As someone with over a decade of experience in residential interior design, I know firsthand how impactful well-chosen décor can be. But there’s one space that’s often overlooked when it comes to home decor – the bathroom.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my favorite tips and ideas for selecting artwork and accessories to liven up your Bathroom Wall Art Decor. From framed printed art to decorative shelves, mirrors, and more, I’ll help guide you through affordable options and clever ways to display them. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways of Classy Bathroom Wall Art Decor

  • Wall art, printed art, mirrors, shelves, and plants are great ways to decorate bathroom walls
  • You can opt for waterproof materials like metal, wood, canvas, or laminated paper
  • You can pick complementary colors like tranquil blues, cheerful yellows, or nautical themes
  • You can add interest with gallery walls, shapely mirrors, framed printed art, wall shelves, and plants
  • You can ensure proper ventilation and moisture resistance
  • Affordable finds from stores like Target, IKEA, Etsy, thrift shops, or DIY projects
Classy Bathroom Wall Art Decor Ideas For Elevated Hyg
Classy Bathroom Wall Art Decor Ideas For Elevated Hyg

Choose the Right Materials for Your Bathroom’s Vibe

When selecting wall décor for new humid bathroom spaces, it’s important to choose pieces made of materials that can withstand moisture like our elegant kitchen wall art collection.

While framed printed art and paper art look pretty, they are best suited for low-humidity rooms. For the bath, opt for décor pieces made of metal, laminated paper, canvas, wood, or other water-resistant materials. This will prevent warping or water damage over time in steamy room conditions.

In terms of style, you can get creative! Pick colors and themes that complement your existing palette or add an invigorating pop of color. Soothing ocean blues, yellows, and white are always classic bathroom choices.

Whether your style leans traditional, eclectic, or ultra-modern, you can find wall decor to suit even creative staircase wall decorations for homes. Just be sure to limit paper and cloth items.

Pro Tip: Always ensure proper ventilation. Use your bathroom fan, keep the door open while showering, and crack windows to avoid excess moisture buildup on walls and artwork.

Creative Ways to Show Off Your Treasured Wall Decor

Now for the fun part – deciding how to creatively display your fabulous finds at home! When piecing together your new dream bathroom wall décor, consider these stylish wall art ideas for elevating your space:

  • Gallery Walls: Clustering several small frames and printed art together creates an artful gallery arrangement. Mix sizes, colors, and frame styles for lots of visual interest.
  • Shelving: Wall-mounted shelving adds both storage and style. Display rolled towels, candles, plants, and decorative boxes.
  • Shapely Mirrors: An ornate mirror makes a stunning focal point, especially above sinks. Go for unique shapes like sunbursts, ovals, or even a set of antique circular mirrors.
  • Framed Prints: From floral designs to beach scenes, choose artwork printed art that complement your color scheme. Black and white botanical printed art are a safe bet!
  • Paintings: For a creative DIY project, paint your own small artwork or have the kids help. Abstract art makes a fun weekend activity.
  • Wall Shelf: Mounted shelves are ideal for holding toiletries, plants, and small decor items. Attach to the wall or inside a shower.
  • Macrame Wall Hangings: These 70s-inspired woven wall hangings add texture and a bohemian vibe. Natural fibers work well in humid bathrooms.

Shop These Hot Bathroom Wall Décor Items to Elevate Your Space

Looking for inspiration to get you started on your collection? Here are some of my favorite on-trend bathroom wall décor finds that will elevate your room:

Chic Wall Art Prints and Canvases

  • Floral canvas print from Target
  • Ocean-themed artwork from Etsy
  • Vintage pink botanical printed art
  • Black and white cityscape photo printed art
  • Birchwood wall printed art from IKEA
  • Framed beach printed art and maps

Stylish Mirrors and Shelves

  • Round rattan mirror from West Elm
  • Geometric wooden shelf from CB2
  • Floating corner shelves for toiletries
  • Modern chrome and glass shelf
  • Antique gold sunburst mirror

Fun and Functional Wall Signs

  • Rustic “Toilet” sign
  • Weathered “Bathroom Rules” plank sign
  • Cheeky “Poop” enamel sign
  • Embroidered “Wash Your Paws” pet sign
  • Vinyl coastal and farmhouse quotations
Fun and Functional Wall Signs
Fun and Functional Wall Signs

Easy DIY Wall Projects

  • Easy DIY Wall Projects
  • Painted clay pots for cotton balls or succulents
  • Photo gallery wall with color-coordinated frames
  • Framed monogram or family name letters
  • Fabric wall hanging with pom poms or tassels
  • Shadowbox display of sea glass and shells

Gallery walls are a fantastic way to surround yourself with beautiful artwork and printed art like wall art decor plates. But hanging art haphazardly can make your wall look cluttered. Follow these tips for creating a polished gallery display:

  • Add Visual Interest: Mix and match frame sizes, shapes, colors, and orientations rather than uniformly sized pieces.
  • Use Consistent Color Scheme: Pick 2-3 complementary hues for frame finishes and mats for a cohesive look.
  • Vary Height and Layout: Place artworks at varying heights. Create groupings rather than just lined up frames.
  • Leave Negative Space: Don’t overcrowd the arrangement. Allow some empty wall space between groupings to balance busy clusters.
  • Layer in 3D Elements: In addition to flat art, add in a mirror, macrame weaving, or floating shelves to create depth like 3D animal.
  • Light Properly: Illuminate the gallery with wall sconces or picture lights. This showcases the artwork.
  • Step Back and Check: Frequently stand back while arranging to check alignments and spacing. Adjust as needed for better view.

5 Best Places to Shop for Fabulous Bathroom Wall Décor on a Budget

You certainly don’t need an expansive decorating budget to spice up your bathroom’s blank walls. Many retail stores, online shops, and even DIY projects offer chic art and accessories at wallet-friendly prices. Here are my top 5 go-to spots for fabulous finds without breaking the bank:

  1. Target: Trendy bathroom wall decor printed art, canvases, shelves, towels, and more living collection for under $50. Their Threshold brand has great options.
  2. IKEA: From wood wall decor to framed prints, IKEA has modern and minimalist finds starting at $5.
  3. Etsy: Support independent artists selling handmade wall hangings, macramé, original art, and prints.
  4. Thrift Stores: Hunt for unique vintage paintings, ornate mirrors, and prints on the cheap. Reframe, repaint, or upcycle.
  5. DIY Projects: Make your own colorful canvases, fabric hangings, or painted wood signs with supplies from the craft store.

Pro Tip: Use coupon codes and apps for additional savings at retailers. Sign up for email lists to get notices about sales or free shipping offers.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Art and Décor on Bathroom Walls

When it comes to decorating your bathroom walls, there are some common mistakes that can make your space look messy or disjointed. Follow this advice to avoid these pitfalls:

  • Don’t Overcrowd: Less is more – too many pieces crammed together looks cluttered. Leave some negative space between groupings. This is not an office living room or an artistic bedroom decor.
  • Skip Mismatched Heights: Maintain alignment by mounting pieces at consistent heights for a polished look.
  • Avoid Hanging Too High: Artwork placed too high looks oddly floating. Centerpieces about 60 inches up from the floor. The order must be maintained.
  • Forget Fragile Materials: Bathroom humidity can ruin paper or canvas. Stick to moisture-resistant mediums like wood, metal, or laminated prints.
  • Ignore Lighting: Illuminate your wall decor with properly placed lighting. Sconces or picture lights show off details for a better view.
Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Art and Décor on Bathroom Walls
Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Art and Décor on Bathroom Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

Prioritize water-resistant pieces like metal, wood, laminated paper, or canvas in order. Avoid regular paper and fragile materials.

Workaround awkward spaces by grouping sets of artwork together rather than one large piece. Shelves and framed prints do well sectioned off.

Coordination is great, but not required. Pick a color from your shower curtain to complement with art. Mixing materials like fabric and wood also adds depth.

Use quality hooks, hangers, and adhesives made for wet environments. Apply decorators’ putty for adjustable lightweight pieces. Follow all manufacturer instructions for safety.

The wall area above and around the sink is perfect for art. Place pieces near eye level while using the sink. Just don’t interfere with your mirror’s functionality.


With a bit of planning and styling, it’s simple to take your blank bathroom walls from boring to beautiful. Use this guide to pick the perfect medium, theme, and display method for your space. Shop popular stores or handmake décor for an affordable gallery wall or focal art piece.

Just remember to emphasize water-resistant materials and proper lighting in your design. With the right wall decor, mirrors, shelves, and displays, you can enjoy a stylishly decorated bathroom that shows off your personality.

Transform those empty bathroom walls with colorful artwork, printed art, mirrors, shelves, and more to brighten up your mornings and evenings. With strategic arrangements and moisture-resistant materials, you can easily infuse artful style into your most private room. Happy decorating!

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