Welcome home decor enthusiasts! I’m Mark Cutler, an interior design expert with a passion for beautiful, textured wall accents. Today I want to share my thoughts on the alluring Plaster Tile Wall Art Pottery Barn.

Their selection of ceramic tiles, canvas prints, and textured wall panels can add pops of color, dimension, and visual interest to any space. Keep reading with Nousdecor for tips and inspiration for using plaster wall decor to make your home shine!

Key Takeaways

  • Ceramic tile art in rainbow hues adds pops of color and energy
  • Mix textured white plaster, canvas, and wood for an eclectic gallery wall
  • Abstract metal and textured wall panels create unique focal points
  • Framed prints and white plaster accents complement the room decor

Bring Your Walls to Life with Plaster Tile Wall Art Pottery Barn

There’s nothing quite like ceramic tile or textured plaster wall art to liven up a blank wall. The palette of rainbow colors and range of prints from abstract paintings to geometric patterns means you can find artwork to match any decor.

I love how a white textured wall with strategic pops of color immediately draws the eye. Mounting a set of ceramic tiles in an asymmetrical formation creates depth and energy. For a bit of bohemian flair try combining plaster tile with textured canvas prints. The mix of materials creates an eclectic gallery wall that feels curated and creative.

Plaster tiles aren’t just for kitchen backsplashes anymore. Let your imagination run wild when planning a tile installation. Use mosaic tiles to create a DIY canvas depicting shapes, symbols, or patterns meaningful to you.

Consider framing out a special piece of ceramic wall art with wood trim to make it feel like a painting. Try borrowing techniques from Moroccan plaster arch wall art by using molding to create arched niches for displaying your favorite tiles.

Don’t be afraid to break “rules” and mount a bold tile pattern on the ceiling or mix varying tile sizes and colors within one area. The random, artful use of tiles can be striking.

Plaster Tile Wall Art Pottery Barn
Plaster Tile Wall Art Pottery Barn

Modern Wall Art from Pottery Barn Styles Your Space

Beyond tiles, Pottery Barn offers an extensive selection of modern wall art in various mediums that can define the beauty of vintage plaster wall decor in any room. Choose from:

  • White textured canvas: Add visual depth with layered white-on-white designs printed on textured canvas. These neutral prints add subtle interest without competing.
  • Textured wall panels: available in wood and faux white plaster. Innovative engineer wooden designs create textural intrigue. Or make a statement with distressed plaster arch wall art inspired by archaeological ruins.
  • Metal wall art: Abstract forged metal sculptures or stunning Islamic wall art decor with metal filigree offer a unique modern style. The intricate modern decorative metal wall art pieces make an exceptional focal point.
  • Framed wall prints: photography and art prints framed with wooden or metallic finishes blend seamlessly into both classic and contemporary spaces.

With an ever-evolving inventory, you’re sure to find new prints and sculptures that speak to your personal aesthetic. The choices are endless!

Modern Wall Art from Pottery Barn Styles Your Space
Modern Wall Art from Pottery Barn Styles Your Space

Designing with Plaster Wall Decor

When working with plaster wall decor, consider the architecture and purpose of the space. For instance, textured canvas prints add warmth alongside wooden beams in a rustic great room. Distressed plaster tiles and sconces bring old-world charm to a kitchen backsplash. A bold mosaic ceramic tile installation acts as the colorful centerpiece of a spa bathroom.

Don’t overlook the impact of white plaster wall art in softening and enhancing a space. An abstract print in shades of white makes a calming accent wall in a bedroom. For the dining room, hang a collection of carved white plaster medallions for subtle elegance. Allow the wall decor to complement your interior design instead of competing with it.

Designing with Plaster Wall Decor
Designing with Plaster Wall Decor

Frequently Asked Questions

There are endless possibilities! Cluster ceramic tiles or canvas prints in an asymmetrical grid for visual interest. Try framing out plaster medallions with wood trim to highlight special pieces. Or make a statement by installing a bold mosaic tile design on your ceiling or staircase.

The key is cohesion. Limit your color palette and choose wall art with complementary textures and styles. For an eclectic gallery wall combine framed prints, textured canvas pieces, and three-dimensional elements like plaster tiles or sconces.

For small spaces, choose neutral-toned prints and subtle textures to avoid overwhelming the room. Large-scale opposite prints, abstract canvas panels, or mosaic tiles also help a small room feel expansive rather than cluttered.

Mixing and matching frame finishes is an easy way to make a gallery wall feel curated. Within one cluster of art, you might include black frames, natural wood frames, plaster frames, and frameless canvas prints. Just keep the frame choices limited to 2-3 finishes for cohesion.

If you want to carry a theme through multiple rooms, choose a unifying color palette or print style. For example, collect abstract prints in shades of blue. Or purchase matching ceramic tile designs to display in the entryway, kitchen, and master bath.


The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to decorating with the plaster tiles, textured canvas prints, modern wall sculptures, and framed art available from Pottery Barn.

Use the unique wall art to add intrigue to empty spaces, complement your interior design style, or make bold colorful statements. With some creativity and the stylish Pottery Barn selection, you can easily turn blank walls into captivating works of art.

Let your home’s character shine through with alluring plaster tile wall art from Pottery Barn. Shop the full collection of exceptional wall hangings for aesthetics online now!

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