We absolutely adore elephant wall art! These majestic creatures have been an iconic symbol in art for centuries and for good reason. Elephants are known for their strength, wisdom, and gentle nature, making them a popular subject in many different styles and mediums.

In this article, we’ll explore the symbolism of elephants in art and showcase some of our favorite pieces in different styles and mediums. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or a subtle accent, there’s an elephant art piece out there that’s perfect for your space.

Plus, we’ll provide tips on how to care for and maintain your elephant artwork so it stays beautiful for years to come.

So, together with Nousdecor, let’s get started on our journey through the wonderful world of elephant wall art!

Key Takeaways of Elephant Wall Art

  • Elephant wall decor is a popular and versatile subject that has been used in various styles and mediums, from tapestries to pottery.
  • It is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and gentle nature, and has been revered in many cultures for centuries.
  • Elephant decoration can be a bold statement or subtle accent in a living space, and can transform the room according to personal preference.
  • Supporting organizations for elephant protection and looking for sustainable and ethical production practices are important considerations when purchasing elephant artwork.
Elephant Wall Art
Elephant Wall Art

The Symbolism of Elephants in Art

Elephants have long held a place of reverence in many cultures around the world. Their massive size and gentle demeanor have made them a symbol of strength, wisdom, and loyalty.

This symbolism has been reflected in art for centuries, with depictions of elephants adorning everything from tapestries to pottery. But beyond their symbolic significance, elephants also hold historical significance.

In ancient times, they were used as war animals, carrying soldiers and supplies into battle. In more recent times, they have become an important part of elephant conservation efforts, as their populations have dwindled due to poaching and habitat loss.

The elephant’s importance in both art and history make it a popular choice for wall art, as it represents not only beauty but also a deeper meaning.

The Symbolism of Elephants in Art
During ancient times, elephants served as war animals, fulfilling crucial roles by transporting soldiers and supplies into battle.

Exploring Different Categories, Styles, and Mediums of the Animal Art Trend

When it comes to creating elephant artwork, exploring different styles and mediums can make all the difference.

Watercolor and sculpture are two popular options that offer vastly different results. Watercolor is a delicate, fluid medium that captures the essence of elephants with its soft washes and gentle lines.

On the other hand, sculpture allows for a more tactile and 3-dimensional approach, giving the viewer a chance to appreciate the weight and physicality of these majestic creatures.

Another aspect to consider is the style of the artwork. Abstract versus realistic is a common debate in the art world, and it’s no different when it comes to creating elephant wall decorations.

Abstract pieces can be bold and colorful, evoking emotions and interpretations in the viewer’s mind. Meanwhile, realistic elephant art pieces aim to capture the essence of the elephant in a more true-to-life manner, showcasing their intricate details and realistic textures.

Ultimately, the choice of style and medium comes down to personal preference and the desired effect for the piece.

Browsing the Perfect Elephant Art Piece for Your Room: Look and Shape

Transforming your living space into a serene oasis can be achieved by discovering the ideal piece for your decor.

When it comes to elephant-inspired artwork, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, finding the perfect piece for your space involves more than just selecting a design you like.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Creating a custom elephant piece:
    • If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider commissioning a custom elephant piece.
    • This allows you to work with an artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly fits your aesthetic and space.
    • Elephants can be associated with African culture so maybe consider some contemporary African artwork.
  • Sourcing ethical elephant wall art:
    • It’s important to consider the ethical implications of the elephant wall decor you choose.
    • Look for economical pieces made by artists who use sustainable materials and ethical production practices.
    • Consider supporting organizations that work to protect elephants and their habitats.

By taking these considerations into account, you can find the perfect elephant wall décor to elevate your living space while also making a positive impact.

Browsing the Perfect Elephant Art Piece for Your Room: Look and Shape
If you desire something truly distinctive, you may want to contemplate commissioning a custom elephant piece, tailored specifically to your preferences and vision.

Tips to Shop for Your Own Elephant Wall Art

Are you looking for some elephant wall art to spice up your home decor? Do you love elephants and want to show your appreciation for these majestic creatures? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to shop for the best elephant wall art online.

One of the first things you should consider is the shipping cost and time. You don’t want to wait too long or pay too much for your item, right? That’s why you should look for sellers who offer free or fast shipping options.

You can also check the reviews of other customers who have recently bought from the same seller to see how satisfied they were with the delivery.

Another thing you should look for is the quality and size of the item. You want to make sure that the elephant wall art you buy is made of durable and high-quality materials that will last for a long time. You also want to choose the right size for your wall space.

If you have a large wall, you might want to go for a large elephant wall decor that will make a statement. If you have a smaller wall, you might prefer a smaller or more subtle piece that will complement your existing decor.

One of the best ways to find the perfect elephant artwork for your home is to browse through a large selection of options. You can do this by visiting online platforms that specialize in elephant wall art or have a wide variety of products. 

You can also use filters and keywords to narrow down your search and find exactly what you’re looking for. For example, you can search for “elephant wall art” and then filter by color, style, price, rating, etc.

Finally, one of the most fun and easy ways to shop for elephant art is to click on the images and read the descriptions of each product. You can learn more about the features, benefits, and details of each item and see how it looks in different settings.

You can also read the reviews of other customers who have bought and used the same product and see what they liked or disliked about it. This will help you make an informed decision and choose the best elephant wall art for your home.

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect elephant wall art for your home. Remember, shopping for elephant wall art online can be fun and easy if you follow these simple steps.

So don’t hesitate and start browsing today!

A large elephant wall decor
If you possess a spacious wall, opting for a sizable elephant wall decor can effectively create a captivating statement and enhance the visual impact of the space.

Care and Maintenance of Elephant Decor Collection: From Art Prints to Framed Canvas Painting

Cleaning and caring for wall decor is a no-brainer if you want to avoid it turning into a dusty eyesore. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the type of elephant wall art that you have.

For elephant canvas prints, simply use a soft cloth or feather duster to gently wipe away any dust or dirt. If the canvas is stained or dirty, use a mild detergent or soap solution to spot-clean the affected area. Be sure to test the cleaning solution on a small, inconspicuous area first to avoid damage to the print.

For framed elephant wall art, it’s important to dust the frame regularly to keep it looking clean and polished. Use a soft cloth or feather duster to remove any dust or debris from the frame and glass.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives on the frame or glass, as this can cause damage. If the frame or glass becomes stained or dirty, use a mild detergent or glass cleaner to gently clean the affected area.

With proper care and maintenance, your elephant wall art will continue to add beauty and style to your space for years to come.

Care and Maintenance of Elephant Decor Collection
When it comes to elephant canvas prints, a simple approach is to use a soft cloth or feather duster to delicately remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering factors affecting pricing, such as size, materials, and artist popularity, the cost of popular styles and designs can vary greatly. However, on average, wall art can range from $50 to $500.

Looking to add a personal touch to your decor? Our customizable wall art options offer endless design inspiration. Choose from a variety of colors and themes to create a unique piece that perfectly fits your style.

When creating and selling products featuring animals like elephants, it’s important to consider animal welfare and cultural appropriation. We must ensure that our actions are respectful and ethical, and that we honor the cultural significance of these creatures.

When hanging art, choosing the right hardware is crucial. The wrong type can damage your walls and artwork. Proper lighting can enhance the piece’s beauty and create a mood. Let’s make your display stunning!

When decorating an outdoor space, consider outdoor durability and alternative materials. The elements can be harsh, so choose materials that can withstand wind, rain, and sun damage. Think creatively to bring your space to life!


We hope you enjoyed this article on elephant wall art selection and learned something new about these amazing animals and their artistic representations.

Whether you prefer sculptures, paintings, prints, or any other medium, there’s an elephant wall art piece that will suit your taste and personality.

Elephant wall art is a great way to add some charm, elegance, and meaning to your home or office. It can also inspire you to live with courage, compassion, and wisdom, just like these gentle giants.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection of elephant wall art today and find your perfect match. You’ll be glad you did!

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