Living with beautiful wall decor is one of life’s simple yet enriching joys. As both an art lover and home decor enthusiast, I’ve spent years curating an art collection that brings me daily inspiration without breaking the bank.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my top tips for finding an Affordable Wall Art Decor to give your home a fresh new look. From DIY imprints to deals on fine art imprints and canvas prints, these ideas will help you decorate on a budget.

Key Takeaways of Affordable Wall Art Decor

  • Look for cheap reproductions of famous artworks online and at home goods stores. and AllPosters have expansive collections.
  • Canvas imprints stretch your dollar further than framed prints. Opt for gallery-style canvas wraps for a high-end look without the cost.
  • Check sites like Etsy and Society6 for original art imprints from independent artists at reasonable prices.
  • DIY your own wall art with decorative photo prints, metallic prints, or by stretching a canvas. Walgreens, Amazon Prints, and others offer custom prints.
  • Repurpose flea market finds, platters, trays, and plates as eye-catching wall decor pieces.
  • Fill a large wall or tight space with a cheap gallery wall of eclectic imprints and pieces.
Affordable Wall Art Decor
Affordable Wall Art Decor To Refresh Your Space For Cheap

Art for Every Room

Art brings life and personality to a room. When thoughtfully chosen, it expresses your style and sets the mood. Here are my top cheap wall art ideas for key rooms:

Cheap Wall Decor for Living Room Ideas

As the main gathering place, the living room deserves special attention. For my living room gallery wall, I mixed modern imprints with vintage finds and a large canvas print of a Van Gogh painting reproduction from The abstract pieces lend color while the landscape imprints and dog photographs add calming natural elements.

I also love displaying small 3D wall art decor and sculptures around the room to add visual interest at varying heights. For an instant focal point over the sofa, choose an oversized black and white print or metal wall art.

Kitchen Wall Decor

Bringing art into the kitchen prevents it from feeling strictly utilitarian. Over the sink, try a set of three simple black-and-white imprints depicting food, botanicals, or cooking scenes.

For a cheerful touch near the breakfast nook, use colorful plates or DIY wall art made from retro biscuit tins lined up in a row. And don’t forget the fridge – it’s the perfect canvas for kids’ artwork, DIY magnets, and inspiring quotes.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

In the bedroom, wall decor should promote tranquility and remind you of what you love. I’m a huge fan of music, so I hung some of my favorite vintage band posters for an uplifting look. Framed art imprints depicting soothing nature scenes also work beautifully.

For a personalized touch, display black and white family photos or canvas imprints of your favorite travel memories. Don’t forget above the bed – this spot deserves special treatment with an eye-catching focal point like an oversized framed print such as unique African wall art pieces.

Home Office Wall Decor

Workspace walls offer the chance to express your passions. For my home office, I fill the space with art that inspires me like abstract imprints in bold colors and a gallery wall of vintage science prints.

You can also display pieces related to your profession, like imprints of blueprints for architects or botanical art for gardeners. For quick motivation, hang an inspiring wall sign or wall art quote you can see from your desk.

Home Office Wall Decor
Home Office Wall Decor

Nursery Wall Decor

Even the littlest family members deserve beautiful surroundings. For the nursery, choose uplifting imprints and wall art in soft colors and whimsical themes such as enhancing spaces with smile-themed wall decor. Display the baby’s name in crafted wall letters or wood signs. As they grow, switch out fine art reproductions and colorful maps to stimulate curiosity.

Bathroom Wall Decor

In the often-overlooked bathroom, wall art makes a huge impact. Choose uplifting themes like floral designs, seascapes, or motivational quotes. Rotate out the imprints seasonally for fresh inspiration.

Above a long vanity, make a DIY gallery wall with a mix of framed botanical prints, small round wall mirrors, and metal wall art. The varied shapes and sizes make it visually appealing.

Where to Find Affordable Art Prints

You don’t have to pay gallery prices to enjoy beautiful wall art. Here are my favorite places like Amazon’s diverse range of wall decor to discover quality art imprints at cheap prices:

Art and Poster Stores

Online print shops like, AllPosters, PosterStore, and IKEA offer curated collections of art print reproductions. You’ll find iconic works starting around $10-20 for smaller sizes. For more variety, browse their selection of posters and imprints by color, size, room, and style.

Independent Artists

For original art directed by independent talents, check out Etsy and Society6. You’ll find imprints starting as low as $10-15, and you can choose the print size. Go bold with their selection of modern graphic imprints and illustrations. Supporting up-and-coming artists is highly rewarding.

Big Box Stores

Retailers like Target, Walmart, and Kirklands have expanded their wall art and print selections. Search their clearance sections for great deals on large statement pieces. I found a beautiful 5-ft long canvas print of wild horses for only $50 at my local Target. Their in-house brands offer trendy imprints exclusive to the store.

Big Box Stores
Big Box Stores

Thrift and Vintage Stores

One of my favorite pastimes is searching thrift stores and flea markets for unique vintage art finds. You can often find high-quality framed imprints for $5-15 each. For eclectic charm, mix these thrifted imprints and paintings into an art gallery wall display.

Museum Gift Shops

Museum shops offer artsy finds you won’t see anywhere else. They sell imprints and posters reproducing their own collection, so you can take home an affordable piece from world-famous artists. As a member, you’ll also get exclusive discounts.

DIY Prints

For a custom look, turn everyday objects into art. Frame decorative papers, pages from old books, or handwritten quotes. Or print your own photos, kids’ art pieces, and digital designs at home or a print shop like Walgreens to elevate your space with custom wall art.

Display collections of frames filled with magazine clippings, postcards, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia. The options are endless for DIY imprints that express your personality.

Tips for Hanging Art Prints

Carefully arranging and hanging your new imprints creates a polished gallery wall that appears curated. Here are my top tips:

  • Mix sizes and shapes. Include a range of small, medium, and large frame sizes. Square and rectangular pieces provide visual interest when mixed together.
  • Vary orientations. Some imprints look best in portrait alignment, while others suit the landscape. Mixing up the orientations makes the arrangement more dynamic.
  • Frame coordinately. Choose frame colors and styles that complement each other. Black and white frames pair well with almost anything.
  • Use gallery ledges. Ledges mount multiple framed pieces in a row for a clean gallery aesthetic. They provide consistency.
  • Add space around and between. Don’t overcrowd the arrangement. Leave at least a few inches between pieces and don’t fill from edge to edge.
  • Step up a focal point. Set apart your star piece by mounting it higher or in the center. An oversized or contrasting print naturally draws the eye.
  • Consider sightlines. Place key pieces where they’re visible from across the room. Avoid covering it with furniture.

With the right curation of imprints and thoughtful presentation, you can design a stunning gallery wall that elevates any room.

Hanging Art Prints
Hanging Art Prints

Frequently Asked Questions

Big box stores like Target and Walmart sell ready-to-hang canvas imprints starting around $20-50 for smaller sizes. For even more budget options, check Amazon, overstock sites like AllModern, and discount and dollar stores.

Thrift stores and flea markets offer the best deals on art, with framed imprints often found for $5-15. Big box stores like IKEA and Walmart also have very affordable wall art. For prints, AllPosters runs frequent sales.

Yes, AliExpress offers very inexpensive prints, canvas art, and other wall decor. Just be aware shipping times can be long, and some pieces may not match the quality shown online. Be sure to check seller ratings.

For one-of-a-kind art, buy directly from independent artists on Etsy, Society6, and MadeByMavo. Or find vintage imprints at thrift stores and flea markets. Local art fairs also offer original pieces directly from artists.

Almost anything can become art! Frame collections of postcards, ticket stubs, or fabric swatches. Display plates, platters, mirrors, or floating shelves of books and curios. Prints of pages from old magazines and books also make great art.


With some creativity and smart shopping, you can fully decorate your home with art – even on a tight budget. Affordable art imprints allow you to enjoy museum-quality pieces, set a welcoming mood, and show off what inspires you.

I hope these tips help you discover the joy of living with art. Our surroundings greatly impact our outlook and mood, so make yours as uplifting as possible. Enjoy the process of selecting imprints that make your heart sing.

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