I’ve always loved decorating my home with beautiful works of art. As someone who appreciates abstract styles, cement wall art sets are some of my favorite pieces to liven up any space.

In this Nousdecor article, I, Mark Cutler, will discuss everything you need to know about Plaster Wall Art Set Of 3, focusing on a popular 3-piece variety perfect for adding visual interest to your home.

Key Takeaways

  • Plaster wall art comes in various styles like abstract, floral, and geometric. It’s made from gypsum, spackle, water, and dye.
  • A three-segment set works well in most rooms like the living room, bedroom, and hallway.
  • Consider the color, size, and shape that suits your existing decor. Abstract styles offer versatility.
  • Shop online retailers, home stores, or art galleries for quality cement wall art options.
  • With one-of-a-kind shapes and textures, cement wall art sets bring character and visual appeal.

What is a Plaster Wall Art Set of 3?

Plaster wall art refers to decorative pieces made from cement and sculpted into different shapes and patterns. The cement can be colored or painted to create visual interest. Plaster wall art is loved for its textured, handcrafted look that is reminiscent of abstract sculptures.

A set of three is a popular cement wall art configuration, providing a balanced artistic display. The three pieces are designed to complement one another while allowing you to cover a larger wall area for maximum impact.

Plaster wall art set of three pieces

Types of Plaster Wall Art

There are a few common styles of cement wall art sets:

  • Abstract – Abstract cement wall art features non-representational shapes, patterns, textures, and colors. This style offers versatility to match different decors.
  • Floral – Pretty flower and plant motifs are sculpted into the cement in these delicate, feminine sets.
  • Geometric – Angles, lines, and shapes create modern geometric designs in minimalist cement sets.
  • Nature – Natural scenery like mountains, trees, and birds are depicted in textured cement wall art sets.

Benefits of Plaster Wall Art

Some key benefits of using cement wall art sets include:

  • Provides one-of-a-kind artistic appeal and visual interest on walls
  • Adds warmth and texture with a hand-crafted, irregular look
  • Comes in many color options to match any room
  • Offers an affordable update compared to canvas art
  • More durable than paper prints or paintings
  • Can be arranged into eye-catching gallery displays

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see why cement wall art sets are a favorite decor choice. Their sculptural, artisanal look simply brings character to any space.

Where to Hang a 3-Piece Plaster Wall Art Set

When choosing where to install your new three-segment cement wall art set, consider which room needs a decorative plaster wall art collection as a focal point. Here are some of the most popular spots to hang this impactful wall accent:

Living Room

An abstract cement art set brings an artistic touch over the sofa or above the fireplace mantel in the living room. The varied shapes and textures create visual interest in this main gathering space. Group the three pieces in an asymmetrical formation for best results.


Make a beautiful focal point over the bed with a relaxing floral cement wall art set. The soft, calming motifs promote restful sleep. Or try an abstract set to provide boldness – the textured look adds depth.

Plaster wall art set of three pieces bedroom


The high moisture won’t harm durable cement wall art. Hang a modern geometric set behind the tub or vanity to inject style. The repetitive shapes and sharp lines provide modern flair.


A nature-inspired cement wall art set depicts soothing scenes like flowers or trees to complement the kitchen. Use an eating nook or food prep area to enhance the ambiance while cooking and dining.


Give boring hallway walls new life by lining up three rectangular cement art pieces in a row. Try coordinating monochromatic hues for a clean, bold look as you move from room to room.

How to Choose a 3-Piece Plaster Wall Art Set

To select the perfect cement wall art set for your home, keep the following tips and techniques for crafting plaster wall art canvas in mind:

How to Choose a 3-Piece Plaster Wall Art Set

Consider the Style of Your Home

Match the cement wall art style to your interior design for a cohesive look. For modern homes, abstract or geometric sets work nicely. Traditional decors benefit from floral or nature-inspired sets.

Choose a Size and Shape to Fit Your Space

Scale the pieces appropriately for the wall size you want to fill. Tall and narrow pieces suit small wall areas while wide, rectangular sets better fill large spans. Also, consider rounded vs angular shapes.

Consider Color and Finish

Look for cement wall art sets in a color scheme that complements your existing palette. Both neutral and bold hues can work well. Also, decide between painted or natural cement finishes based on the desired look.

By selecting options suited for your decor, you can achieve a pulled-together, polished look when installing your new cement wall art set.

Where to Buy a 3-Piece Plaster Wall Art Set

Now that you know what to look for, here are some places to shop for quality cement wall art sets:

Online Retailers

Many home decor and art e-commerce sites like Wayfair, Etsy, and Society6 offer a wide range of cement wall art sets. Browse distinct modern designs and quick shipping.

Online Retailers
Online Retailers

Home Decor Stores

Retailers like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Crate and Barrel sell chic cement wall art sets in stores and online. See options in person before you buy.

Art Galleries

For unique ideas for plaster wall decor handmade sets, visit a local art gallery to discover one-of-a-kind cement wall art from local artists. This offers an opportunity to find an original set.


You can also make your own cement wall art for a custom creation. Use simple molds and cement to form abstract shapes. Paint or stain pieces to suit your decor.

No matter where you shop, be sure to look closely at the quality, size options, and price to find the best cement wall art set for your home.

Designing With Plaster Wall Art Sets

Once you’ve selected the perfect three-segment cement wall art set, it’s time to artfully install it for maximum visual impact. Follow these plaster wall art tutorial tips:

  • Clean the wall area thoroughly and patch any holes or cracks for a smooth surface.
  • Map out an arrangement ahead of time on the floor with painter’s tape. Work in an odd-number formation.
  • Use the proper hanging hardware for the wall material and the weight of the art. Nails, hooks, or adhesive strips can work.
  • Hang the pieces at the ideal height for optimal viewing. Many recommend 58-60 inches from the floor to the center of the art.
  • Add LED picture lights above each piece to highlight details and provide drama, if desired.
  • Step back frequently to check that the cement wall art has proper spatial balance and visual flow before securing it permanently.

The handmade charm of cement wall art sets adds organic interest to any space. With the right placement and lighting, you can create a beautiful focal point in your home.

Designing With Plaster Wall Art Sets

Frequently Asked Questions

Plaster is quite sturdy and durable. The handmade sculpted pieces resist chips, cracks, and scratches better than canvas prints, for example. It can last for many years with proper care.

The wide range of cement designs means you can find options to suit modern, contemporary, traditional, industrial, or other styles. Abstract sets offer versatile, timeless options.

Sealing cement wall art is optional but helps protect the finish from minor scuffs or marks. Use a clear sealer made for plaster. Test on a small spot first to ensure compatibility with any paint.

Use quality picture hanging hardware designed to handle heavier art objects. Anchor into wall studs whenever possible for maximum security and stability.

Yes, installing recessed lighting or LED picture lights above the cement art pieces can dramatize the textures and designs. Add lighting for extra visual appeal.


Plaster wall art sets provide one-of-a-kind characters to display on your walls. With handcrafted abstract, floral, geometric, or nature-inspired designs set in durable plaster, these three-segment sets make an artistic focal point in any living space as remarkable wall art for interior design.

Consider the style of your decor, optimal placement, and proper hanging hardware to showcase a quality cement art arrangement. With the right selection and positioning, you can enjoy a textured wall accent that brings artistic intrigue into your home.

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