sets provide affordable boho wall art ideas to mix and match. Hang different-sized frames in an asymmetrical arrangement for lots of styles. Bold diamond, arrow, and chevron prints add movement and dimension.

Nursery Wall Quotes & Bible Verses

Inspirational quotes, prayers, and Bible verses are cherished wall décor for baby rooms. Choose sweet sayings about childhood, parenting, and faith for meaningful wall art prints to hang above cribs. “This child of mine, precious in my sight” is a touching Bible verse from Isaiah 8:18.

Short prayers like “God bless this nursery” or “While we teach our children, they teach us” work beautifully. Find quotes with uplifting messages of hope, joy, and family.

Nursery Rhyme & Storybook Scenes

Surround your little reader with delightful scenes from their favorite nursery rhymes and storybooks. Choose wall art that brings beloved tales like The Little Red Hen or Goldilocks and the Three Bears to life through charming illustrations.

Search for nursery prints featuring Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, Peter Rabbit, teddy bears, and other nursery rhyme characters. Your child will love pointing out and naming familiar faces.

Nursery Rhyme & Storybook Scenes
Nursery Rhyme & Storybook Scenes

Black & White High Contrast Prints

High-contrast black-and-white nursery art provides visual stimulation that is ideal for your baby’s developing eyesight and brain. Look for contrasting shapes, patterns, and images of faces or animals like printable kitchen wall art decor.

High-contrast prints help babies pick out images, lines, and depth in their environment. Later on, these bold graphic prints become striking modern décor your toddler will love.

Family Portraits & Photography

Personalized family photos make heartfelt wall décor for your baby’s room. Display professional portraits, candid shots, ultrasound images, or newborn photos in simple black frames or gallery wall arrangements.

You can also use decorative photo ledges lined with snapshots to display your growing family. Add birth announcements, baby shower photos, or even framed foot and handprints for a special custom wall collage.

Vintage Nursery Art Prints

Vintage-inspired nursery prints add a shabby chic charm to your baby’s walls. Choose classic botanical drawings, anthropomorphic animals in antique clothing, or replicated works featuring cherubic kids, sheep, and idyllic country scenes like Christmas-themed printable wall decorations.

For a French country feel, look for vintage nursery posters featuring bucolic European villages or farm life. Soft muted color palettes and floral motifs create a timeless style.

State or City Skylines

Honor your baby’s birthplace with a custom city skyline or map print of where they were born. These trendy silhouette wall prints make unique newborn gifts or future keepsakes for your child to treasure.

For a large statement piece, choose a black and white skyline print in a modern frame. Or create a delegation with a cluster of smaller recognizable skylines from cities that hold meaning for your family.

Kids Height Charts & Growth Walls

Turn a blank wall into a special keepsake by installing a height chart wall sticker or removable growth wall decal. These nursery essentials allow you to trace your child’s changing height year after year.

Height charts come in colorful themed designs like hot air balloons, rockets, trees, flowers, and more. Use an empty wall space or doorframe to adhere to the vinyl stickers and start the charting tradition.

Kids Height Charts & Growth Walls
Kids Height Charts & Growth Walls

Nursery Wall Decals

Removable wall decals make it easy to decorate your nursery with colorful designs and themes that can later be changed out. Choose nursery wall stickers featuring woodland forests, hot air balloons, whimsical animals, vehicles, blocks, and more.

Wall decals come in durable vinyl that sticks to smooth surfaces without damaging paint. Use them to add alphabet letters, shapes, designs, or the baby’s name over the crib. Later on, simply peel them off to redecorate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some top nursery wall art themes include woodland animals, alphabet or number prints, nursery rhymes, nature scenes, animals, and safari prints. Geometric prints and inspirational quotes are also nursery staples.

It’s smart to choose wall art and prints made from non-toxic materials whenever possible. Avoid wallpaper, which can contain VOCs. Opt for metal, wood, or canvas wall hangings over plastic. Prints made with non-toxic inks are best.

Mix up frame sizes and wall art mediums for lots of visual interest. Arrange asymmetrically instead of in a grid pattern. Hang art at the baby’s viewing level when lying down. Position prints where the baby can gaze at them, like above changing tables or cribs.

Personalized ideas include a custom height growth chart, family photo gallery, city skyline print commemorating their birthplace, canvas print of ultrasound images, or their name in wall decals.

Use the correct hardware, anchors, and picture hanging wire for the art’s weight. Only nail or screw into studs, not just drywall. Install top-heavy furniture like shelves into studs. Use wall anchors where required. Mount out of baby’s reach.


Decorating your baby’s nursery walls with meaningful prints and art sets the tone for their special room. Surround your little one with wall décor that nurtures the imagination and brings joy. We’ve explored 11 of the best in wall decor ranging from modern geometric prints to stylized animal designs.

Keep safety in mind by using kid-friendly materials free from toxic chemicals, and securely mounting all wall art out of baby’s reach. Have fun designing a beautiful space for your child to grow.

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