Home decor enthusiast searching for ways to refresh your living space? Look no further than Boho Wall Art Decor! With an eclectic mix of patterns, textures, and colors, boho decor can transform your home into a stylish sanctuary that feels curated just for you.

In this Nousdecor guide, I’ll share my top tips for infusing your home with gorgeous boho wall art and decor. From large statement pieces to collections of smaller prints, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a beautiful boho-inspired gallery wall that reflects your personal taste.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways of Boho Wall Art Decor

  • Boho wall art, with its vibrant colors, textures, and global patterns, provides an easy way to infuse personality and artistic flair into your home decor.
  • Thoughtfully planned gallery walls with varying sizes and heights, asymmetry, a mix of mediums, and incorporated shelves or ledges create captivating displays.
  • Choose wall art and prints featuring bold abstract shapes, mandala designs, macrame fiber art, black and white photography, and globally inspired textile prints.
  • Purchase art from affordable online stores like Amazon and World Market combined with special pieces from art galleries, Etsy, or flea markets.
  • Follow best practices for hanging, lighting, and styling your collection to maximize visual presence and impact.
  • Re-arrange and update your boho gallery wall over time as your style evolves for an ever-changing artistic space.
Boho Wall Art Decor
Boho Wall Art Decor

Why Add Boho Wall Art to Your Home?

Boho, short for Bohemian, is an artistic style that embraces global and vintage influences with an anything-goes attitude. The Boho style celebrates creative freedom of expression through layering vibrant colors like contemporary blue wall art ideas, organic textures, and an array of cultural patterns.

Some key benefits of boho wall art:

  • Infuses Personality: With limitless options for colors, textures, and designs, you can create a gallery wall that’s uniquely you. Show off your interests and what makes you happy.
  • Flexible: Boho style works in any room and pairs well with other decor aesthetics like modern, traditional, or farmhouse. Easily adapted to your existing space.
  • Budget-Friendly: From DIY macrame wall hangings to affordable prints, boho art is accessible at any price point. Mix high and low.
  • Global Appeal: Boho draws inspiration from cultures worldwide, like Indian block prints, Moroccan patterns, and Native American weavings. Ties your space together.
  • Artistic Flair: Make a statement by grouping eye-catching abstract art, sculptural macrame, and expressive painting prints. Feel like you’re living in an art gallery.

With the ability to reflect your unique personality while adding a globally-inspired artistic touch, boho wall art offers an easy way to refresh your home’s style.

When designing your boho wall art display, think beyond just hanging a few matching prints in a line. Boho style celebrates creativity, so don’t be afraid to break some design “rules” to create captivating gallery walls with depth, movement, and vibrant personality.

Follow these tips when planning your layout just like wall art decor animal print:

  • Choose an accent wall or focal point. A blank wall, above the sofa, beside the bed, or in a long hallway work nicely to spotlight your Wall Art Decor.
  • Add layers. Include artworks of varying sizes, heights, and frames. Overlapping pieces add depth and interest.
  • Use asymmetry. Hang pieces askew rather than precisely lined up for an eclectic look. Vary sizes and leave negative space between.
  • Mix mediums. Combine paintings, prints, photography, sculptures, macrame, mirrors, wall hangings, and more. Showcase what inspires you!
  • Feature colors from your space. Pull out accent hues from furnishings and decor to tie everything together cohesively.
  • Incorporate 3D elements. Wall shelves, floating ledges, and picture ledges allow you to creatively display both 2D and 3D art for added depth.

Taking time to thoughtfully design your boho wall gallery makes the process of selecting pieces much easier. Use the layout to guide your choices.

Composing Your Boho Gallery Wall
Composing Your Boho Gallery Wall

With boho style encompassing so many global influences and artistic mediums, the possibilities are endless for your wall decor. Here are some of my favorite on-trend boho wall art ideas to inspire you:

  • Large abstract art paintings in acrylic or watercolor with bold, saturated hues
  • Intricately detailed mandala prints or tapestries, often featuring metallic accents
  • Macrame wall hangings and plant holders, especially in natural cotton or jute fibers
  • Woven wall art like dreamcatchers, wild wall hangings, or sculptural weavings
  • World map or topographic prints in black and white or muted tones
  • Black and white photography of nature scenes like flowers or landscapes
  • Collections of eclectic framed prints and paintings grouped together
  • Baskets, hats, or other 3D textural items mounted on the wall
  • Mirrors with ornate elegant brass wall art, bamboo, tropical palm decor for your walls, or rattan frames

When selecting your pieces, look for common boho elements like rich patterns, natural fibers and textures, global cultural motifs, metallic accents, and expressive use of color. Curate a collection that excites you!

Best Places to Buy Gorgeous Boho Wall Decor

Wondering where to find quality boho wall art that fits your budget and style? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sources for scoring stylish boho pieces online or in-store:

  • Amazon: Convenient and affordable online marketplace with a huge selection of boho art prints, tapestries, macrame, and more. Great for cheap starter pieces while you save up for investment art.
  • Anthropologie: Carried mix of original art and prints with globally-inspired boho style. Look for unique textiles, framed art, sculptures, and mirrors.
  • West Elm: Affordable mid-century and modern-inspired wall art, including abstract prints, fiber wall hangings, and embroidered tapestries.
  • Etsy: Marketplace for handmade and vintage finds. Search for “boho wall art” and you’ll discover thousands of special options like original paintings, macrame plant hangers, and weavings.
  • World Market: Fun selection of globally-inspired wall decor like woven hangings, beaded artwork, printed pillows, and mirrored accents at affordable prices.
  • Boho Wall Decor Shop: A specialized online shop exclusively carrying curated boho-style wall art, hangings, mirrors, frames, and more. Great for statement pieces and collections.
  • Art Galleries: Check local art galleries, cooperatives, open studio events, and art walks to discover local artists. Opportunity to find original boho-inspired pieces.
  • Thrift and Home Goods Stores: Search for vintage or antique art, frames, mirrors, baskets and unique finds to incorporate into your boho gallery wall. Mix old and new.

With some savvy deal hunting, you can curate a jaw-dropping boho gallery wall on any budget. Mix affordable prints with a few special splurges.

Display Tips for Maximum Visual Impact

Once you’ve gathered all your fabulous finds, use these pro tips to creatively display your new boho wall art:

  • Hang at various heights. Go above eye level for impact.
  • Add drama with large-scale statement pieces as anchors.
  • Incorporate wall shelves and floating ledges to creatively stage 3D art.
  • Play with asymmetry and overlap for an organic, collected-over-time look.
  • Make sure lighting highlights your wall decor. Add picture lights, sconces, or track lighting.
  • Style decoratively with greenery, fibers, baskets, or accessories to enhance.
  • Step back frequently to check visual balance and make adjustments.
  • Leave some open space between pieces rather than cramming. Looks more curated.
  • Feel empowered to rearrange pieces over time as your style evolves.

Proper display transforms your art from just prints on a wall into a beautiful, creative installation that immerses you in beauty, meaning, and inspiration every day.

So awaken your inner boho spirit! With the design freedom and global influences of boho wall art, you can easily infuse any room with artistic flair, texture, and pops of color that make you smile each day.

Maximum Visual Impact
Maximum Visual Impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider your decor style, favorite colors, and room function when selecting art. Seek out pieces with expressive patterns, colorful designs, natural elements, and cultural motifs that appeal to you. Choose art that awakens joy and enriches your space.

For boho style, it’s best to collect an eclectic mix of art mediums, sizes, colors, and styles. Avoid buying all matching sets. Instead, curate art over time that captures your interests from different artists and sources.

Try removable wall sticker strips or hooks, magnets, wall-mounted shelves, floating ledges, or picture ledge rails to creatively display wall art without creating holes. Some pieces like macrame and textile art can simply be draped over hooks.

Affordable poster prints, woven wall tapestries, embroidered pillow covers, beaded or rattan wall hangings, and macrame plant holders make great first purchases while you save up for pricier art investments. Check Amazon, World Market, and thrift stores.

Some fun DIY ideas include: creating printed and framed accent pillow covers, painting your own abstract art, and macrame wall hangings, assembling collages from magazine cutouts, making decorative wall banners from fabric remnants, and printing your own photography. Embrace your creativity!


I hope this guide has inspired you with endless possibilities for infusing marvelous boho flair into your living space through wall art and decor. With so many options for gorgeous prints, textures, colors, and mediums, you can easily curate gallery walls that feel uniquely you.

Follow the tips to display your new pieces for maximum artistic impact. Soon your home will feel like a global, art-filled sanctuary filled with joy and creative expression. Awaken your inner boho spirit and get decorating your artistic accent wall today!

Which boho wall art piece, print or textile will you choose first to refresh your space with global artistic flair?

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