Do you dream of escaping to a tropical paradise? I know I do! As much as I’d love to jet off to a sunny beach destination, that’s not always feasible. However, I’ve found a simple way to bring a taste of the tropics into my home – with palm print wall art.

Over my many years of decorating homes, I’ve learned that wall art can completely transform a space. And when that art features palm trees, palms, coconut trees, and other tropical elements, it instantly evokes a coastal, beachy vibe. Whether your style is modern, bohemian, traditional, or somewhere in between, palm print wall art makes a stylish statement.

In this Nousdecor post, I’ll highlight some of my favorite Wall Art Decor Palm Print ideas to inspire you. I’ll also share tips on how to incorporate this trend into any room. Let’s explore some fabulous tropical wall art decor and make your home an oasis!

Key Takeaways of Wall Art Decor Palm Print

  • Palm print wall art comes in varied styles from realistic to abstract to suit any decor.
  • Prime placement for palm wall art includes living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, kids’ rooms, home offices, and bathrooms.
  • Mix up print sizes and frames, play with layouts, and add pops of color for the best look.
  • Shop artist marketplaces like Society6 and Etsy for one-of-a-kind palm prints and removable wallpapers.
Wall Art Decor Palm Print
Wall Art Decor Palm Print

Choose the Right Palm Print for Your Space

When selecting botanical print wall art for home decor, the first decision is the overall style. Palm prints come in many artistic forms, so think about what look you want to achieve. Some options include:

  • Realistic coconut tree prints – These showcase intricate details of palm leaves, coconuts, and tropical scenes. The realistic style has a classic, timeless look perfect for formal spaces.
  • Abstract palm prints – Instead of focusing on detail, abstract pieces use palm shapes and fronds as the starting point for unique designs. Vivid colors and imaginative patterns give abstract prints a modern flair.
  • Black and white palm tree silhouettes – Stripped down to basic palm outlines and shapes, black and white prints have a graphic, elegant style. They make a sophisticated statement in any room.
  • Vintage botanical palm prints – Antique engravings and drawings of palms exude old-world charm. Framed palm prints feel right at home in traditional, farmhouse or cottage decor.
  • Painted palm murals – Custom palm tree murals hand-painted right onto the wall capture lush, larger-than-life tropical views. Murals make a sensational feature wall.

Prime Placement for Palm Print Wall Art

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect print, where do you put it? Palm art fits beautifully in many rooms. Here are some of my favorite wall decor ideas:

Living Room Palm Prints

The living room is a great place to debut some trendy tropical wall art decor. For a splash of paradise above the sofa, hang a grouping of assorted palm prints like abstract paintings, black-and-white photos, and vintage etchings. Or make a bold statement with a full-wall palm mural behind the seating area.

For traditional living rooms, classic botanical prints in gilded frames add a refined touch. Or try one oversized canvas print of a detailed coconut palm as the focal point.

Bedroom Oasis with Palm Art

In the bedroom, palm leaf prints transport you to a relaxing tropical hideaway. Place botanical palm prints on both sides of the bed to create a cohesive theme. Or hang a giant close-up of palm fronds above the headboard for impact.

In a guest room, a cluster of fun palm posters above the bed creates a vacation vibe. For a touch of glamour, decorate with elegant wall decor in black metal palm prints and art in shining gold, rose gold, and silver tones.

Kitchen Island Accent

Palm prints aren’t just for the living and bedrooms. In the kitchen, an artfully arranged grouping of framed palm prints brings life to a blank wall or empty space above the cabinets.

For a quick tropical upgrade to boring builder-grade backsplashes, apply removable wallpaper with vibrant palm leaf patterns. Or hang a trio of rustic framed wood prints above a kitchen island for natural flair.

Kitchen Island Accent
Kitchen Island Accent

Kid-Friendly Palm Wall Art

Palm tree art also works wonderfully in children’s rooms. For girls, a canopy effect with dangling palm leaf prints in pink and purple hues makes a dreamy backdrop over the bed.

Boys will love a collection of framed vintage poster art featuring palm trees, beaches, and surfers. In a playroom, fun palm print wall decals in bright colors add energy and personality.

Home Office Escape

Bring a relaxing, creative vibe to a home office with prints of stylized palm leaves, abstract designs, and muted sunset color palettes. Position a large canvas palm print behind a desk to serve as a calming view while working.

In a Palm Beach-inspired office, hang a salon-style gallery wall filled with black-and-white photos of serene beach scenes featuring swaying palm trees.

Bathroom Oasis

Even the bathroom is fair game for palm print walls! Framed prints of abstract palm designs infuse a spa-like ambiance. Or make an artistic statement by applying removable wallpaper with bold black-and-white palm silhouettes or jungle prints.

More Tips for Styling Palm Wall Art

Beyond selecting the right print and placement, I have a few additional tips for decorating with palm art just like blue wall art decor:

  • Mix-up sizing – For interest, include a range of small, medium, and large prints on a palm gallery wall. Oversized pieces will have the biggest impact.
  • Consider framing – Unframed prints have a relaxed, casual look. But framed pieces appear more polished and finished, especially in formal spaces. Try out both looks.
  • Play with layouts – You can neatly line up palm prints in rows or columns. For organic style, arrange prints with a pleasing asymmetry.
  • Add pops of color – While many palm prints use neutral hues like black, tan, and light blue, vivid colors enliven the look. Introduce accents of coral, turquoise, mint green, or sunny yellow.
  • Incorporate natural textures – For tropical authenticity, hang artful prints of wooden palm tree logs or add rattan, bamboo, jute, or driftwood frames and accents to make handcrafted custom wall art in wood.
  • Try removable wallpaper – Use palm print removable wallpaper or decals to create an eye-catching temporary accent wall. Easy to apply and remove.
  • Light it up – Install palm-shaped sconces or wall lamps to literally illuminate your palm print display with ambient lighting.

Shop for Fabulous Palm Wall Decor

Now that I’ve shared my insider tips on incorporating palm print wall art, it’s time to start shopping! Here are some of my favorite spots to find quality art prints, posters, removable wallpapers, and more showcasing gorgeous palm designs:

  • Society6 – This artist marketplace has an amazing selection of original palm print wall art in every size and style imaginable. You’ll discover one-of-a-kind finds.
  • Juniper Print Shop – For trendy tropical prints like abstract palms, jungle vibes, and black-and-white botanicals, Juniper’s selection is unbeatable.
  • Anthropologie – Check Anthro’s ever-changing collection for unique framed palm prints, murals, and textured wallpapers. Expect the unexpected.
  • Minted – Minted offers chic modern takes on palm prints from its community of indie artists. You can customize the frame, size, and more.
  • Etsy – On Etsy, you’ll find thousands of handmade, vintage, and custom palm wall art treasures. It’s a go-to for finding one-of-a-kind statement pieces.
  • Palm Beach Lily – For a true coastal Palm Beach look, this brand’s selection of framed prints, removable wallpaper, and murals can’t be beaten.
  • Target – Head to Target for affordable large-scale prints, canvas art, wall decals, and removable wallpaper featuring tropical motifs and palm designs.

Bring the Tropics Home with Palm Prints

Adding palm print wall art is one of my favorite easy ways to make any room feel happier with a relaxed, vacation vibe.

I hope these tips and shop recommendations inspire you to give your home a taste of paradise with art featuring gorgeous palm designs. It’s just what I needed to beat the winter blues and dream of tropical beaches.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of today’s most popular palm wall art styles include abstract designs, black-and-white prints, vintage botanical illustrations, and realistic paintings of palm trees and beaches. Murals and removable wallpaper are also trending.

Palm prints look great in almost any room! Especially try the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, home office, kids’ rooms or hallways. Groupings above the bed, sofa, or console table make excellent focal points.

It depends on the look you prefer. Unframed gives a relaxed, casual vibe, while framed prints appear more polished and elegant. Try out both approaches in your home.

Although many palm prints use neutral palettes, feel free to add bright pops of color. Coral, turquoise, sunny yellow, and mint green are great accent hues that enhance the tropical look.

In addition to wall art, use palm-print pillows, rugs, curtains and upholstery. Add greenery and plants like parlor palms. Use natural textures like rattan, bamboo, driftwood, and jute for frames and accents.


Wall art featuring palm designs is one of the ideal wall decor options to infuse any living space with a tranquil tropical style. With so many print styles and placement options to choose from, there’s a palm wall art solution for every home’s decor.

Whether you love modern abstract prints, classic vintage botanicals, or jungle-inspired murals, palm art adds easy coastal flair.

Use my shopping tips to discover endlessly creative palm prints from independent artists. Then start styling your own little corner of paradise at home with these fabulous tropical wall accents. Your inner beach bum will thank you!

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