Home decor can make or break the aesthetic of a space. As someone who has been experimenting with design for years, I know that small additions like a Wall Art Decor Plate can transform the look and feel of any room.

In this Nousdecor article, I’ll share my tips for using decorative slabs to create stunning wall accents. Whether you’re aiming for a modern, minimalist vibe or want to inject colour into a neutral space, plate wall decor offers an easy DIY route to big decor impact.

Key Takeaways

  • Decorative slabs hung on walls make inexpensive yet impactful art for any room.
  • Strategies like mixing plate sizes, materials, orientation, and bold colors create interest.
  • Plate wall decor works in nearly any space, from kitchens and dining rooms to bedrooms, offices, stairwells, and more.
  • Collections, memories, colour schemes, metals, sculpture, eclectic, and DIY slabs offer lots of decorative possibilities.

With the right approach, a wall of slabs can become a stylish focal point rather than just a functional display. Take risks, have fun curating, and let your slabs reflect your tastes. Before long, blank walls will be begging for your plate art magic!

Wall Art Decor Plate For Added Personality Into Your Space
Wall Art Decor Plate For Added Personality Into Your Space

Why Add Wall Art Plates?

Hanging decorative slabs on your walls does more than just fill empty space – this type of wall decor makes a statement. Plate wall decor ranges from bold and graphic to subtle and elegant. You can use it to establish a theme, highlight favorite collectibles, or add an artistic flourish to your design.

Wall-mounted slabs are versatile. They work in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, hallways, and more. Plates allow you to decorate without committing to heavy framed artwork. It’s also easy to switch things up by adding new slabs or rearranging an existing plate display.

Decorative slabs jazz up boring walls. Their unique shapes, patterns, and colors are guaranteed to become a conversational piece. Plate wall decor draws the eye and creates visual interest on even the most monotonous flat surfaces.

Tips for Hanging Wall Art Plates

When arranging plate wall decor, there are a few strategies I rely on for an artful look:

Combine Plates of Varying Sizes and Styles

Mixing up the slabs creates contrast and layers of interest. I like to include a range of sizes – some large accent slabs combined with smaller slabs clustered in groups. Play with shape too – round, square, oval. Keep the look cohesive with colors and themes that coordinate.

Use Plate Hangers or Mounts

Attach slabs using specifically designed plate hangers. These mounts keep slabs flush against the wall and are often invisible from the front. Make sure hangers are rated for the weight of your plates.

Alternate Plate Orientation

Hang some slabs vertically and some horizontally. Rotating them breaks up the pattern and makes the display more dynamic.

Add Decorative Touches

Plate frames, hanging medallions, ribbons, and greenery can accent wall plate arrangements. I also weave in non-plate objects like wall sconces, mirrors, or floating shelves.

Add Decorative Touches
Add Decorative Touches

Arrange Creatively

Avoid simply lining up slabs in rows. Use geometric or asymmetrical patterns. Stack slabs at different heights or cluster small groups in one area. Let the slabs overlap for depth.

Ideal Places for Plate Wall Art

Decorative slabs work excellently as wall accents in just about any room. Here are some of my favorite spots to add this stylish touch:

Kitchen Wall Art Decor

Kitchen wall art decor is a natural place for plate displays. Arrange porcelain, ceramic, or glass slabs on the wall for a unique alternative to traditional art.

Match slabs to your kitchenware for a coordinated look. Or go bold with brightly colored slabs against neutral cabinetry. Focus your kitchen plate wall behind an eat-in table or fill the space between the upper and lower cabinets.

Dining Room Wall Decor

Make your dining room walls part of the decor by hanging decorative plates. Collections of slabs related by color, theme, or material are striking above sideboards and buffets. For small dining spaces, hang a few substantial slabs to visually widen the room.

Living Room Wall Art

Don’t limit plate wall decor to dining spaces. These versatile accents freshen up living room walls too. Hang a large hammered metal platter to make a blank wall interesting. Arrange eclectic vintage slabs near bookshelves or your TV console. Let your slabs complement the living room colour scheme.

Bedroom Wall Decor

Decorating your bedroom walls begs for special touches – decorative slabs offer a personalized element. Arrange small hanging plates neatly above a bed, interspersed with wall sconces or prints. Or mount a collection of plates inside a tray or plate rail above a dresser. Keep things serene with plates in soft hues.

Bedroom Wall Decor
Bedroom Wall Decor

Office Wall Decor

Even home offices deserve unique flair. Break up boring office walls with decorative plates that reflect your personality and interests. Invite creativity by surrounding your desk with colorful handmade plates. Or display plates with inspirational quotes for an uplifting work view.

Stairwell Wall Decor

Don’t overlook the possibilities of enhancing your space with stairwell art. These underused vertical spaces are ideal for eye-catching plate art. Start a collection of vintage license plates from places you’ve visited to install along a stairway. Or hang a series of graduated-size round plates on the railing wall.

Hallway Wall Decor

Use wall space in hallways and foyers to exhibit your plates. Hang coordinating plates salon-style down the length of the hall. Try hammering small nails into the wall to perch plates for a floating effect. Or affix wood shelves to hold rows of decorative plates as pretty yet functional hall art.

Wall Art Decor Plate Ideas for Your Displays

Now that you know where wall plates can make a decorative difference, here are some inspiring arrangements to spark ideas for enhancing your space with wall art decor:

  • Collections: Show off prized plates grouped by common style. Try collections of floral plates, nautical blues, or Turkish mosaic tiles. Mount them in a grid pattern for impact.
  • Memories: Capture memories with plates from places you’ve visited. Arrange them on one wall as mementos. Or use plates found on vacations to spell out “Love”, “Eat”, or “Dream”.
  • Color blocking: Create color-coordinated vignettes down a hallway, stacked up a stairwell, or clustered in the kitchen. Contrast light and dark plates for added interest.
  • Metallic wall decor: Exploring sculptural metal wall art designs with the sheen of hammered metal or embossed copper plates pops against many wall colors. Align large round trays in a row or pattern the wall with irregular handmade pieces.
  • Sculptural: Dimensional ceramic wall plates become abstract art. Try round bubble plates, woven rattan, or sculpted clay designs for organic texture. Mass in asymmetrical clusters for a gallery look.
  • Eclectic: Go for an anything-goes look with widely varying decorative plates. Mix plates of different materials, styles, colors, and time periods. The eclectic look works with vintage plates or flea market finds.
  • DIY: Make custom plates using tile, glass, or mirror shards. Arrange pieces in geometric designs and grout in place. Add letter plates with meaningful words or phrases. DIY plates add personal meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use specialty plate hangers and mounts that adhere securely to the back of the plate. Most feature a hook or wire for attaching plates directly to nails on the wall. Position plates creatively using studs for heavy items.

Avoid boring rows. Think outside the box by hanging plates at angles, clustering small groups, stacking different sizes, and interspersing other decorative objects. Mix up materials, colors, sizes and orientation for interest.

Standard picture hanging supplies like nails, screws or hooks work for lightweight plates. Adhere plastic or metal plate hangers to heavier plates before mounting. Pre-drill holes in ceramic plates to attach hanging wires. Use reinforced anchors for very heavy platters.

Kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, hallways, foyers, staircases – almost any room benefits from well-designed plate displays! Coordinate your plates with the existing aesthetic for cohesion.

Absolutely! For a layered look, intersperse decorative plates with floating shelves, wall mirrors, tapestries, artwork, or photos. Complementary objects enrich the display. Just maintain balance with enough negative space around plates.


Wall art plates let you reimagine how to fill empty wall space with beauty and interest. This guide covered clever ways to arrange and mount plates, profiled rooms that benefit most from plate displays, and suggested plate wall ideas from collections to colour blocking.

With some creativity and the right hardware, plates become artistic focal points that personalize your home’s decor. I hope these tips gave you inspiration to view plain walls as the perfect blank canvas for showcasing your favorite plates. Happy decorating!

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