As I gaze around my living room, my eyes always settle on my favorite piece – the Black Plaster Wall Art hung above the fireplace. The rich, textured canvas adds visual interest and pulls together my mostly white and black interior.

After years of designing my home with B&W abstract art at Nousdecor, I’ve learned the keys to selecting statement cement wall art and decorating with it successfully.

Key Takeaways

  • Black cement art adds appealing texture and dimension with its textured surface.
  • Abstract designs in B&W provide the perfect color contrast on textured materials like canvas or cement.
  • Carefully cleaning and lighting cement wall art highlights its details and visual impact.
  • Use black cement art as inspiration for finishes like kitchen backsplashes and bedroom nightstands throughout the home.
  • Shops like Pottery Barn and independent artists on Etsy offer unique premade black cement wall art finds.

Use Black Plaster Wall Art to Add Dimension

When choosing wall art, texture is just as crucial as color. Flat canvas artwork lacks depth and interest. Opt for a textured wall piece instead, like black cement wall art. The bumps and divots catch the light uniquely, adding an appealing dimension to your space.

Abstract painting on textured materials like cement or textured canvas looks especially striking. The contrast between the sharp lines and angles of abstract art and the organic cement texture is eye-catching.

Black and white is the epitome of classic style. Monochromatic art sets a sophisticated mood. Combining B&W artwork with a textured art piece creates visual interest and depth without overwhelming the space with color. Ensure your black cement wall art has some white areas to balance it out. Hang it in your neutral living room to give the scheme a bold focal point.

Use Black Plaster Art to Add Dimension

DIY or Buy – Either Way, Quality Matters

You can buy premade black cement wall art or craft your own art DIY project. Buying art from a professional artist ensures it’s high quality and made to last. If you want to DIY, use quality B&W paints and sealers rated for exterior use.

Can you paint directly onto plaster walls? Yes, but the paint may not adhere as well compared to painting canvas. Some options like chalk paint will work, but follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

For existing cement walls in older homes, applying wallpaper to cement walls is an easy update. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper – no messy glue required. Select a B&W abstract print to mimic the look of cement wall art.

Incorporate Plaster Art Throughout Your Home

Once you have that eye-catching black cement art piece, use it to influence the rest of your home’s decor. Complement it with other textured wall art pieces in B&W. Try framing black and white art prints or photographs with clean white mats and black wood frames.

Plaster art can inspire kitchen backsplashes, shelving, and furniture finishes too. For example, pair a black matte cement frame around your range hood with matching black cement vessel sinks. Use minimalist black open shelving and modern matte black hardware and lighting fixtures to complete the look.

In the bedroom, cement nightstands with black hardware would coordinate with black cement wall art above the bed. Continue the texture with white cement lamps and vases. This creates a soothing, neutral space with just the right amount of contrast and visual appeal.

Incorporate Plaster Art Throughout Your Home

Style Your Black Plaster Decor for Maximum Impact

Now for the fun part – use display tricks to highlight your new black cement art and make it feel intentional in your home. Here are my top tips:

  • Hang it alone to keep the focus on your statement piece. Allow plenty of negative space around black cement wall art so it doesn’t feel crowded.
  • Scale the art appropriately for the wall size so it balances out the room instead of overwhelming or getting lost.
  • Add automatic lighting that illuminates the art at night for dramatic appeal.
  • Carefully clean the textured surface to remove dust and bring out the detail.
  • Float your black cement wall art above eye level. This draws the eye upwards and makes rooms feel taller.
  • Arrange black cement wall art over a bench or sofa. The art takes center stage while also double-duty as a focal point when viewed from seated areas.
  • Incorporate hand-crafted cement tile wall art like geometric shapes. Hang them salon-style alongside your statement cement art for interest.
  • Use black cement wall art to define spaces in open-concept homes. Position it above the sofa to distinguish the living room from the dining area.
Style Your Black Plaster Decor for Maximum Impact

Unique Black Plaster Art Finds

Looking for inspiration on where to find quality black cement wall art? Here are some of my favorite sources to shop:

  • Pottery BarnExploring plaster tile wall art at Pottery Barn like abstract wall art on textured natural plaques and canvases. They have several black-and-white options perfect for sculptural appeal.
  • Rachel’s Canvas – This Etsy shop offers custom textured canvas paintings in any size and color. Request black and white abstract designs on black cement canvas for an artistic look.
  • Juniper Print Shop – Find abstract graphic prints on textured paper to frame yourself. They have an entire black-and-white collection with edgy designs to make a statement.
  • Navy and Gold Art – This independent artist does textured acrylic abstracts on wood panels in black and navy hues. The pieces have depth and sophistication.
  • Plaster Fun House – If you want to DIY, this shop sells white cement you can tint black and mold it into custom wall shapes. Create organic plaques, geometric tile art, DIY plaster arch wall art inspiration, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use concealed brackets designed for heavier art. Some options like rail systems firmly secure along multiple points of the frame instead of just hanging on wires.

Yes, sealing it protects the surface and prevents cracking or flaking over time. Use an acrylic sealant formulated for cement and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use a gentle duster like a soft brush attachment for your vacuum. Avoid excessive rubbing as it may damage the delicate surface texture over time.

Black and white is classic, but also try soft neutral tones like greige, cream, light blue, or sage green. The neutral backdrop lets the black art pop as the focal point.

It’s best to avoid humid environments which may damage or erode cement over time. If you do hang cement art in moisture-prone areas, seal it very well and consider framing it with a glass covering to protect the surface.


Creating a textured feature wall or displaying bold black cement wall art makes a statement in any room.

The layers of depth, organic shapes, and interplay of light bring visual drama, unlike flat canvas prints. Black and white abstract designs keep the look timeless yet modern. When styled thoughtfully, black cement art pulls together a space and becomes the focal point.

With quality and exceptional wall decorations for homes from artists, shops like Pottery Barn, or your own DIY creation, you can easily incorporate this trend into your home’s decor.

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