As someone who has decorated their fair share of homes over the years, I know that finding the perfect wall art can truly make or break a space.

When curating my home, I aim to choose pieces that are aesthetically pleasing while also reflecting my personal style. That’s why I was so excited to discover the Canvas Birch Tree 3 Panels Wall Art Decor.

This elegant and earthy decor has quickly become one of my favorite go-to art pieces for refreshing any room. In this Nousdecor article, I’ll highlight why these coarse birch tree pieces are such a fantastic addition to modern and traditional decor alike.

Key Takeaways of Canvas Birch Tree 3 Panels Wall Art Decor

  • The Canvas Birch Tree Tri-Panel Wall Art depicts a peaceful, abstract birch forest in black, white, and golden hues.
  • The impressive 60″ x 20″ coarse pieces feature various artistic styles from modern abstract to traditional realism.
  • Display the birch tree art in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, staircases, and dining spaces for an elegant focal point.
  • The set of 3-pieces can be arranged creatively to suit any wall size and decor style. Their versatility enables a custom look.
  • Proper lighting, framing, configurations, and cohesive collections enhance the beautiful birch tree artwork.
Canvas Birch Tree 3 Panels Wall Art Decor
Canvas Birch Tree 3 Panels Wall Art Decor

An Eye-Catching Nature Theme

One of the key reasons I love the Canvas Birch Tree Tri-Panel Wall Art is that it features a beautiful nature motif. The pieces depict a serene forest scene of white birch trees in different abstract artistic styles. I’m drawn to the calming palette of black, white, and golden birch tones.

The trees appear to be gently blowing in an imaginary wind. To me, the artwork evokes the peace and quiet wonder of spending time among these majestic trees. I find such nature-inspired coarse prints perfect for adding warmth and tranquility to a living space.

When planning my home’s wall decor, I like to incorporate at least one large statement coarse painting or print. The Birch Tree pieces fit the bill beautifully. Their impressive size (60” x 20” for each panel) and panoramic format make them an artistic focal point no matter where they’re displayed.

I also appreciate that the set includes three separate pieces. This allows me to arrange them in different configurations to best suit the wall space.

Artistic Styles to Suit Any Decor

Another reason I gravitate towards these Birch Tree Art Panels is that they straddle both abstract and realist painting styles artfully like wall art decor welcome.

The representations of the birch trees utilize simpler abstract shapes and brush strokes. Yet they still capture the essence of real trees with intricate bark and cascading foliage. This nuanced blend creates visual interest while remaining accessible and easy on the eyes.

The pieces complement both modern and traditional room aesthetics. Those with contemporary tastes will appreciate the abstract nature of the artwork. The muted color palette and flowing organic shapes speak to mid-century and bohemian sensibilities. Yet the classic birch tree subject matter suits more traditional and rustic homes beautifully.

Truly, these canvases achieve that perfect marriage between artistic and timeless. Their versatility empowers homeowners to accentuate their personal decor vision.

Displaying the Birch Tree Panels

The possibilities are endless when considering where best to install the Canvas Birch Tree Tri-Panel in your home. Here are some of my favorite modern wall art ideas for showcasing these stunners:

Living Room Accent Wall

The birch tree artwork makes a gorgeous living room accent wall. I love the idea of placing the pieces in a 3-across configuration above a sofa or sectional. The calming artwork invites family and guests to unwind in the space.

The coarse prints also add warmth and texture when contrasted with other living room elements like cool-toned walls, marble coffee tables, or sleek shelving.

Bedroom Haven

What better way to foster restful sleep than with beautiful birch trees in your bedroom? Centering the tri-panel above the headboard creates a lovely focal feature. For a coordinating look, pair the black and white artwork with matching bed linens. The pieces also mesh well with bedroom color schemes like tranquil blues, sage greens, and muted grays.

Bedroom Haven
Bedroom Haven

Statement Staircase

Take your staircase from basic to captivating by decorating the wall space with the Birch Tree Panels. For a grand look, start the pieces at the bottom landing and continue them up the wall as the stairs ascend.

Guests will be awestruck walking up to this artistic display. For open-concept homes, waterfall staircase walls serve as the perfect place to exhibit stunning large-scale art.

Home Office Inspiration

Working from home is so much brighter when surrounded by the Birch Tree pieces! For a nature-inspired office, hang the trio above a floating desk or console table. Gazing at the beautiful birch trees and the color palette is sure to boost creativity and focus when tackling projects.

The artwork lends a touch of sophistication to any home office or enhancing study rooms with wall art as well when combined with ornamental metal wall hangings and decor.

Dining Room Masterpiece

Make your dining room the envy of dinner guests by installing the Birch Tree artwork on the main wall. The eye-catching coarse print steals the show as the ideal backdrop for family meals and holiday celebrations around the table. For intimate breakfast nooks, hang a single Birch Tree panel or two on available wall space.

Designing My Canvas Birch Tree Display

Whenever we acquire a new Wall Art Decor for our home, my husband and I enjoy collaborating on how best to display the pieces. Here are some of our tips for styling the Canvas Birch Tree Tri-Panel Wall Art:

  • Lighting – Properly illuminate the wall space and pieces with pendant lights, sconces or track lighting. This showcases the artwork details beautifully.
  • Framing – We may float the pieces directly on the wall for a clean look. Or for contrast, add wide, black wood frames. This makes the artwork pop against lighter walls.
  • Configuration – We’ll get creative arranging the tri-panel in different layouts. Going horizontal creates a warm panoramic effect. Clustering them vertically has a more gallery-style feel.
  • Cohesive Collection – The Birch Tree artwork coordinates seamlessly with other nature-inspired coarse prints and paintings we own. We enjoy curating vignettes that blend styles cohesively.
  • Wall Color – For modern spaces, we’ll likely display our Birch Tree pieces on white or light grey walls to contrast the black tree silhouettes. In traditional rooms, they’ll stand out in deep green or navy blue hues.

No matter where we decide to showcase them, I know our new Canvas Birch Tree Art Panels will elevate our wall decor. The tasteful artwork exudes both timeless style and contemporary elegance. We can’t wait to install them in a place of honor in our home!

Designing My Canvas Birch Tree Display
Designing My Canvas Birch Tree Display

Frequently Asked Questions

This birch tree canvas wall art is available on the Design Art website. They offer convenient online ordering and free shipping on orders over $100.

The artwork features gallery-quality coarse prints on thick 100% cotton canvas. The archival printing process ensures vivid colors that won’t fade over time.

Each individual birch tree panel measures 60″ wide x 20″ tall. The set includes 3 of these large coarse pieces.

Use a soft microfiber cloth to gently wipe away any dust or dirt buildup on the coarse pieces. Avoid chemical cleaners which may damage the artwork.

The coarse prints come with a ready-to-hang design that makes installation quick and easy. Simply attach the included D-ring hangers and secure them on your preferred wall.


For homeowners and design lovers seeking the perfect sophisticated artwork, the Canvas Birch Tree Tri-Panel is an excellent choice. These detailed coarse prints lend aesthetic depth and the charm of nature to any living space.

Their impressive scale demands attention while the neutral black and white coloring pairs effortlessly with room decor. With endless display possibilities, from modern to traditional spaces, the Birch Tree wall art ensures graceful style.

When looking to elevate bare walls or replace outdated art, turn to this striking tree-themed coarse set. Let the beautiful Birch artwork breathe new life into your home’s decor story!

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